5/7/99 – I got some responses on my quiz, naturally from the only people who might have understood it at all. Some of them had to guess around a little, since there were several people in the organization I’m talking about at the time who were close to being that lame, but eventually everyone figured it out. With enough pressure (i.e. if anyone at all wants to know) I’ll reveal the answer. Also, the Bonus Question generated a lot of positives, and the one or two people who did not make a secret PK really wish they had but were out of character slots.

I did get one incorrect response, which is expected considering how the only people who might possibly know the answer play on Atlantic…

I’m assuming the answer to all of those questions besides the bonus question is Kagero…heh =P

And no, I haven’t made a PK character to kill Kagero. Yet. >=)

- Templar of Kor, Sonoma

Sorry, nope. Kagero is very annoying, but not only would never have hidden from an outnumbered battle, but would have yelled at the other team members afterwards for not letting her kill all 5 enemies. 8P

Bored as hell, so I’ll post this flamewar thread from Nuker’s Domain. The original thread can be found here. Basically, this guy Quadre R. Winner wanted everyone to go flame Azaroth’s taming board for inexplicable reasons. (I told Az I flamed him back to defend the board, but I really just thought Quadre would be fun to taunt.)

Flame the board in my post,bloody lame rper board by Quadre posted 4/29/99 2:15:05 PM


WTF RP Board? Plus Msg for Nuker by Musashi posted 5/3/99 3:01:29 PM

How do ya figure that as an RP board? Az and Sili just talk about taming, taming bugs, taming skill increase, etc. Are you mad because Az killed you with a nightmare or something? Go flame Crossroads or White Stag Inn or something if you’re looking for RPers. Or go flame on my board. Things are a little slow.

Oh hi Nuker. Bring back the resist/parry pages! 8P

No you lame Jap I got flamed for saying I “macro” by Quadre posted 5/4/99 8:49:15 AM

Noooooooo I was called a Lame Jap! by Musashi posted 5/4/99 12:18:04 PM

Please! You’re hurting my feelings! I wither under the force of your wit! Next you’ll call me an RP Lamer and threaten to kill my pixelated sprite!

Really though, you get flamed on a taming board for saying you macro, so the whole board is about RPing? Some dumbass will always jump in and whine about macroing. They’re probably posting with UO Loop running in the background. Most people would just ignore them or post a flame themselves. Your feelings must be really hurt to ask for other people to go flame them for you. Embrace your feminine side. Don’t be afraid to cry. And learn to hit the NT button.

Ok this is getting interesting,My turn by Quadre posted 5/6/99 4:06:24 AM

Well I made a statement protecting KewlDoods and how macroing is useful(note:I did not write any flame material).And the entire board flames me.So unless you wanna continue protecting the bunch of lamers,you should stand up for doodism and go flame them.And I am adding,You FUCKING RP LAMER I SHALL KILL YOUR pixelated sprite!Or you can continue to embrace your feminine side and be a bloody gay.

Ever see trolls on UOSS? by Musashi posted 5/6/99 12:18:35 PM

When is UOE going to be updated? (nt) – Curious
re: When is UOE going to be updated? (nt) – FUCK YOU CHEATER
Call a GM and ask him – Raul Pleier
*laughs* – Laim Guy
Check www.uoextreme.com – nt
Thanks (nt) – Curious
Never – The Last Honest Player [NFT]
re: When is UOE going to be updated? (nt) – U SUCK
d00d why so mean? (NT) – Quadre
He’s asking about an evil cheat prog which makes me cry (nt) – U SUCK 2
Go back to k3wltown loser – Bizzatch
Waah! I’m going to get all of Nuker’s board to flame here! You’ll be sorry! (NT) – Quadre
How weak – Bizzatch

Like a UOE guy doesn’t expect to get flamed on UOSS. Like you didn’t expect to get flamed on a board which isn’t spcifically a PK board by defending k3wld00ds. What a shock eh? Macroing get the same shit now that it’s officially evil (after 2 years of it) according to OSI, so everyone wants to come out and be very clear that they and their GM mage water ellie summoners are against macroing. Who gives a rat’s ass? Post yourself and make people laugh at the flamers, or try and convert them with good arguments (this may not be an option for you, judging by your writing).

Oh, and my pixelated sprite has macroed more than your pixelated sprite you lame k3wld00d! Bring it on! Um… thou. And RPing does not cause homosexuality. But it might cure it. This is good information for you to have. Never give up hope! We’re rooting for you Quadre! You can LIKE GIRLS again!

re: Ever see trolls on UOSS? by Quadre posted 5/7/99 7:25:35 AM

With all the doods and the bizatches in your post I am wondering whether to continue this thread by replying to a guy who needs mental help.Rping does cause homos ask Nuker about a certain rper we know on cats:P And I will repeat that all I said was macroing is pretty useful and the flame return was a challenge for all doods,not to flame them return but to tell them why they are such old fashioned stereo types and please,I can name you at least 10 people on that board who never listen to good arguments.I challenge you to go argue with “Kraven of Catskills” for one.

re: Ever see trolls on UOSS? by Musashi posted 5/7/99 1:01:06 PM

With all the doods and the bizatches in your post I am wondering whether to continue this thread by replying to a guy who needs mental help.

So yer not making a statement protecting KewlDoods anymore? That was a realistic reproduction of a message thread on UOSS. Plenty of oppressed d00ds there to defend, if you haven’t abandoned your d00d-protecting mission.

Owell, I can’t argue that macroing is not useful, but pleeeease 10 people who will never listen to good arguments? If that was a reason to recruit other people to flame for you I would be sending out mass emails pointing people to UOSS, LOA board, CoB, Warhall, the Dev Board, Designer Dragon’s email address, etc. etc. etc.

Besides, you wanted ppl to flame them because they were on a bloody lame rper board. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty weak to ask other ppl to flame a board they don’t know because someone flamed you on it. Waah.

And I still say RPing does not make people gay, but anyone who named himself “Kraven” might have some issues. In fact, he might be a good person for you to discuss things with. Get in touch with those feelings! 8P

After this, Nuker asked me to stop spamming his board and send me Quadre’s ICQ contact info. Like my ICQ list isn’t full enough. 8P Odd that the webmaster of Nuker’s Domain didn’t like me flaming on his forum because I had a problem with one of his posters, who was advocating the same thing be done to another board. Interesting eh? In any case, I’ll be watching my own forum with a hand on the delete key just in case. 8P

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