Note from 3/27/09:  I found a lot of weird stuff while migrating my site to the soulless CPU hogging lands of WordPress.  This was the beginning of a conflict page that never happened against "Bones," a notorious board spammer (much like Fewlio, but smarter and more articulate), linker, and all around fuckwit from the wild west era of teh intarwebz who plagued the Mu boards as well as some others… in this case, Joy of Villainy (long since updated a bunch of times).  It never got finished since Bones would periodically disappear, according to him, beaten by his father/uncle for posting stupid shit on the web.  He was either telling the truth or was a great satirist, though the smart money is on the former. 

Hopefully he’s dead now.  Let this be his memorial.

For the love of God! HELP US PLEASE!!!!!!
by Brules posted 9/9/99 4:46:06 PM

We (The beleagured JoV army) need the Mu Army to mobilize!!!! It is a call to ARMS!!!! We need Deathbot the sniper ready for action! It is an all out assault on the good sense God gave a goose!!!!

The UO world and the internet as a whole is under siege by the likes of an evil fiend so demented he makes the "Mushroom" look like a funny web page!!!

The person known as "Bones" has made an all out assault on every know web page mssg board declaring his utter contempt for good grammer and common sense! Look below for a link to his HORRIBLE web page and samples of his mutilation of the english language!!!

He has assaulted the JoV mssg board:

>and noone cares ur name is bob the clam and that U TAKES IT IN THE ASS

>u replied to ur own GAY msg. and that wasn’t even funny

He has assaulted the McDonaldland mssg Board:

>WHOS YO DADDY? WHY BONES IS SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! txt
by Bones posted 9/9/99 11:06:53 AM

mwhaha, i got my motherfucking website back up, fuck evilsite.. they gonna drop me then fucking host other sites when they lied to me..mwhahah FUCK EM!
Bones’ Hide Out (New URL)

The Mu board could be next!!!!!!

If you think you have the fortitude and the guts….then go look at what he has put up on the WWW. I must warn you though, this is a dangerous mission, as it has been proven that prolonged viewing of his web page will induce a sever state of stupidity and may cause you to talk like an ignorant fukwit from the back woods of Arkansas.

And if you feel you have what it really takes, go take a gander at his web page host’s TOS agreement. Under intense bombardment of utter stupidity bombs I did and I discovered that the Hilter Youth aka "Bones" has violated almost every line of his web hosts TOS agreement! So if you have it in you drop his host an email at (I think this is right)

This evil and ignorance must be stoped at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!

God or Deathbot save us all!!!!!


Bones is the greatest roleplayer of all time!
by Mu posted 9/9/99 6:08:58 PM

He happens to be roleplaying a retard. I’m convinced. Maybe it’s typecasting. 8P

Yes, I still read the board.

J()() 1\3 $t(_)p1\D
by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:41:07 PM

hehe yer a idiot Brules, yo’ too Mu, id nevah use a stoopid program called "dialeckizer" hahaha whut kinda mo’on does yo’ take me fo’? obviously noone likes me an’ i doesn’t care..hahaha

Hey Brules….
by Beau posted 9/9/99 5:39:51 PM

I’ve been trying to lure that fuckwit over here for a long time, but he’s too much of a pussy to show up.

Also, teasing a 15 year old EIGHTH grader who weighs SEVENTY pounds who is on probation for TRUANCY (I swear this is all true, I read it on his ‘about me’ page) is the most unforgivable case of shooting fish in a barrel I’ve ever heard of.

But, I’m feeling nasty so I’m going over to the JoV board. We may not all go over there, but if he shows up around here, he’ll be owned.

mwhaha eat a jelly freshica veisna
by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:08:39 PM

and i thought only yo mamma liked it in the ass? Congrates boyz, this board com-pletes my reigh of terror along with jov and mcdonoldland..mwhahaha btw i fucked ur doggy

Mu may have a point there….
by Beau posted 9/9/99 6:27:26 PM

I am starting to wonder if Bones is REALLY that stupid. Is it possible for anyone to be that retarded and still be able to turn on a computer?

Maybe he uses a program I found on the net called the ‘dialectizer‘. It translates normal text into many dialects, one of them being ‘moron’. Here’s an example, one of my previous posts:

Your Text, Dialectized (moron)

Hey Brules…. by Beau postid 9/9/99 5:39:51 PM I’be been tryigg t’ lure dat fuckwit obeh hehe f’ a long time, uh uh uh, but he’s too much of a pussy t’ show up. Also, teasigg a 15 year old EIGHTH gradeh who webuhighs SEBENTY pounds who is on probashun f’ TRUANCY (I swebuhar dis is all true, uh uh uh, I read it on his ‘bou’ me’ page) is de most unf’gibaggle case of shootigg fish in a barrel I’be ebeh heard of. But, uh, I’m feeligg nasty so I’m goigg obeh t’ de DgoB board. Webuh may not all go obeh dehe, uh uh uh, but if he shows up around hehe, uh uh uh, he’ll be owned.

Hmmm, no that still made more sense than anything he’s ever written. I guess the boy really is as feeble-minded as we thought.

by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:32:25 PM

they got a program on da web to make ur writeing stupid??? dats fukkin kewl dude

by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:11:12 PM

now grab ur ankles for daddy and stop being the gay pathological liars u all are!!!!!

even better
by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:18:57 PM

you snivleing sacs of shit can lick the scrotums off my boot

re: even better
by Human123 posted 9/10/99 5:10:23 PM

Why do you have scrotums on your boots? Step on yourself in the shower, eh? Here’s a hint, it’s good take your clothing off first.

by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:22:56 PM

you illliterate schitofrenic putried sacks of poo poo can eat the green moss at my board, also pull my toe hairs!

OK you can roleplay a retard…
by Mu posted 9/9/99 6:45:01 PM

… now try and roleplay being funny.


re: OK you can roleplay a gay man
by Bones posted 9/9/99 6:47:10 PM

hoody hoo, dis be mah tyme ta kill ya honey..ah own dis board ya digz? ah OWN ya an’ DIS HEER BOARD
MOTHERFUKAZR, don’t make me shank ya!.

U Be Treadin da boss man?!?
by Bones’ 2nd Personallity posted 9/9/99 6:55:56 PM

afta much thought ah came ta da conclusion dat bOneS iz uh genius an’ should be treated as uh litterary genius an’ uh
symbol o’ our future. BoNeS iz one o’ da most intellectually develloped minds o’ da 20th century. ah know ya peeps might
th’o’t ah be sarcastic but ah be NOT!BoNeS art iz "cliche" at first glance but when ya start looking at wiff an abstract
mind ya simply find yourself surrounded by what ah would consider deep an’ meaningfull art.If ah wuz ruler o’ da world an’
da human race would meet fo’ da first tyme wiff an intelligent alien civilization ah would give dem da link ta BoNeS page
at first so dey could git uh bettah understanding o’ da genius dat inhibits us all.His art has depth yet it ain’t too
overwhelming at first but afta uh while ya become lost in his "grandeur".

ah wants ta thank ya BoNeS , yo’ art has opened muh ma fuckin mind an’ ah see reality wiff new peeps , ag’in ah thank
ya BoneS, and git Sheniquah’s ass back ova’ heeah..

by Bones posted 9/9/99 7:32:40 PM


Ya know, I feel wrong for doing this.
by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 9/9/99 8:17:49 PM

But Bones, why oh why do you come past to everyone as a Jackass? Please tell us all. What happen to you? Did you
just smoke to much weed or something? Don’t you have school? Go home and do your homework boy. We don’t want
you here. Besides your just flamebait to these people. I know, I have been there. Come back when you can see over the
dinner table, boy.

*sigh* I need to watch my temper sometimes.

Ohh ya Bones, Your site sucks.

uh oh
by Bones posted 9/9/99 9:25:47 PM

rock on with yo pms’in self, ya ms wanna b a gansta. i did smoke to much chronic, and i can see da dinner table..i can
also see my nutz on yer chin right now..good thing its costing me jack shit right now..cuz ima broke motherfucker

Well time to start.
by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 9/10/99 12:01:19 AM

Now now Bones, we all know that you couldn’t get a girlfriend if you tried. More than likely you would be beat down by
said girl.

As for your post. Its called spelling. Learn it.

That is sexual harrasment and Shayla doesn’t….
by Jason posted 9/9/99 9:42:12 PM

need to put up with that crap!

That’s not very PC Bones.

re: That is sexual harrasment and Shayla does
by Like to take it in the ass posted 9/9/99 9:51:58 PM


Kids, don’t do drugs.
by Shayla Shayla of Atl posted 9/10/99 12:02:50 AM

I winced when I read that.
by Jason posted 9/9/99 10:03:11 PM

Looks like we have a potential South Park character posting.

You know it’s bad when Shayla starts flaming.
by Jason posted 9/9/99 9:22:37 PM

This board is never boring!

At least Bones has nice animated Paint pictures on his site.

For more nice paint made pictures be sure to check out his page.

The only thing nice about Bones’s site…
by Beau posted 9/10/99 3:11:14 AM

Is that it gets shut down on a regular basis. I give his current host 5 days max before they realize they have a true moron
that needs to be kicked on their hands.

At this point I have to summarize events:  Hopefully Bones got killed.

One Response to “Bye Bye Bones”
  1. HAHAHA. That was fucking great., I was looking for some old UO pics of my 2 uo chars from GL and chesa back in 97-98 and i stumble upon this article. I never even saw this before. Man, those were fun times eh?

    Btw, I’m not dead yet and I currently have grown up and run a pret2a uo freeshard, Rebirth Reborn ;)

    - Bones

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