Despite the moral victory of the Nighthawk demonstration, there seemed to be far too much wrong on Baja for anyone, let alone poor Mu, to correct.  As if the rampant killing, bad language, and lousy tech support weren’t enough, there was a new curse on the land… the spell definition spam seen at left as the masked Maggot Boy invokes a gate.  What were the "powers that be" thinking?  Just what the world needs… more useless chatter slowing everyone down.  However, even in this sea of injustice and iniquity, there is always a glimmer of hope.  For now, it was in the pure and noble heart of Zander, the humble peasant boy in the aqua shirt, who had aspirations of making the world a better place one day, like his namesake.

Some people have no sense of propriety though.  Apparently taking offense at the spam of "Gate Travel", which was in no way the fault of poor Maggot Boy, a number of individuals decided that they would follow to remonstrate with him.  Ever the peacemaker, Mu followed as well, hoping to stave off any travesties of justice that might occur.  Zander also leapt in, no doubt with thoughts of peace and goodwill on his mind.
Unfortunately, gates can be tricky, and this one apparently only allowed Mu, Zander, and 2 individuals known as Macoe (shadow iron dex fighter outfit) and Gonzo (bone armor dex fighter outfit) through.  Where was Maggot Boy?  The wilds of Britannia can be hazardous indeed, what with all the murderers, mongbats, and hidden GM’s looking for evil macroers lurking about.  The inexperienced Zander was momentarily overwhelmed with terror, crying for assistance.  Never fear… hero of the people Brules is on the way!
Once he knew that Brules would shortly be there to help out the stranded travellers, Mu attempted to bolster Zander’s nerves by the example of his own fearlessness.  But would Brules make it in time?
Alas, not for all… Gonzo fell to… umm… some danger or another, despite Brules’ valorous attempt to save his life.  If only that "Greater Heal" spam hadn’t been there to slow down the casting of his lifesaving spell!  Damn you stupid magic changes!  Damn you all to hell!
Could something more have been done?  Cursing his ineptitude, Mu attempted to demonstrate his battle-readiness to Brules, who just stared at him for a while before riding off into the sunset.  All that could be done to honor the dead was a proper burial, but Zander has gone further… donning the garb of the late adventurer, it was clear to all that he intended to carry on Gonzo’s tradition of bravery and honorable combat.  Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?
A quick return to the Britain east bank reunited the sobered travelers with Maggot Boy.  Looking about the glum faces of his companions, Mu shuffled around in his pockets and eventually found some old, mildewed Valentine’s day cards he got off the street somewhere.  Soon he was passing out notes that read "I’m glad you are my friend – Rand’s Miner" to Zander and Maggot, the latter of whom was so overwhelmed with emotion he ran weeping from the scene as Mu and Zander shared a tender moment.
This teary scene was soon interrupted by the sound of Macoe huffing and puffing up the road, having eluded whatever danger took the life of poor Gonzo deep in the wilderness.  Naturally, all three friends were glad to see he had made it out okay, and greeted him warmly as he explained why he didn’t just recall.  Be prepared, Macoe!
It was at this time that Maggot Boy lifted the corner of his mask and revealed an amazing secret… he was, in fact, Brules!  No one was more surprised at this than Mu, who rationalized that Brules was so well-loved and such a celebrity that he could not come to Britain himself for fear of being swarmed with clinging admirers.  Such is the price of heroism.
And so, with the day’s events to ponder over, and the inspiration of Brules’ selfless acts of bravery, Mu strode over to the bank and handed the surprised Zander a sum of money that would be useless to the hermit Mu, but perhaps could be used by Zander to fund training, equipment, and beer, smoothing his way to the heights of greatness which he aspired to.  What better use for Mu’s earthly wealth could there be?  Perhaps with fortune smiling upon him and the faith and determination that comes with a desire for paladinhood, Zander could live up to the lofty standards set by such figures as Brules.  One day, his name might shine with that same soothing red glow, letting all those near him know that peace would soon be theirs.


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