Having regained consciousness after his death at the hands of a treacherous horse and a corrupt law enforcement official and jumping a random gate, Mu found himself alone and lost, in some desolate swamp.  With no idea where he was or where to go, his quest to spread the word of WTFMan seemed impossible.  Not knowing where else to turn, he ran inside a building, hoping to find some kind soul who might take pity on him.  Luckily, the home’s owner appeared not long thereafter, and after a long period of laughing at Mu, returned him to physical form.  What a nice man!  Certainly this paragon of virtue would understand his quest, and perhaps be willing to assist him.

This saint of mercy, Nighthawk, restored Mu to his normal, well-developed, 44 strength vitality and offered to shelter him for a while.  Nighthawk… sounded familiar.  Mu remembered reading about someone named "Nighthawk" somewhere… maybe on that scoreboard on the wall of the bank?  No matter; he was glad enough to have someone aid him during his time of need, so that he might continue his witnessing.
Nighthawk lived in quite a magnificent tower, with all sorts of virtuous friends of his, including Sauron who assured Mu that he was a "good guy", and someone named Brules who seemed to have a rudimentary understanding of the beliefs of WTFMan!  Pleased that the divine knowledge had reached so far already, Mu graciously corrected Brules’ pronunciation of the holy word.
Not only was the tower itself impressive, but it was full of all sorts of wonderous objects!  Nighthawk, Brules and Sauron must have tailored, lumberjacked, and mined for a long time to be able to afford such possessions.  Such diligence and good honest labor should be commended.
A visit to the tower roof revealed some fine decor, and a private stable, attended to by Nighthawk’s faithful manservant Peon.  However, he had to run off before Nighthawk himself could come take the reins of his mount, and so Sauron held them for a bit.  This had the unfortunate effect of trapping Sauron in with the animal, helpless until Nighthawk could return to unlock the stall.  Ever helpful, Mu explained how one could always find the bright side of any situation, even this one.
After Nighthawk had taken control of his mount and freed Sauron, the group was joined by Temptress, a fine lady who was apparently one of the owners of the impressive edifice.  Obviously a person of class and grace, here she displays that she is also highly perceptive, making clear her keen observations as soon as Mu was in olfactory range.
This Nighthawk fellow and his friends certainly did seem to have a lot of money and property.  Perhaps they would like to help out Mu in his religious crusade, but people tend to shirk from donating to such causes.  In a desperate attempt to garner some backing for his efforts, Mu attempts to use the tried and true technique of posing as a famous UO cartoon character who is moving to a new shard and exploiting his fame to get financing. Naturally, they didn’t fall for it… even when Mu attempted to offer additional evidence as proof of his outlandish claim.
Nevertheless, everyone proved to be rather sociable, even going to the trouble of conversing in Mu’s home dialect of Nihonjin.
Nighthawk excused himself for a moment to "go kill Brules" (such a kidder!), and Temptress proved herself to be a gracious hostess, her poise and wit more accented by the background of rotting human bones and charred stone pentagrams.  Patiently she listened, pretending to look interested, and stayed awake as Mu rattled on.  She did, however, seem to get a little drowsy as he began to expound on his plans to benefit from UO’s player-driven virtual economy.

During a quiet moment, Mu allowed himself to speak about one of his hobbies:  mid-70’s bardic lore.  Unfortunately Nighthawk didn’t seem to be well versed in this particular area, and Mu’s feverish rants went unheeded.  George Clinton be praised.

"This place is great!  You must be accomplished craftsmen to accumulate so much money and property."  Mu could see his new friends’ expressions changing slightly even before the sentence was complete.  Were they insulted at being called mere craftsmen?  Perhaps they were nobility… peering a bit closer, Mu began to discern something about his hosts that he may have missed in his religious fervor.  Hmm… as much as Mu was a spiritual person and was fully prepared to meet his maker, it didn’t seem like the right time.  Gotta go…
Quickly making some lame excuse, Mu made his exit, hoping to dash off into the swamp where all he had to worry about was infection and venomous snakes.  However, his benefactor insisted on showing him out, and Mu ended his visit with an inspiring platitude, as Nighthawk bid him farewell in the traditional fashion.
Oh well… perhaps they would be willing to listen to his sermons again.  Perhaps a full suit of GM plate and 100 of each reagent might intimidate them into not attacking him next time…


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  1. I gotta tell ya, I still remember this visit and come back to read this story every year or so. Still puts a smile on my face. 🙂

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