What should one feel when one learns that the lackadaisickal liege Lord British is expanding into one’s beloved homeland?  Revulsion, of course.  How dare these opportunistic barbarians move into the Shining Isles with their ugly armor, sweaty unwashed clothes, and cooked fish!  There was nothing to do but try and infiltrate British’s foothold into the chosen country by posing as one of the immigrants, even if it means donning *gulp* horridly unfashionable clothing to blend in.

Too late!  Upon arrival at port Yamato, Mu found that the unwashed masses had already set their filthy feet upon his native soil, bringing with them the carnage and poor grammar that is the hallmark of Britannian citizenry.  The mass migration has also attracted the attention of unfortunate souls, such as this one here, who was apparently forced to try and sell carnal knowledge of his deathrobed body in order to make ends meet.  Unfortunately his feeble attempts to grasp the local Nihonjin dialect has probably resulted in a lack of business for his homegrown enterprise.

Madness.  No doubt jealous of Musashi’s people’s excellent economic infrastructure, the teeming barbarians rushed the First National Bank of Nihon, the air once perfumed with the delicate scent of cherry blossoms now reeking of crossbow bolt shavings and foul reagents.  Picking through the conversation, one can surmise that the Britannians have also brought cannibalism to Nihon’s fair shores, as one traveller remarks on proper seasoning of the native carcasses.

Just when it was certain that riots were going to break out, Lord British finally decides to take some small measure of responsibility for the evil he has introduced to Port Yamato, dispatching a veritable army of superguards to deal with the troublemakers (no doubt with a sizable subsidy from the bank).  There was not enough room in the local jails to deal with the problem, and so Britannian "justice" (death for any crime) takes over, filling the streets with corpses.  Despair overwhelmed Mu; British never cared about policing his people while they pillaged on his own soil, why then would he care if they despoiled Nihon as well?  What sort of diabolical forces would lead to an agreement by the local government to allow a massive influx of murderous thugs?  Sick at heart, Mu caught the first ship back to Sosaria, his homeland defiled forever.


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