Such a dreary day, thought Musashi as he trudged along the streets of Magincia, another load of cloth weighing him down.  Even though his house had been broken into and looted by a vile thief while he was away tending to other business at a pleasure palace in Nujelm, he still needed a place to sew in peace and quiet, and so had taken to purchasing cloth in towns from his various suppliers, weaving them on the spot, and hauling the completed bolts of cloth back to his house where he could sew without the constant pressure of selling constantly, or the evil looks from his competitors.  There was an unspoken, deep rivalry amongst tailors, oh yes, and things might get ugly if any of them could actually fight.  (Actually, some could, which was another reason Mu was happy to take his leave of the shops when his business there was concluded.)

Down the street, around the corner, past the baker, left at the Counselor’s Guild, and soon Mu was at the Bank of Magincia, which like all banks was surrounded by every manner of deathrobed thief, skull-helmed miscreant, plated showoff and clueless newbie.  As was his custom, Mu stepped up to the wall of the bank,  located a banked through the window, and opened his bank box, hiding himself in the process to avoid being robbed.

"THIEF!" cried someone next to him in a bone helmet and blue and yellow rainments.  Mu looked around, hoping to catch a glimspe of the criminal in question, when he noticed several of the skull-faced blue and yellow folks, obviously guildmates, standing around looking at his hiding spot.

"Me?" he said incredulously.

"You hide so you can steal!  Is he grey to anyone?" said one of them.

Mu sighed… kids today.  He closed his bank box and stepped out of hiding.  "I’m no thief," he said.  (He also thought "… you idiots" but said nothing, as he saw the all too common heavy crossbow on each of them.)

"Anyone who wears true black has something to hide." said another haughtily.

Mu gaped at their ignorance, then recovered with aplomb.  "Yes, it hides my poor physical condition." he joked.  This seemed to defuse their paranoid anger, as well as feed their insurmountable egos (as Mu had made fun of himself instead of them; no doubt had it been the other way around they would have challenged him to a "duel of honor", which consisted of one guy pounding him at range with Corp Pors while the other two cast curative and protective spells on their teammate).

"Well, just as well you’re not a thief, or we would have had to kill you!  See this?"  One of the figures leaned forward.  At first Mu could only stare at the incredible ugliness of the bone helmet he wore, but soon saw the "AOJ" guild insignia which looked like it had been scrawled into his robe with a stick of charcoal.  "Avengers of Justice.  We are a good-aligned guild, and go after scum.  We are feared throughout the land!  JUSTICE!" he said, and they all repeated him, all saluting madly, inadvertedly knocking a nearby peasant to the ground.

Mu rushed over to help the peasant up.  "Hey, be careful with the salutes!" he admonished, cleaning some dirt from the grateful common woman’s clothing.

"What?  Hey, she’s just an NPC!" they laughed.

"What do you mean… NPC?  Non-Person?"  Mu was aghast at their arrogance.  He gave the poor woman 50 gold crowns, for which she expressed her graitude before scurrying off away from the scene.

"What the hell are you talking about you idiot?  You sound like some lameass RP’er" he said.

As Mu was pondering that little abbreviation, a pair of people ran by, a running man being chased by an archer.  No doubt the running man had attacked or robbed the archer outside town, and had come back in the vain hopes that he would be safe.  "Criminal!" shouted the archer as he ran, using that startling draw-nock-pull-aim-gauge-adjust-fire while running at full speed technique that had been perfected in Sosaria.  "He stole my sword!"

"Hahahahahahahaha!" cried the thief, running with his prize through the streets, hoping to find the safety of the nearby inn before he was killed by bow fire.  It was well known that anyone, including a hunted criminal, could seek safety in the shelter of an inn and escape all enemies; there must have been some payoff involving the Thieves’ Guild, innkeepers and the crown to allow them to perform this bizarre feat.

The thief seemed to be somewhat ignorant of the town’s layout, however, and ran back outside of town boundaries, where his hunter pursued him.  Curious to see the outcome of this, Mu and the AOJ followed them out, and were soon witness to a fight between the thief, who had drawn a poisoned kryss and was wounding the archer with it, and the archer, who was beginning to look haggard.

"Well?" asked Mu.

"Well what?" replied the AOJ representatives.

"Aren’t you going to go after him?"

They shifted uncomfortably and began talking among themselves.  "He’s blue to me, you?… Yah, no crim flag here… I don’t want a murder count… I just got a level of noto, don’t want to lose it…"

Astonished at the bravery and decisiveness of this guild Mu drew his bow and lobbed off a couple of arrows at the thief.  This startled the thief long enough for the archer to gain an advantage, and Mu quickly cured the archer of poison and healed him up a bit.  Soon the thief was dispatched.

Mu put his bow away.  "I hope you get your property… hey!" he said as one of the AOJ  began firing crossbow bolts at him.

"Crim flag!  Crim flag!" he shouted like an idiot.

"You moron!  Stop firing at me!" cried Mu, who was running off to hide behind some trees as the overeager AOJ tried to fire at him (luckily missing all but once, a clean shot through the leg) and the others were trying to figure out if they could loot the dead thief before the archer had regained his property without becoming criminal flagged.

Eventually, having broken off the fletching of the bolt and pushed it through the flesh (a painful task, but one he had become accustomed to), Mu came out of hiding, bow armed, and faced his attacker.   "What the hell do you think you’re doing?"

"Damn he’s blue again," said the AOJ crossbowman, ignoring Mu’s question and heading back to his comrades.  "JUSTICE!" they all said and saluted, and ran back into town where they were later seen killing newly resurrected criminals at the healer’s.

"Thanks," said the archer, having retrieved his goods.  "You helped me out a lot there."

"No problem," replied Mu as he healed up his wounded leg.  "Someone had to."

"Well I’m sure the AOJ was going to help me out eventually… they’re a well-known good-aligned guild  They’re at war with the Organization of Mayhem, you know."

"Hmm, I’m not familiar with them.  Are they criminals?"

"They’re an evil guild.  They run around in red and green clothing and wear bone armor and use heavy crossbows.  Evil evil evil!  All they care about is loot!"

"Hmm… I see… and what exactly is the difference between them and the AOJ?"

"Well.." The archer paused, looked around, mumbled to himself, thought a bit more, and finally his eyes brightened and he looked back at Mu.  "They’re EVIL!"

"Uh huh…" said Mu, helping his misguided friend back into town.

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