How long can one sit in a keep in Hokuto, mindlessly studying anatomy and thinking about how smart a trapped paladin is (like she could be that smart if she got trapped in the first place)?  It does get maddening, and a feeling of guilt began to overtake Mu and Clove; shouldn’t they be out somewhere, doing charity work, tending to the spiritually barren, gettin’ da funk in they soul?  Clove took the initiative… Mu soon received a comm crystal message:  "I’m on Baja at the Ironwood Inn."  Heeding the call to preach the gospel, Mu quickly donned a cheesy fake beard and booked passage for Baja, registering himself under a humble and unassuming name.  Armed with a shepherd’s crook, a tambourine, and his unwavering faith, Mu joined Clove in the holy mission to spread the news of funny editorials and superb Shockwave Flash 3 movies available at the most sacred of UO websites.  Oh, and total enlightenment or something.

With unwavering belief in the rightness of their cause, and with an annoying speech macro, the two crusaders headed for that infamous den of iniquity, the Bank of Vesper.  It was rumored that the holy man Ronald McDonald could be found here sometimes, standing in a trance and conversing with spirits to better understand the universe and to prepare for the Necromancy patch.  Unfortunately, the fates were not in favor of our intrepid duo, and although there were those at the bank who understood the grave importance of their mission, many simply lol’ed at them.

It helps to understand the native dialect if you are trying to convert them to your religious system.  Fortunately, Mu had spent enough time in the world of Atlantic to be conversant in at least 5 strains of d00dish, which is the predominant tongue in Vesper banks throughout the multiverse.  After a few repetitions of the key greeting phrase, Mu had found a follower for his cause, the noble citizen "a".

Ministry is difficult work indeed, and can be quite fatiguing.  It’s not surprising that JoV Groupie would retire from it so quickly, feeling that our quest was pointless… which indeed, it was, but wtf.  "a" is voicing his displeasure at this course of action, and not even Mu’s holy incantation could sway her, and a long and heartfelt farewell was recited as JoV Groupie returned to Hokuto, where endless streams of annoying guildmates would page her every 5 minutes to be let into the damned keep so they could mooch reagents and go into anatomy trances.  Mu was determined to spread the gospel, and continued to do so for some time thereafter.
Why was new disciple "a" not joining Mu in his holy work?  He remained steadfastly silent when Mu asked him what the matter was… one should not have secrets from one’s spiritual mentor!  How could Mu not be infuriated at this show of faithlessness?  Speaking the dreaded magical words of power shown on the left, Mu prepared to scourge his acolyte, when suddenly "Finlay" appeared out of nowhere and cut Mu down without any respect for his religious beliefs!  In spectral form, Mu began a new pilgrimage, hopping through a gate and wandering around a desolate swamp for a while before allowing sleep to overtake him.



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