Bored bored bored… these three words should replace Truth, Love and Courage as the basis for the behavior of all Britannian citizens.  Mu must be excessively bored to the trying to fool this newbie into believing he was the proprietor of the Yew winery, an institution long known to make nothing at all nor to employ anyone.  How is it that Mu is always mistaken for a shopkeeper while he wears outlandish black robes and plate?  It must be his glassy-eyed stare, his born of incredible boredom, the shopkeepers’ born of hearing the words "Vendor Bank Buy Guards" ten thousand times per day.  Mu later helped the gullible young man defeat his first enemy, healing grievous wounds inflicted by a mad cow.

How unfortunate… the young man professed to be an apprentice tailor, and had chosen to make his start in Yew, where there was neither a tailor shop  to trade cloth commodities nor a provisioner/armorer/sex shop for the sale of kinky leather bras.  Leading the newbie back to the bank in order to provide him a gate to a better market, Mu was accosted by some deathrobe-wearing ragamuffin who professed to know him.  Mu was about to shove the churlish lout away when he looked closer and realized it was Acen the Jester, at which point he just punched him in the face instead.  Acen had just returned from a delightful vacation on Fire Island, and was still sporting his beachwear.
Seeing that Acen’s fortunes were oddly about as lousy as Mu’s were, Mu offered him a way to get out of the morass of stupidity which is life in Sosaria.  Mu had been an ardent student of StarCraft, and Kagero was spending almost all her time in it (until she gets bored and moves onto the next obsession).  Acen had some familiarity with this activity, and they spent a fair amount of time hanging around the bank, talking about this and other activities which were largely more fun than what they were doing at the time,  prompting jealous glares from the other bankers.
This did not mean that Mu was ready for any deeper level of relationship with Acen, however.  Actually Mu misunderstood; Acen was just showing off his Fire Island tan.
Acen eventually changed into something a bit more presentable, after being chided by the guards.  He had an odd mask, which me was showing off, prompting Mu to reach into his  safe deposit box and retrieve his most sacred item… the DEER HAT!  Once again the aroma of  rotting deer pelts infected his mind, and he paraded about the bank for a while, believing himself to be Antlerman, High Defender of the Forest.
The nonsense continued for quite a while, causing no small amount of confusion for the nearby orc helm-wearing  newbies, and the guards had to be held back when Acen smacked Mu upside the deer pelt-wearing head with a spellbook.  This seemed to knock Mu into a bizarre frame of mind, as he began to speak in strange symbols.  Is this what Britannians hear when their feeble powers of comprehension are assaulted by the grace and beauty of the Nihonjin dialect?  More likely Mu is just trying to make a cat face and failing miserably.
Is it worth the ten royals per month to continue to live in Sosaria?  It seems that the most rewarding times spent here are moments like this, simply goofing around in a guard zone, chatting.  Of course, one could simply live in the mIRC tavern and avoid all the mindless hours of muling and drudgery and still be able to talk about Zealot figurines and whether or not the Lost Souls and LOA should still be whining about the split, when the only people who would care would be people who somehow think that a virtual organization is of any consequence whatsoever.  Only the people matter.  (Except Kagero.)
"Welcome to Hell…" is what the dead man said before taking a swing at Mu, attracting the attention of a leather bra-wearing, barefoot superguard.  Mu already knew it was too late.


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