Having never really been through his neighborhood, Mu decided to take a little walk out of his house *gasp* and see what the surrounding jungles had to offer.  Wearing his false kensho armor so as to intimidate any sewer rats he might run across, he took off.  Not too far from his door he found this oddity… yet another mushroom circle.  This one, however, was surrounded by a ring of pillars.  Was there some mysterious cult nearby which deified funghi?  More likely it was a clue to some mysterious quest, and as such Mu left as soon as possible before getting drawn into it.

What fearsome critters lurk in these jungles!  Good thing Musashi had worn full plate armor, or he might have been scratched by gators like this one.  Notice Mu’s outward bravery, taunting such a fierce creature like this one with a slightly incorrect Nekko fighting stance (the left lead is too low, it’s now sort of a bad pendulum block), while the fiend cannot get to him.
Of course, his demeanor changed when the thing found its way onto dry land.
The halberd, big, ugly, and slow, has its place, as Mu illustrates here as he uses its superior penetration when fending off the attacks of the vicious garden snake.  The gleeful song of battle filled his ears, his heart leaping when the fiendish ophidian was vanquished… 
… until its big brother showed up.  Against the giant serpent, only the most sublime of Mu-Jutsu tactics would suffice: running away like an idiot and firing arrows halfway across the continent.  Fortunately, near Mu’s house the creature failed to nagivate its way around a clump of trees, patiently allowing Mu to plug it with shafts until it had been converted into fine usable hides to be converted into slinky leather bustiers only used by guards and exotic dancers.
After a hard day of combat, nothing raises one’s spirits like a visit to one’s guild, where other like-minded individuals are always glad to hear tales of daring and adventure.  Musashi wouldn’t know, though, as we see him here in the LOA village clearing, being tolerated but ignored by Trian Magus (basic black and white), Acen (sporty jester top with red cloak), Maegara (bright red evening dress), and Sir Chuckles (openly walking away from Mu).  Ah well…
Mae recalled away almost immediately after Mu showed up.  Was it because of some pressing business affair, awe at being in the presence of such a fearsome tailor, or something else?  Mu offers his theory.
After a while, Musashi’s presence was noticed by Sir Chuckles and Acen the Jester, who immediately noticed Mu’s unusual attire.  Barely stifling their laughter, they asked some questions about it rather than openly mocking him.  In a rare moment of truthfulness, Mu here explains the true nature of his armor and how it is that he is able to support such a mighty weight on his pathetically weak frame.
Mu makes his classic mistake of confusing jibes and taunts as an invitation to meaningful discussion.  Acen, fleet-footed as all jesters are wont to be, had seen the danger and fled the scene, leaving poor Sir Chuckles alone to bear the brunt of Mu’s self-loathing death wishes as they once again came to the fore.  Sir Chuckles can only politely laugh as he searches for a way out of the tailor’s angst-fest.
Unfortunately for Mu, Sir Chuckles is not nearly as tolerant as Keeshi, and finally could not stand it any longer.  As energy bolts sailed at his head, Musashi could only desperately appeal to the mystical God of Tailors for protection.  Little-known even among students of theology, the God of Tailors is a depressed and reclusive deity, so embarrassed about his station that he hides from the other divine beings.  Rumor even has it that he is merely a mule for the God of Heavy Crossbows.  Genuine or not, Mu survived this attack, no doubt so that his misery and endless labors might continue a bit more.


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