With the roadside revival tent business going downhill, Musashi decided that maybe he could make a difference for the WTFMAN? philosophy through some other means, like political activism.  Imagine his shock when he heard the news that avatar of WTFMAN? Nighthawk had been sentenced to exile from Sosaria on some very shaky grounds!  Ever curious to see what was happening, Mu ran off towards Castle British (minus his fake beard), and was greeted by someone shouting at him to dye his clothes red.  He then found a seat, wondering when the demonstration was happening, as someone named Ash recited poetry, obviously influenced by e.e. cummings, as indicated by the lack of capitalization.  Regardless, Musashi attempted to fit in as best as possible, joining the roleplaying-fest as he awaited the madness that would undoubtedly ensue when too many people sit around in the same place with nothing do do, as opposed to being spread out all over with nothing to do.

The poetry reading ended fairly soon, as the hall began to fill up with the unwashed masses of Britannia, ever eager to take part in an event which had the potential to degenerate into mindless chaos.  Despite the efforts of a number of attendees, none of the Red Gods implicated in the matter were present to hear the words of the people.  However, a number of the powerless servitors of OSI were lurking around the area, no doubt relaying the scene back to their higher-ups, who were probably huddling in their secret IRC channel, afraid to make their presence known the very people they had mistreated and neglected for so many eons.  Filled with a sense of defying the establishment, Musashi hailed Nighthawk via ICQ crystal to let him know that the proletariat would not be oppressed!

Nighthawk had been exiled from Sosaria for a horrific crime… he had used the abbreviation "jap" in a private conversation with some friends, not knowing that the insane red god Boo was skulking nearby, waiting for a chance to be offended and overreact.  Not only has he exiled, but his home was demolished, in a sick act of depraved power abuse by the MAN!  Musashi was wondering how to record the event in a way that would allow Nighthawk to appreciate the demonstration (and get more hits for his own page), when he noticed one of his neighbors had a familiar air about him.  Indeed, Nighthawk had come to his own demonstration disguised as Shinji, his features concealed by a duck hat, his nature concealed by his borrowed notoriety.
In an effort to understand why the banishment had taken place, Mu started eavesdropping around the room.  Certainly the term "jap" could not realistically be an inst-ban offense, considering the number of people running around quoting flowery roleplaying phrases like "FUCK YOU NIGGER BITCH" and "u homo cocksucker" around the bank during prime time.  Selective enforcement of ambiguous rules has been the top complaint amongst citizens of Britannia ever since the GM’s abandoned their old policy, which was never do anything at all.  Some of the visitors were discussing a popular theory about GM Boo’s prediliction for banning people on flimsy grounds.  So, GM Boo is also a refugee from Nihon?  Perhaps Mu could find him and discuss the matter in the traditional Nihonjin fashion, which meant an iaido duel to the death and the carving of GM Boo’s body afterwards.  On second thought, Mu realized his combat abilities are somewhat lacking, so he figured he would challenge Boo to a duel, and hire a bunch of mages to kill him when he showed up.
As the hall began filling up even more, the situation became more and more chaotic.  Musashi thought he spied the figure of his companion in boredom Clove, but due to the immense number of activists parading around the area shouting revolutionary slogans, it was difficult to ascertain the person’s true identity.
Of course, there are also people who go to rallies not to promote higher justice for the people, but to promote themselves at the expense of the peoples’ martyrs.  Such a person is Lancelot, pictured here with his unimaginative name, 19th century football helmet, and ankle-length skirt which is useful for hiding fat thighs.  Although Lancelot has certainly perfected the arts of polemics and mismatching clothing, he seems to be a bit lacking in social graces, as he feels the need to shout everything.  No doubt he suffered from a common malady in Sosaria, Caps Lock.

Of course, Lancelot had not quite figured on the other side of free speech, which is that when you make absurd and unfounded remarks in a room full of rebellious citizens, you are going to draw fire.  Soon a contingent of anti-Lancelot demonstrators were on every side, and before the badly dressed child could escape, he came face to face with Shinji (Nighthawk), at which point an embarassing situation blossomed in Lancelot’s loincloth area.  Ever helpful, Mu tried to cover up the situation by claiming the moisture was merely a spilled beverage, but nobody appeared to be fooled as Lancelot fled the hall to make a quick and discreet change of skirts.
It appeared that the demonstration was having some of the desired effect, as an older version of the useless blue-robed ones suddenly appeared next to Shinji on the podium, as the latter was pleading for calm.  However, the barbaric nature of the Sosarian people cannot be suppressed, as most of them forgot why they had assembled in the first place, and the rally degenerated into a spectacle similar to any typical role-playing gathering which gets announced on UOSS, which is an open invitation to party crashing.  When the explosion potions started flying, so did Mu and Shinji… away from the crowd.
Escaping the crush of protesters, corpses, purple potions, guards, and chaotic yelling, Musashi managed to break free and make his way for the door, where Shinji was conversing with AlienA at the door.  He also ran into Clove, who had wisely hung closer to the rear of the demonstration, and he greeted his companion in the traditional fashion.  It seemed risky, in this new era of thought policing, but since the slur was not directed at an ethnic group which GM Boo was a member of (reputedly), Mu figured he was safe.  Abuse the power!  Abuse!
As the knowledge of "Shinji"’s identity became known, the people who had gathered to restore his freedom reacted in the only way they knew how… by begging the person who just lost his rights to live in Sosaria, as well as his tower, for money!  This beggar was redirected to the bank, a location which was in dreadful need of repeated spam messages.  The crowd was beginning to break up, but a few mischief makers remained, one of them placing an explosion potion into Mu’s hand and suggesting he throw it at the crowd.  What a splendid idea!  Mu pocketed the purple flask and decided to sell it later at the alchemists.  Every coin counts when your net worth is 100% in newbie gold.
Briefly escaping outside for some fresh air, Musashi and Clove discussed the situation… while the loss of the tower was a grave travesty of justice and should be replaced, Mu thought it might be viewed as an opportunity for Nighthawk to look into some nicer accommodations.

As most of the rabid crowd seemed to have disappeared, Mu cautiously edged his way back inside Castle British, where he finally ran into that Brules person again, displaying his faith in the cause of WTFMAN?!  After a few greetings and such were exchanged, a plate-clad figure tromped into the castle… the notorious Greybeard, also a saint of WTFMAN?!  The presence of two such divine figures was too much for Mu’s poor brain to handle, and he felt himself slipping into unconsciousness, losing connection with the world as he had done so often before, such as during crucial moments in combat, while standing on the doorstep of his house with a key in hand, or when trying to page a GM.

And so the demonstration at Castle British came to an end, with a handful of loyalists surrounding Shinji on the dais.  However, even as Mu took his leave of the noble assortment, he overheard plans being made to march on the Britain Bank, and perhaps a demonstration at a later date.  However, it was not necessary, as Musashi later found out Nighthawk had been granted clemency and was returning to Sosaria to kill, murder, loot, and enrich all of our lives again.  Let it be known that even the evil uncaring red gods can be moved by a sufficient buildup of fervor and lag.  POWAH TO THE PEOPLE!


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