I have been playing very little UO since I returned from my vacation in August. My time away from compulsive tailoring and running around doing stupid chores for the benefit of others (mostly the guys who loot my house next) has reinforced in my mind how incredibly stupid it all is. I have been in a couple of times, mostly to refresh my house, but have taken a couple of solo walkabouts to see what happens, and besides an occasional wimpy ogre or ettin or some PK’s who are now afraid to attack because of the reputation patch, almost nothing at all happens. In addition, I’m not really making the best use of my digital connection when playing UO, as I CL at least once an hour, and lag is still horrendous even on ISDN.

I’ll give it a little more time, but will not directly tell anyone in-game about my disappointment, or else I’ll be inviting some sort of “let’s cheer up Mu” event or chat which is designed to make me believe that somehow the sense of community is the real reason to play UO, it’s the players that matter, etc. etc. (Of course now someone will read this and it will happen anyway.) This is a valid tactic, and has worked on me before, but after you go through a lot of interesting experiences and belong to several communities throughout your life, it is amazing how easy it is to flow in and out of groups of people, as it should be; you leave a group, maybe keep in touch with one or two people, and move on. Barring this argument, the only reason to stay in UO is that there is no other game like it and it’s revolutionary, which is also true, but this cannot hide the fact that it is buggy, full of idiots, and most importantly, mind-numbingly BORING.

Of course, not everyone in the game is an idiot, and it does have its moments… damn what am I doing, trying to talk myself back into it? We’ll see.

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