Waking up his his armor, Musashi, recoiled in horror at a most terrible sight… that of his mismatched archer’s mail with no robes to cover it!  Clearing the cobwebs, he sought a reason as to how this tragedy might have happened… "Oh yeah, I was dead."  Look at this getup:  studded leather leggings, chain tunic, plate arms, ugly helmet, ringmail gloves, and sandals.  The first order of business after being killed is clear… GET NEW CLOTHES.

With this outfit, can there be any question as to why one would run at top speed through the streets of Serpent’s Hold?  It’s to get away from the mockery that followed him at every step!  No e-bolt had ever wounded Musashi as the jeering stares from the bystanders that day.  Still, he had work to do, and quickly.  While it was true that his bizarre armor was as protective as a full set of plate and less bulky, it was also somewhat expensive to replace and it looked AWFUL.  So now the question arises:  what’s more important, ease of movement or protection?  Making the quick decision, Mu was headed over to a known shop on the isle which was tended by a Grandmaster Blacksmith who was also dirt-cheap… 1900 crowns for a full suit of the best plate available anywhere shy of magic armors.  Such a deal!

Argh, what a mess!  Yes the armor is amazingly protective, and not without a certain flair, but it ruins the lines of one’s robe!  What to do, what to do… As always, accessorization is the key.  Retreating back to the momentary and undoubtedley temporary security of the house, Mu quickly fashioned a hakama, a strap to attach a quiver of arrows to, and another LOA-regulation blue cloak, in the hopes of bringing to this foul land and its philistine inhabitants a taste of the old Nihonjin masters of Kyudo, the zen archers (of which, coincidentally, Musashi was NOT one).  It did create something of a reaction when Musashi ventured forth into populated areas:  "hehe, nice skirt fag", "wat a losur".  Sigh… culture comes slowly to this nation, no doubt because of the lag.

Of course, every good master of combat in this world knows the importance of a decent melee weapon… to match one’s armor, of course!  Hand weapons were nigh-useless here, probably due to the crude metallurgy practiced by these primitives.  Of course, one could hardly blame the smiths… who would want to fold over a single piece of high-carbon steel 1000 times and then temper it in the blood of a peasant farmer for the fine edge a true katana is known for in this lag?  Judging by the speed with which Britannian smiths worked, the whole process seemed to be more of a wham bam affair.  Still, there is no substitute for quality, and so Musashi travelled to the open forge of Britain, home of ingot thieves and master smiths galore.  Of course, as you can see, the craftsmen available on this day were uninterested in the tailor’s request, as not one of them is even looking in his direction.  It must be the way the plate peeks out of the sleeves and hem of his robe, ruining his dapper image.
A call for help!  That pesky chest thingy that had everyone in an uproar was the center of it again, as the Followers of Armageddon staged a huge attack on the Serpent’s Cross Tavern!  A tremendous battle ensued, as hordes of humanoid servants attacked in force, causing the death of many a fine warrior, but they were eventually beaten back, amidst a shower of blood and the groans of the dying.  Victory belonged to the forces of Good this day.  This is how Musashi appeared during much of this event, as he could not find the tavern and spent most of his time wandering the woods trying to figure out where he was.
Another failure.  Musashi is always determined to take someone down with him, and in this case it was the unfortunate sea-wizard Keeshi LOA who had to bear the brunt of Mu’s frustration, forced to listen to his incessant whining.  Only guild affiliation saved Mu from falling to a series of energy bolts yet again today.
Note:  although Mu did encourage Keeshi to go after the murderers who had done him in the previous day, Musashi is really a kind and forgiving soul, and would not wish any harm upon "apple", "VAMPIR", and "Peace-Breaker", who hang around Plugger’s Valley south of Yew and each have at bounty of at least 5000 gold on their severed, bleeding, gore-dripping heads.
Cleverly disguising a way out of the endless conversation as a benevolent gesture, Keeshi quickly summoned a water elemental and invited Musashi to spar with it.  As you can see here, Musashi still occasionally harbors a delusional belief in his own unarmed fighting abilities, and his badly executed techniques and ear-splitting challenges to the martial arts prowess of the unamused entity gave Keeshi ample time to slip away to the relative peace of Empath Abbey.  Incredibly enough, Musashi did not die while sparring the elemental unsupervised… with the help of several In Vas Manis, a halberd, and about a thousand arrows.
When he discovered Keeshi had gone, Mu wandered around the village, but the only other person in sight was an odd fellow named Fafhrd who was in a trance, hitting a training dummy over and over for hours, unaware of his surroundings so great was his focus.  Recognizing this semi-religious rite among the citizens of this land, Mu ambled off towards the Abbey again, leaving Fafhrd to his devotions to the Gods of Sawdust and Stat Building.
Even though something else significant WHICH MU HAD MISSED AGAIN had happened and the garrison around the chest was lightened, there were still some people at the abbey, including LOA members Acen and XoR, the latter of whom can be seen here commenting on Musashi’s fashion sense.  They were joined by adventurers Primula Ospalak in the lavender cloak and Gargish Dragon, no doubt to set off on yet another one of those quest thingies.
Before leaving, Primula conjured up some breakfast, literally… and once again the revolting scent of pork products assailed Mu’s eastern sensibilities.  Why always ham?  The Red Gods must be prejudiced against swine the same way they seem to favor the llama.  They certainly seem to have a lot of free time on their hands.
Mu was about to take his leave when Gargish Dragon (here in the muted green) opened a gate in the abbey, and Mu tripped over his own sollerets and fell through, finding himself in Occlo on the verge of something which would undoubtedley be unpleasant.  After listening to their plans and confirming the danger involved, Musashi made some sort of lame excuse and begged off the excursion, once again missing out on an interesting experience.  Although they politely wished him farewell, Mu could not help but notice a few snickers as he shuffled down the street, particularly from Primula.  Musashi definitely had to get out of this land at some point, if for no other reason than the fact that he had terrible luck with women here.


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