GM Cochese's Banning Abuse (txt)

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Posted by TigressKat on June 08, 1999 at 4:12:02 AM CDT:

Forgive the length of this missive. But I believe you will find it of interest. This evening in front of six witnesses I was approched by an irate player who proceeded to call me a whore and a b**ch. He also threatened to get me banned, threatned blackmail(?) and of course death. I responded politely simply asking him to go about his business and leave me alone. I then received an ICQ from this individual threatening me IRL. As the abuse in the game continued, I paged a counselor for help. GM Cochese responded that I had a responsibility to move out of the area. By the time she accomplished this response, Lennie Kravitz had gone out the south gate and was engaged in getting his head taken off by a friend who took offense to his abuse of me. Others were asking me what was wrong and I was conversing as Lennie returned. He again began his tirade of name calling and for lack of better terms was rambling and babbling about death and such. The next thing I knew I was teleported to the Inn and met personally by GM Cochese. It was there he instructed me that I was to stay away from Lennie or I would be "OUT." I was dumbfounded, I had said nothing to this kid, had not cursed had been polite and when I begged Cochese to review my journal and see the threats for herself, she did not respond just said "Farewell" and was gone.

Heeding her strong words I remained near the Inn and began to practice my magery. It was there that Lennie again located me and proceeded to threaten me regarding banning and call me names. I asked him on four separate occasions to leave me alone and each time I moved myself and horse a full screen away. It was after the fourth request that I found myself in jail, squelched and when I attempted conversation - banned and booted for a 24 hour period.

It was clear that GM Cochese had not sought to review the situation in any fair manner and in truth I wonder if she does not know Lennie (which I understand he was bragging about in the game later). To make matters worse two of the sis friends came to my defense by attempting to contact her and one of them was carted off to jail, but she at least gave him the courtesy of listening to him and he was allowed out. (For those that are curious as to why Lennie Kravitz was mad in the first place...his UO girl dumped him for another and he overheard me tell her, with his temper it was a wise decision).

As a lawyer IRL my first step was to review the policies and procedures for GM's and OSI's considerable contract on various issues. This evening I prepared a draft brief which will be filed in small claims court against OSI and GM Cochese. OSI will be forced to hire legal counsel in my State in order to represent this matter. It will not be a cheap thing for them to do and if others with like complaints proceed on the same path, it could be very costly for OSI.

Had GM Cochese taken the time to review the situation she might have made a better decision on behalf of her employer. As it stands she made a poor one and one that I intend see rectified at little cost to myself and with great satisfaction.

Please do not think that this makes all GM's bad. On the contrary I have found many to be polite and helpful such as Raven and Semperfi and I think that Jakarta is one of the best, and frankly I have heard good and bad about GM Cochese.

We all know how poor customer service is from OSI and in particular UO. Perhaps if they would monitor their employees more closely, their membership would not be decreasing so rapidly.

If you have a legitimate complaint, talk to your parents or visit your local Small Claims Court. You do have rights, exercise them.

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