Damn, AoD again.  The LOA clearing is a popular hangout for all sorts of people, including the villainous, who can often be seen taking naps here and there in the verdant grass.  Musashi still had a death wish, and so despite his mysterious ailment which he mentions here, was glad to come down and join the fun.  "Blue Screen" is a malicious disease, striking whenever it is least convenient for its victims, leaving them vulnerable and unaware of their surroundings.  It had struck Mu 3 times in the same number of hours, and could make things very inconvenient for him.  However, Maraxus (under the Brewman sign) has other things to worry about, as he notices Xzor (mounted) grabbing loot from a drowsy AoD, loot that the Lost Order as protectors of the clearing have an obligation to safekeep.

You always remember your first time, and it should be special.  Musashi would have liked to thank Xzor here for being his special someone, the first one to die from a thin, whining discharge of incredibly weak magic, enough to put him under after Maraxus did most of the work.  Xzor made the mistake of looting items belonging to LOA, clearly misunderstanding the salvage laws despite several warnings, and so has been educated by Professor Mu.  Xzor seemed to be enjoying his nap, and Mu quickly stowed his personal effects for safekeeping as Maraxus keeps his horse from killing the greedy tailor.  Even in death, Xzor is dangerous, as he plants a solid kick into Mu’s shoulderblades as he admires the gold plate he has liberated.

Some confusion… Mu, Gabrielle, Maraxus, Xzor and Guardian Orion (clockwise) here discuss salvage rights.  Xzor claimed to be affiliated with the Syndicate (LLTS)… perhaps he was collecting those several bags of reagents for charity?  Mu couldn’t quite understand what he was trying to say, as someone kept shouting "OOooo ooOO Oo" all the time, making it difficult to hear.

A perfect day for snoozing, as Gorgon AoD and Gaul (an AoD wannabe at the time) would attest to.  But can’t they catch some sleep in their own compound?  Guardian Orion expresses his confusion, but unfortunately Gorgon and Gaul seemed not to want to answer his questions.  Perhaps it’s the scent of the lilies in the clearing which lulls them to dreamland.  The arrows in the bases of their skulls may have something to do with it, one might suppose.

Seems Gaul has awoken, and is perusing the friendly Brewman Tavern salesman’s goods… possibly looking for some clothing, which he seems to have forgotten.  Nearby, Nickadaemus (orange robe) walks silently away from some sort of mess… wait, isn’t that where Gorgon was?  No doubt Nickadaemus has been snacking on some of our visitor’s rations, and has left the scraps to rot in the grass… tsk tsk.  Musashi tries hard to impress the visitor, an effort which only garners him scorn from Guardian Orion.

This visitor recognizes the LOA’s guest as someone of knowledge and perception, and attempts to get directions from him.  No doubt Gaul’s subsequent rude reply comes from a feeling of insecurity stemming from not knowing where the lavatory is located.  There is no shame in admitting what you don’t know… a valuable lesson that all can profit from, especially our nude loiterer.

A duel!  A duel!  Maraxus is fond of sports, and so too it seems is Cecel of the AoD.  Unfortunately, according to Gorgon here, Cecel was on his way to get his gear by way of Covetous when he was killed by "cc", Covetous Crew if memory serves correctly.  Of course, it’s hard to say, as Gorgon seems to be suffering from some sort of speech impediment.  But wait, who’s that in the blazing red…

Mu’s old friend Sir Galventine!  Formerly of LOA, Galventine moved on to form his own guild the Ancient Legion of Doom (sigh), hoping for brighter prospects… until they all left Sosaria, fed up with the uncaring idiocy of the Red Gods.  (At least Galv got their stuff.)  While waiting for Cecel to arrive, Galv performed acts of startling magic, including this one where he intones "Kal Vas Flam", a cloud of smoke appears, and an empty bowl is conjured out of nothingness.

Fun is fun, but after such a long wait for Cecel, the ever-prudishly responsible Mu knew it was time for drudgery once again.  A tailor’s life is a hard and unrewarding one, requiring infinite dedication and patience, as well as more than a healthy dose of masochism.  Maraxus is not impressed.

What treachery!  Just as Mu was leaving, AoD appeared… Cecel was not there, but this did not prevent Gorgon, Sir Chicken, Donalbain, Mo Fo, and Gaul from attacking Maraxus.  An epic struggle, as all five unloaded whatever mystical powers they had upon Maraxus and yet failed to even come close to killing him before Maraxus got bored and recalled away.  Unfortunately Mu had to hear about this secondhand, since at the first sight of the sea of purple robes he fled like an idiot into the woods, there to hide until night had fallen, staying true to his innermost character.


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