How bored was Maraxus?  So bored that he decided to accompany Mu on a hunting trip in the Southern Jungles, in search of those new hide-bearing animals that previously yielded relatively worthless yet more logical furs when dressed.  Knowing full well the combative potential of rabbits and the like, Mu dressed for the occasion, in a nice set of gold plate he recently liberated with Maraxus’ help.  Mu is totally engrossed in trying to look imposing, as Maraxus… umm… no doubt Maraxus is trying his best to heal this poor injured soul.

Maybe Mu got too much into the role, as here he tried to convince a vicious wild dog that he is in fact the armor’s previous owner.  The dog, like anyone else with a shred of sense, is not impressed by this flimsy masquerade.  In fact he looks downright bored.
Mu was feeling pretty secure against the wolf until his backup decided there was something more interesting to do.  Leaving Mu to fend for himself against the vicious creature, Maraxus decided to go after a nearby glowing ball of death, eating ebolts and explosions as Mu looked on helplessly.  Why go after wisps?  They are insanely powerful and have no loot.  The answer:  he was just that bored.
Unfortunately it looked like the section of jungle they were in was an extremely old one, filled with ancient animals which still yielded furs.  After slicing his 4th fur from an inoffensive forest creature, Musashi tried to convince Maraxus that these items would, in the future, be an extremely valuable and a wise investment.
Real estate seems to be a better investment.  Some negligent homeowner had apparently been away for far too long, and allowed his once no-doubt majestic abode to be overrun by termites.  A wide variety of chests and packs were left behind by the satiated insects, no doubt filled with all manner of useless stuff… still, there may be something of value here, and Musashi decided as a protector of the common man it would be his job to… safeguard it.  Yeah…
In his zeal to be of service to the homeowner, Maraxus inadvertedly set off a trap.  At once, upon seeing his companion hit the ground, Musashi did the only thing a noble friend could… run over there and grab all of Maraxus’s stuff so that he could sell it.  However, bulked out as he was, Mu could not find a space in which to conceal his overloaded frame, and made up some off the cuff excuse to Maraxus when he re-entered after being resurrected by a local healer.
Fortunately, Maraxus didn’t hold Mu’s greedy nature against him when the same fate befell the doublecrossing tailor.  Why is it that people feel the need to trap chests in their homes?  It’s dangerous!  Perhaps Lord British might consider a law against it, to be enacted AFTER he decides to get off his lazy ass and do something about burglars.
Fortunately for the unlucky homeowner there was little of value to be loot… salvaged from the wreckage of the house.  In fact, perhaps the only things of value here were a pair of deer hats, which Maraxus convinced the otherwise fashion-stuffy Mu to don.  Once worn, however, the hats had a somewhat giddying effect on the two, and in an effort to be closer to nature, they decided to shed their other rainments and attune themselves to the spirit of the great hart.  What metaphysical value they might have gleaned from this exercise is up to the reader, but they sure succeeded in looking like idiots.
Too bad the hats didn’t have a positive effect on Mu’s intelligence, as he absentmindedly reached for another surprising chest.
Once you are naked, wearing smelly deer pelts and antlers on your heads and are giddy with an increased awareness of nature, what should you do?  Go show your friends what morons you are, and this is precisely what Mu and Mara set out to do, recalling in their ridiculous attire to the LOA clearing.  Unfortunately, it seemed that no one was around to observe their absurdity.  Most guildmates (and sane people in general) had this odd habit of sleeping occasionally, and so the duo were left without an audience to their stupidity.  What are two obviously deranged individuals to do now?  There is only one clear choice…


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