"Hmm, lots of newbies here" thought Mu as he stood in front of the loom at the smaller of Britain’s two tailor shops, mindlessly passing shuttles of thread back and forth as his foot worked the pedals with the practiced ease of someone who has been doing this way too much.  Around the shop, an assortment of new citizens of the realm, obviously looking to earn some easy money, were wandering to and fro looking at the shop’s wares and trying to figure out how to proceed.  As they asked their questions ("How do I make cloth?… What should I sell?… Why isn’t there any thread in this shop?") Mu did his best to answer them, secure enough in his position in the market to be able to show some goodwill to these apprentices.

As he stood there, unconsciously passing the thread back and forth, a young, shabbily dressed man came up and stood near him.  "Hmm…" thought Mu; thieves sometimes liked to prey on those near the loom, and Mu kept a sharp eye on his pack.  However, he was somewhat startled to see the young man draw a rather cheap-looking dagger from its sheath and assume a combat stance.  "Wonder what he’s up to…" Mu thought, as the young man lunged at him.  Instinctively, Mu reacted by hurling a fist at the hapless attacker.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the shop, Della the Guard was standing outside, and happened to peer in the window with the sort of coincidental awareness that blesses all town guards.  Seeing this, she reacted with superhuman reflexes, and quicker than lightning her superhalberd lunged in through the open window, striking the would-be mugger directly in the throat, and retracted out through the same opening.  Her witty comment, "Thou shalt pay for thine actions swine!" went unheard inside the shop, and she ambled on her way looking for more petty criminals to cut into pieces without warning.

In the shop, of course, no one saw the halberd tip enter except Mu, and from their limited perspective all that was seen was the young man stabbing at Mu, Mu punching him, and the fellow falling dead to the floor gushing blood.  They stood around in awe as Mu continued to loom.

"One punch…"


"Just like that…"

Naturally Mu knew exactly what had happened, and that his fist hadn’t even landed by the time Della’s ultraweapon had robbed the young fool of his life, so he did what any honest and humble tailor would do.  "Yes, well I am a somewhat accomplished wrestler," he said to his captive audience.  As their admiration grew, he began to regale them with fanciful tales about his exploits in unarmed combat, which wasn’t too hard since most of them were the same fictions he regularly sent home to his mother, who believed him to be the greatest warrior in all Sosaria.

"Hey man," said one rather mellow looking fellow, "you’re awesome!  Man, you should join my friend’s hippy guild!"

"Umm… I’m already in a guild, but it sounds err intriguing…" said Mu.

"Oh bummer man… well hey, I’m Toker, and like our guildmaster is this dude Pot Sage.  You should come by and have a bowl with us sometime!"

"Why of course… I’m quite a soup afficionado!" said Mu, missing the point entirely.

"Uh, yeah man, right, well like I’ll see you soon dude…" said Toker, floating out the door.


Pot Sage turned out to be a friendly sort of person, a green-clad older fellow with a long beard and wizard’s hat who seemed to be mostly interested in hanging out, having parties, and acquiring huge quantities of bizarre reagents for consumption in weird communal rites.  Mu made some runes for Pot Sage, showed him around to all the "trippy" sites in Moonglow, and had some good conversations with him.

One day, while Mu was doing his best to look fearsome in the background as Kagero was slaughtering elementals in Shame, he received a mystic message… "Help!  Monsters in my house dude!"  Pot Sage appeared before him, hiding behind a doorway in a house, several orcs and orc lords traipsing through the next room, smashing intricate glass pipes and soiling tie-dye wall hangings.

"Hmm… I have to umm… err… that is…"

"Man, hurry… Toker will meet you in Vesper, he’ll get you there!"  The image blinked out.

"Damn… Kagero, I hate to run during all this umm… excitement" said Mu as he barely avoided a rocky fist crashing down in the area of his head, "but I gotta save Pot Sage from… umm… a bunch of hell hounds, yeah…"

"Uh huh…" said Kagero as she hammered another elemental into submission and charged at another one.  "Go kill some orcs."

"How did she know…" thought Mu, before he recalled to Vesper.

Once there, he managed to find Toker at the bank.  "Hey man…"

"Let’s go," said Mu, who although unsure of his ability to fight multiple orcs at once, realized that the longer they waited the more likely it was that Pot Sage would be gracing a dinner table in the orc fort.

"Oh yeah, we just gotta wait for one more guy.  He’ll be here soon," said Toker, peering across the hundreds of people who regularly populate the Vesper bank grounds.

"Well, let me use your rune and I’ll recall and meet your up there."

"Uh, I don’t have a rune… I can’t recall anyway.  We’ll take my boat."  Grumbling, Mu hid himself from the bevy of Vesper bank thieves and awaited their companion.

Eventually, a member of the KoY showed up, and with Mu and the new arrival Toker headed east.  After looking on several islands for the location of his boat ("I know I parked it here somewhere…") it was found, and they began their journey, which was sped up somewhat after 5 minuted when Toker remembered he had a map.  Finally, arriving at the Ice Isle, they cruised around the ship-clogged coastline for a bit until they found a number of orcs milling about at Pot Sage’s house.  After firing a few ineffectual arrows (suddenly realizing his bow was splitting at the seams), Mu reluctantly clambered ashore and managed to stay at the fringes of combat, finishing off orcs without being pinned in, a frequent occurrance in Mu’s fights.

Miraculously, he managed to survive this nonsensical battle and presented the loot to Pot Sage, explaining the startling tactics he had been using against these extremely crafty opponents (swing the bardiche, hope it hits, wear lots of armor) which the KoY representative was out of earshot so he wouldn’t begin laughing at him.  After marking a couple of runes for Pot Sage and making some small talk, he prepared to recall to Moonglow and his home.

"Man, you’re a HERO dude," said Pot Sage.

Humbly, Mu responded to the trippy guildmaster:  "Why yes.  Yes I am." and recalled.


Back at home, somewhat swell-headed due to all of the undeserved praise that had been heaped upon him that day, Musashi lounged out in his somewhat messy workshop when Kagero came inside.  "So, how was your *cough* rescue?"

"Ah those vile fiends!  There must have been dozens of them!  And that ancient wyrm… that was something of a challenge.  Luckily my wrestling has been improving…" he said, and began to go into the story of the fool at the tailor’s shop, leaving out the bit about Della doing all the work.

"Uh huh.  Hey taxes are coming up again, better get tailoring.  Go out and get some cloth."

"Bah, get it yourself wench."

When Mu regained consciousness hours later, his first though was, "My nasal blood certainly turns this cloth an interesting shade of scarlet…"

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