Late as usual, but a quick update for those of you who haven’t been following the main page. Shame on you! Nighthawk got his account restored, although the tower was not replaced. This happened almost immediately after a protest rally was held at Castle British on Baja. A new story has been posted about this event.

A quick comment about the return of the quintessential red player, taken from my forum (which is always this sarcastic):

re: Nighthawk back, millions rejoice
by Man on the street posted 6/12/99 8:48:00 AM

Yeah, dood, it was like I was beginning not to be like afraid and stuff. I mean, like wow! A world without such a dangerous pk? No way man, like it’ll never fly man. Thank god he’s back. I was wondering who would like kick my ass and stuff.

This touching sentiment reflects my own thoughts… uh… kinda. I just like NH. The question is, will people see him now and quickly hit a macro key that says, “Hey, wait a minute, don’t kill me… I was at your unbanning protest!”? And after this happens, will he thank them over their corpses? Actually, this might work the first couple times, until everyone starts doing it and he gets pissed. Be one of the first to get killed by Nighthawk and use a lame excuse, and maybe you’ll get some of your stuff back! (This is not a guarantee.)

Thank god he can still give $ to Origin (NT)
by Max Longstreet posted 6/12/99 3:33:07 PM

Uhh… okay, we’ll have a new protest to make Nighthawk a counselor so his account is free! “Hail, I am counselor Nighthawk.” “SUP IM SUPAKILLA ADN I WNAT 2 PLACE TIHS HOUSE U BETTER DO SOEMTHIGN!!!111″ *You see: a corpse of SUPAKILLA*

Nighthawk will probably be posting more on the story later tonight on Joy of Villainy. For those people who are still wondering why players get on the side of such a dangerous PK, well there’s not much sense in justifying motives, but the fact that so many people turned up, sent in emails to OSI, sent ICQ messages (every time something happened I got about 6 copies of the message from people forwarding it to me), and in general showed their support of Richard Rowe, the player who helped a lot of players and made a lot more laugh but was wronged by Origin, says something that goes beyond the stupid reputation system and murder counts. And if you need further explanation, you probably have been playing way too much UO and need to get back in touch with real life and real people, which is at the core of this event.

Oh, and I supported him because he plugs my site sometimes. 8P

By the way, for those of you who missed the subtlety in the chronicle about the protest: that was NOT tea all over Lancelot’s pants.

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