I got some interesting feedback from my rant, and heard some interesting stories. In light of the information I got, I am now writing a quiz. There are no prizes at all, except maybe the possibility of me mentioning you on the site somewhere, probably in a derogatory fashion because I couldn’t believe how dumb your answers were. Oh well. Once again, these questions are awfully inside, so most people won’t get them. Those that do, though, will be filled with such maniacal glee and bloodlust that it will be well worth it all.

QUESTION: You are in a party of four people in Deceit on the Atlantic shard. You get attacked by a group of five. Inexplicably, one of your group decides to hide, and you and your two comrades get killed and looted in the ensuing 5 on 3. After the fact, the hider explains why she did it… “Well, there was no way we could win, so it was the smart thing to do.” Who uttered this amazing bit of combat logic?

QUESTION: You are involved in a planned roleplaying event, a battle between two groups where there is no looting allowed, you won’t risk your housekeys, you have all the time in the world to prepare, and basically have absolutely nothing to lose. One of your teammates RUNS AWAY rather than risk no-consequence death. Who is this valiant warrior?

QUESTION: Some newbie gets killed near your guild home, and some idiot from your guild decides it’s time to practice her magery. After watching her fizzle An Corp 6 times, you resurrect the poor guy and give him his stuff so he can keep playing. The GM fizzler yells at you for daring to show her up. Who is this master of the arcane?

QUESTION: You get a desperate call from someone to come help them in Hythloth. You go alone, braving unbelievable danger, and lose a lot of stuff, to find out the person was on some newbie character with no treasure. Later on, you find yourself in battle against bad odds with this person beside you, and she mutters something about the situation being hopeless and walks away, leaving you to your doom. Who is this grateful soul?

BONUS QUESTION: Have you or have you not ever made a secret character for the sole purposes of PKing the answer to all of the questions above?

If you actually know any of these answers, feel free to flame away in my forum. Hopefully I can get some more stories from jaded players to inculde in further versions of this quiz.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, but know someone like our mystery guest, and have a funny story about them which doesn’t require spell and grammar checks to decipher, send it along. My mood is most hateful these days. 8P

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