Aha, a travesty is averted. Lum was asked by someone claiming to be GM Gabriel to remove the pic from the Darwin section, since it was in fact him and not Darwin. Or so he says… In a humorless, very official-sounding request, GM Gabriel cited the possibility of personal endangerment if he were to be recognized as “GM Darwin” outside of the OSI offices and maybe beaten up for his lunch money. In this spirit, I would like to lay all the blame for the mistake on the anonymous source for telling me it was GM Darwin in the first place. But what the hell… the pic is still funny.

In order to speed the healing process after this incident, I have used all of my graphics mastery and free programs to cobble together the above image. I hope it becomes widely seen and recognized, so that when GM Gabriel walks out of the office after a hard day’s, uh, work, preparing for his bicycle trek home, he will not be hassled by people thinking he is GM Darwin. Of course, they will still beat him up, but at least they will have their facts straight.

I hope webmasters everywhere take heed to this unfortunate misunderstanding, and make sure we understand the consequences of haphazard reporting and shady sources. It is a hard lesson, though, and I’m not sure I have grasped the full meaning of it. To help me out, I hope I get a lot more information from unreliable sources with anonymous Hotmail accounts, until I finally get the point. Should happen any year now.

What am I doing here? I just figured out how to take screenshots in Asheron’s Call!

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