The Festival of Unity… one of the largest events to be held on the Atlantic shard in recent memory, at the LOA village!  Drinking!  Storytelling!  Lottery!  Duels!  And, because it was widely publicized, party crashers!  Here are two of them, in the purple robes, members of the extremely silly Army of Darkness, the group of malcontents who have been recently displaying their prowess by harassing and attacking LOA merchants and travelling tradesmen.  What about that seer behind the tree, Seer Andragon?  Didn’t he know these felons would try and jump the festival?  Perhaps he did, but the huge crowd that always seems to follow Seers around, shouting at the top of their lungs ("Can I have a quest?"… "Why are you green?"…) has probably drowned out any warnings he may have given.

Mu dislikes crowds… more people to laugh at his inadequacy… and escaped the throng of partygoers and ne’er-do-wells for a moment of relaxation.  All these people… no doubt the daemon Lagg would soon descend on the village with a vengeance.  Just when Mu thought he had gotten away from the crowds, who should show up by Seer Nikademus… a likeable fellow who Mu had talked with in the past, but who now was yet another crowd magnet.  At least the presence of such a mystical being meant that less people would be paying attention to the tailor, lessening his feelings of paranoia.

Ah the Brewman tavern, now the site of the storytelling contest moderated by Lady Rose of Jade, here in the unmistakeable neon green dress, chastising those who would not shut up at such a literary event.  Mu noticed yet another failing of Britain’s artisans, namely the architects… why is it that the storytellers were so hard to hear inside this spacious, hardwalled room?  Mu can’t hear a thing from his corner except for Jade’s somewhat grating cautions.  Nevertheless, he did manage to catch some readings from Alucard and LagerLoef (who detonated an explosion potion as part of his story, causing no small amount of confusion).  Mu also had a brief meeting with Gloomshade of the Order of the Ebon Skull, enemies of the LOA, who was also attending the readings and had the civility not to initiate combat (just as well for the pathetically inept Musashi).
What’s a classy social event without some adolescent gate-crashers?  AoD attacked the festival, throwing the participants into confusion, many of them recalling away due to their lack of combat ability.  Mu had expected this, and was well prepared:  a good bow, armor, plenty of potions and arrows, and a keen ability to hide like a sniveling tailor.  Mu wasn’t completely useless here… he tended to hide next to founding father Brimstone, and pop out of hiding to fire at stray AoD invaders, which resulted in Mu absorbing energy bolts, which is what he seems to do best.
The AoD seemed to be possessed of strange magicks… when slain, their bodies bore almost nothing in the way of reagents or scrolls despite their frenzied spellcasting, and they seemed to bring about the death of a vendor!  This is a matter for the higher powers to investigate.  Musashi took a moment away from being horribly wounded to notify Counselor Phil, who said he would pass along the information to the Red Gods… sigh.  Although Phil has the best of intentions here, it is widely known that the Red Gods are aloof and unfeeling beings, and appeals to them are typically in vain.  Does the AoD have some sort of sinister pact with the Red Gods, or are villains the chosen people of this realm?
Although is did not seem like it at the time, upon reviewing the events it seemed that the unification of the LoA and the others present, including the United Blacksmiths of Britannia, the Wind Elders, and other guilds and individuals who had attended the event was a strong factor in the defeat of the AoD this day.  However, a bad taste was left in everyone’s mouth, due to the childish disruption of such an event, the threats of rape from AoD members towards certain ladies present, and the lack of response from the Red Gods, who never appeared.  Gorgon stands openly next to Counselor Phil, knowing he is immune from any real consequences, as Mu reflects on the strange increase in his reputation as a killer, even though he is a lousy fighter and only attacks swine.
Being renowned for murder is at least some kind of renown, and Mu here discusses with Guildmaster Freejack (to Mu’s left, in official uniform), Ni’Vek (lower, red robe and unnaturally blue hair) and Kagero (thankfully obscured by Ni’vek’s ponderings) his potential future title.  Menacing, eh?  No doubt when people gaze upon his title they will drop dead on the spot… from incredulous laughter.
Not all of the AoD were causing trouble, however.  Take Deathrider here.  Simply stretching his legs in the clearing, Deathrider couldn’t quite get it together during the fight, despite being adequately armed.  With this kind of attitude, it will be difficult for him to get a head.
With a bone helmet someone handed him on the battlefield, Musashi is already dressing the part of a vile murderer.  Prancing around the house like an idiot, Kagero stumbled upon him and, thinking that the house was being looted again, began to whip up an air elemental to dispatch the intruder.  Mu tried to plead with her to desist, but it was no use… as you can see, he is so deeply into the role that even his speech patterns have become corrupted.


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