So there WAS a point to all of that wandering around on this "quest"… unfortunately the point has already been made, and the chest which everyone had been looking for over the past few days was safely contained at Empath Abbey, guarded by an astounding number of people and other protectors.  Hurrying up there to see what all the fuss was about, Musashi spied this conglomerate of guardians protecting the chest, including a big fat dragon who was sitting atop it, obscuring it from Musashi’s view!  Oh well, it looked impressive anyway, although the assortment of animals and feed (including several stacks of raw meat, visible on one of the tables) certainly ripened the usually-sacrosanct abbey air.  The fellow in the dark blue robe with matching hair is one of the Followers of Armageddon, the organization of plot devices who seek the contents of the chests to work some powerful magic that is supposed to bring to an end life on the shard known as Atlantic.  From the events of the last few days, though Musashi was beginning to wonder is there was anything worth saving.  This question was about to become a bit more clear-cut, unfortunately.
"Can I help you?" is Sosarian for "I’m a sucker, please kill me and take my stuff".  Musashi was reminded of this axiom while taking another foolhardy stroll around the area, somehow winding up in the notorious Pluggers’ Valley.  Rushing to the aid of a person who was beset by a pack of ratmen, Musashi waded right into the middle of a murderous trap!  Paralyzed and subsequently seared by numerous energy bolts, Musashi somehow could not uncork one of his Greater Heal potions in time to escape, and was soon tasting the soil from a gloomy perspective.  Here he is, despondently wandering around while Peace-Breaker, one of his three murderers (including apple and VAMPIR) laughs off the attacks of the ratmen, who are no doubt mere accomplices in this trap which snared the unwary tailor so easily.  Making a mental note to place a five thousand crown ransom on each of their heads, he floated off gloomily, perhaps forgetting in his non-corporeal form that ransoms were essentially useless, as no one actually paid any heed to the bounty board.  The general practice on bounties is to simply cut the head off of any murderer you see, and empty the bag in front of a guard, who would sort through them and see which ones were worth anything, like a grisly raffle.

One has time for reflection when dead, and Musashi thought on his own actions as he peeked inside the homes of some nearby residents.  This smith had a pet bear, much like the one that Musashi and Kagero had kept in their one remaining house until a nosy Red God had removed it.  This poor creature had been tortured so thoroughly it was attempting to break out of the house with its head, and had partially succeeded… perhaps getting itself stuck in the process.  Shivering, Musashi thought of his own activities in this vein, and in a penitent gesture vowed to capture another polar bear and treat it a little better than the previous four.

Death is no fun, contrary to what you may have heard.  Musashi had managed to avoid its icy grasp for quite a while, but was yet again tricked into its embrace through an act of what seemed to be virtuous behavior.  It occurred to him that many of his deaths were of this ilk, and he understood more clearly why people wished to travel the dark road of selfishness and murderous intent, rather than his own road (of selfishness and cowardice).  But was that not some part of a greater evil plan, to corrupt good souls to its purpose through hopelessness?  Who cares… while people ponder this, they are still paying outrageous monthly taxes to Lord British for the dubious privelige of living here!  Mu resolved to look into a solution for his situation, Ever Questing for a better environment.
Ah, finally the sacred Abbey, home of enlightenment, fine winemaking, and endless carnage just like everywhere else.  Death is the only penalty in this world, from infractions akin to multiple murders to pickpocketing a handful of grapes.  Who knows what crimes the former occupants of these bodies had committed?  Does it matter?  Not really… they might as well have been magically reflecting a Night Sight spell, something which enrages town guards to no end for some reason.
What the… Musashi had passed up several wandering healers on their generous offers on the way up, figuring he might be able to get resurrected at the ankh, when all of a sudden he realized the Abbey ankh was just a cheap copy of a true ankh!  While the true ankhs had legendary restorative powers, the only thing this one can raise is more offerings for the Abbey monks, who no doubt pay a hefty sum to the crown for… what?  Lagg has a stronger hold in this vicinity than anywhere else!  It was enough to make Musashi glad he had remained a Taoist as he ran inanely back to the south to find one of those healers again.
Finally raised, Musashi was hightailing it back to the bank so he could go home and get some sleep.  You know the worst thing about dying?  It’s not the gold, the magical items and runes, or the loss in knowledges one suffers when a murderer, but the incredibly shoddy workmanship of deathrobes.  Mu pondered whether or not it was worth it to remain as a ghost (and thereby invisible) than to risk having his guildmates spot him in this ridiculous, drab outfit.  Fortunately he escaped notice by anyone who knew him, and quickly returned to his house to brood and ponder a one-way ticket back to Nihon.
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