This site started as a personal time-waster in 1998 when I discovered that Netscape included a really bad WYSIWIG editor and started tossing up goofy gaming stuff.  Since then, the site’s content has grown pretty dramatically, but I never did a thing to fix its layout, so it remained pretty spaghettified.  Contents started moving into WordPress in 2007 or so in order to make it more manageable, and maybe encourage me to update.  (Like that’s going to work.)

Inside this monstrous site are a lot of articles about online gaming, offline gaming, small server gaming, stupid people, design, food, and whatever else I ever felt like committing.  I try not to remove anything no matter how stupid I might sound, since I’m a strong believer in "living with the infamy."

This site has been located on Dreamhost since 1999.  I find them adequate, which is about the nicest thing I’ve ever said about anyone.  If you want to sign up with them, use this link and I’ll be able to skim a few pennies to pay for my site.

The owner/author/defendant may be contacted at musashi (at) ranter (dot) net if you really want to.

11 Responses to “About”
  1. Jonathan Hamilton says:

    Mu! I loved UO. I played WoW for 10 minutes and decided it wasn’t for me. I’d love to hear what you think of WoW from the perspective of game design and player culture.

  2. I played WoW for a few months, got to 60 (level cap at the time) and realized that item raid grinding was all that was really left at that point and quit. From a design standpoint WoW didn’t do anything particularly innovative except that it distilled the lowest common denominator of all game elements and packaged it in an attractive, working (mostly, very important and not all that common) game with mass appeal, so from a business perspective it’s an overwhelming success. I don’t enjoy it though. Player culture was pretty much the same as in EQ and its clones (WoW is really one at heart), except that since there are so many more players you’re far more likely to run into asshats. I’m playing LOTRO now and actually sorta enjoying it, except for the housing system and the simplistic crafting which for some reason a lot of people consider a grind, since they’re probably comparing it to WoW crafting which is by comparison a Duplo kit where all the pieces fit together in only one way.

  3. I was wondering: I see that the weapons rules for Street Fighter are in Contenders. If I already have WoD: Combat, do I need Contenders?

    Thank you

  4. I’m not familiar with WoD Combat. I’ve never been a big fan of most of the White Wolf series. I have heard that people have integrated Combat into their existing SFSTG campaigns, but mostly people homebrew weapons rules.

  5. While WoD: Combat’s rules were based on the combat system developed for Street Fighter, I felt that they were different enough that you couldn’t drop them into an SF game without a bit of work.

    PS – hi Mu!

  6. Thanks for bringing up to live the server again 🙂

    I have been waiting for it for quite a long time, thank you again…


  7. Brother Feneus says:

    Mu, reading your old stories about the clearing and all the old guildies has made me super nostalgic. So glad you’ve kept everything around. Now if I could only manage to convince the remaining LOA to join me on IPY.

  8. IPY is still running? (:O

  9. I remember encountering your article about grain and rice and societies when I was still in high school. Glad to see this site is still around.

  10. Doug Tschopp says:

    What happened to the other members of vitaerising from back in the ac days? and thanks for all the laughs over the years

  11. Bunch of them are on Failbook. I don’t know if there’s still a VR org in any MMO right now.

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