Nothing like waking up with a big goose egg on your skull to remind you that you live with a psycho.  Rubbing some liniment into his bruised, atrophied muscles, Mu escaped the house while Kagero wasn’t looking to make his way to the village, where he hoped to find a sympathetic ear to his plight.  As usual, his tribulations only seem to arouse mirth in his erstwhile guildmates, as illustrated here by Carnifex, who is having a laugh at Mu’s expense.

Is this Carnifex and Deathwish Dragon teaching Mu some self-defense so he might escape Kagero’s violent tendencies in the future?  More likely Kagero told them how much fun it is to beat up Mu, and now everyone wants to do it.  Even DD’s horse was eyeing Mu with the sort of look a hungry dragon gets when it spots a sheep.

Fear the wrath of the God of Tailors!  Inexplicably Deathwish froze in place, unable to say or do anything.  Where has his mind gone?  DD stayed like this for several days, prompting taunting and jeering from the petty, spiteful tailor, who for once had the upper hand.

Eventually, Mu had surrounded DD with bags of flour, which by some unknown arcane physics prevented the movement of all manner of creature over them.  Now he was free to pelt the unaware tamer with rocks, as Dawnstar tried to sell tickets to passers-by to do the same.  Quite a profit was rumored to have been made after Musashi moved on to Trinsic.

Trinsic, walled city of Honor, courage, and countless thieves.  Normally Mu would run as quickly as possible through this corrupt metropolis, but on this day he had a chance to stop and speak with Santos the Friar, who happened to be in town learning to cook.  Who better than a holy man for Mu to speak of his aspirations and troubles with?  Of course, this conversation did not last all that long… there is a limit to what even a priest can put up with.

Aha, what better way to get one’s mind off the recent troubles with the AoD, the FoA, and OSI than to go off on a death-defying trip to Dungeon Deceit to challenge the liches there?  There is strength in numbers, as was known by Carnifex (top), Ashen Shuegar (plate and red sash), Dr. Buzz (spiffy black cloak) and Zirc (red hat).  When going into a dangerous situation, one looks for a companion with a strong heart, supreme courage, and loyalty above all else.  Instead they found Mu.

Despite Mu’s craven pose here with the slightly less cumbersome bardiche, the liches posed little threat to his powerful companions.  Deathwish Dragon loots a liche corpse and Kagero shows off as Mu looks on helplessly.  His cowardly paralysis would soon be remedied though, as poison elementals took a liking for the cut of his cloak and pursued him through the hallways trying to get a hold of it.

Mu’s uselessness in the battle was forgiven by his understanding guildmates (except Kagero… bah), and soon a substantial amount of loot was making its way into his greedy little pouch.  What is it with the scrolls?  It seems the liches have taken up inscription to make a little extra cash on the side, which would explain their lackluster fighting abilities.

The true spoils of a successful outing:  bragging rights!  Mu’s ability to run from danger and hide in a corner has earned him the right to make up all sorts of nonsensical tales about his prowess against the fiends that dwell deep under the earth, as he does here to Sir Chuckles (top) and Indur Dawndeath.  Chuckles, however, has had some previous experience with Mu’s stories, and so is making his way off before his whole day is wasted listening to Mu’s drivel.


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