One problem with being a member of a guild of nihlists is that they tend to stay in their houses a lot, contemplating how much life in Sosaria sucks, or for the lucky, journeying in the wilds of Norrath (I HATE MARAXUS!).  What’s an extremely bored tailor to do?  Visit one’s old guild of course, which is easy to do when the LOA advertises the location of their home so fervently, encouraging visits by bored tailors, gates full of dragons, and bandit tribes.  Luckily, Ni’Vek of LS was already there and had determined that Lost Souls were not being killed on sight this day, and Mu relaxed his grip on his assortment of cheesy poisoned weapons and released the clasp on his reflection necklace as Meat Man III and XoR say hello.  How do you spot the newbie?  He’s ALWAYS the one in the orc helmet, a theorem proved by Larethian here as he asked what crystal balls did, how much a no draw was worth, and the like.

Yes, everyone comes to LOA villiage, including Swif Runner here, a pathetic trapper and thief who, after being given directions to the bank, attempted to steal a scroll, which led to a chase through the nearby woods.  Unfortunately, he was aptly named, and the hunting party soon decided it was too much trouble to kill him, except for Mu, who wished to add to his hat collection.
Maybe he could be baited back?  Galventine (in the horrid gold plate/skull helm combination) began boasting loudly about his loot and such.  Musashi tried to help, but didn’t really have too much of value, so his spam was a bit less than effective.  Somehow the lure of being envenomed just doesn’t seem to attract potential targets.
This nonsense continued through the night and into the next morning, when Keeshi, Mr. Six Ebolts, showed up.  Keeshi has been stuck at home a lot, caring for a child (eep), but occasionally shows up in the clearing, mostly to kill Galventine.  Of course, he allowed Galv and Mu to continue their fruitless speeches first.
It couldn’t last, of course.  Why is it that everyone needs to spar in the LOA clearing?  More importantly, why does everyone need to spar Galv in the LOA clearing?  If you had spent any time at all around Galv, you would understand.
Galv was unusually happy about surviving Keeshi’s assault, so much so that he began to hallucinate, thinking himself to be a famous wrestler… well, not a wrestler, but all practicioners of unarmed combat seem to be called wrestlers in this culturally backward milieu.  He then began to assault Meat Man, who simply stood there and watched as Galv failed to execute a proper left hook… notice how his left foot is not properly turned in, depriving him of needed torque?  Serves him right for walking around in that ridiculous armor all the time.
The madness continues.  Galv next deluded himself into believing he was a bard, which led naturally to a somewhat garbled discussion about good and evil in Sosaria, a concept Mu had long since given up on.  Can no one stop the rantings of this incredibly annoying man?  Who can save us from senseless mutterings muffled by the jaw and teeth of some poor defenseless bone knight?
Grandmaster sushi chef Mu to the rescue.  Here, Galv, have some delicious fugu… of course it’s safe… Actually the delicate flesh of the puffer fish had been prepared correctly, so that there was no trace of deadly nerve toxin present.  How could this have happened?  Oops, was that the poisoned bardiche that Mu used to prepare the subtle medallions of fish?  Well, shit happens.
Damn, he managed to… I mean, thank god Galv had an assortment of pastries to dilute the poison with.  This pie rant went on for quite some time, but not even MaxBane here trusted Galv enough to have a piece.
Aha, what’s this?  Kil’Jaeden spotted someone by the name of "Big John" a bit to the east.  No doubt with such a boastful name, he could be nothing less than a murderer!  Galv led the way, charging off to confront the vile fiend, as Mu and Ni’Vek followed.  Aha, he was fighting… a WOLF!  (No doubt some sort of exploit going on here.)  Ni’Vek tried to warn Galv off but it was too late… after a few quick words, the notorious Big John lay on the ground, no longer to harass the peaceful wildlife of Britannia.
See here the evidence of Big John’s crimes… studded bustiers, an axe, a sewing kit, and raw ribs!  No doubt he had been killing tailors!  As much as it pained him to allow yet another tailor back into the world (either from the threat of competition, or the guilt of letting other be as miserable as he was), Mu reluctantly agreed that the poor victim of the insane Galv and Kil should probably be returned to the world, to help cull the local wolf population and humiliate Galv.
"You are nice PK’s" were Big John’s first words after being restored to physical form.  As Ni’Vek scolds Kil’Jaeden and Galventine for their haste to eliminate the dastardly intruder, Mu re-equipped him, returning his armor and blunt-smashing-thingy so that he might survive another encounter with rabid wildlife, if not Galv.  Oddly, after this incident, Big John seemed to tag along with the group, exploring the village’s public buildings, and asking about joing the Lost Souls and the LOA, an odd reaction for someone who had just been gunned down in cold blood.
Civrot Tabo showed up at the clearing a bit later while Big John was asking about joining the "nice PK guild" and complimented Mu on his stories… what stories?  Mu hadn’t written anything of substance in months, since people tended to like looking at pretty pictures which take up valuable web server space with dumb captioning rather than digesting a story with the splendor and grandeur of "Musashi Learns About Roleplaying".  Could it be that Civrot had actually read the short stories?  How can one tell… the bone armor seems to belie this point, but then again it seemed to be the favorite protection of supposedly erudite mages and such.  Mu thanked Civrot, despite his lack of fashion sense this day.
Even the orcs know about the LOA village, and every so often a pack of them will dutifully walk up to meet their deaths.  Perhaps they have the right idea… at least this way they might get out of Sosaria for good.  As usual, Rhiannon and Nivek are taking the brunt of this assault, while Mu sits back at a safe distance and flings arrows at the target… one of them can be seen stuck through this orc lord’s shoulder, causing a pitiful amount of damage. and narrowly missing Mu’s ally.
Apparently the orcs had a guest, no doubt some sort of camp follower who had grown weary of her clients’ pitiful amounts of money and lack of fine fashions.  Naturally, she began to appeal for help to Mu, who was not really thrilled about her distinctly gaijin attributes and frumpy aqua dress.  She refused to leave him alone, so he did what any sensible person would do… clearly and truthfully explain the situation to his companions.  (They were not impressed.)
After Anita decided that Mu was not going to give her any money and returned to the orc camp, High Council member and leader of the Millenium Souls Brewman walked into the clearing, showing around a friend of his, Elise Lu’inil.  Hmm, could this be that special person mentioned so often in Brewman’s tales of his day to day experiences of fighting monsters and failing to catch mice?  What a motley assortment is here for her… their image not helped one whit by that horrid armor combination Galv insists on.  She must have sensed this, as she eventually came to a very important conclusion about the badly-attired "nice PK".
As Elise and Brew made their way into the house of Ancients (or something), Galv finally makes a request that everyone can agree on!  Take careful note of the image at right, as it illustrates why Mu disdains combat in general.  It makes your cloak billow out and causes one to look fatter than one already is.  Oh for the grace and beauty of tradition Nihonjin combat, where all movements are fluid and graceful, practiced for hours beforehand on unwilling peasant farmers.
Galventine finally made a decision to go off and get some thread… possibly to make clothing?  No chance, but just in case, Mu stopped into the LOA tailor hut to see if he was really going to put some decent clothing. and hid by the spinning wheel.  Here you see Galventine, skin pasty from being covered constantly by armor, trying desperately to figure out how to use the loom, just as Mu jumps out with a poisoned knife!  Can this be the end of Sir Galventine and his terrible singing?  (Like you have to ask.)


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