Muchos gracias to Lum the Mad for providing some positive ID’s on some of our suspects.

This whelp’s identity is as of yet unknown. The youngest-looking of the bunch and known only as “Babyface”, OSI insists that he is not a GM. Possibly a tailor/miner/crack mule for one of the GM’s?

GM Loki, norse god of mischief. Rumored to have recently been thrown out of Asgard for the crime of twinking his friends’ accounts (giving them k3w1 100t). Why did this have to happen before I could find out and blackmail him for some purple vanquishing weapons and a strength of 200?

GM Jakarta. The partially cut-off figure behind her, cowering under the black hat, is GM Ironwill, made famous by the “test center people are useless/Senith sucks” incident in which he vocalized some rather disturbing thoughts about players who use the test center. Forced to apologize by OSI for giving away secret thoughts of the GM world. I have to talk about him because I really don’t know anything about GM Jakarta.

Uh… does anyone really believe he takes calls sometimes as GM Lord British? He really said that. The only times I ever got a hint of this d00d in game was when I heard he was hawking his crappy expansion packs through cellular walls, and an AllNames of “Lord British [invulnerable]”, who must have been at the Nighthawk rally long enough to say “I cannot help thee with that” before logging into a Texas strip bar.

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