After about 3 weeks of relative inactivity in UO, for some reason the Lost Order of Akalabeth has decorated me with the prestigious Ribbon of Roleplaying. It is considered quite an honor, but I can’t help but feel somewhat undeserving of it, since I haven’t done much of anything (except a few walking tours) for 3 weeks, and I consider myself too jaded and disillusioned by the Ultima Online system to be able to really get into my role; Musashi talks more like someone who is commenting on a roleplaying game, rather than a real person, sometimes. (Of course, I talk like this in real life, so perhaps it comes across as being in character.) Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the award… my approach to UO as a non-numbercrunching non-combat freak who lives for absurdity and entertainment and the drudgery of the most boring day job ever imaginable must be working to some extent. (On the other hand, maybe I’m getting an award for my LACK of involvement… 8P)

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