You know something is amiss when the original editor of a game system offers an alternate take on a maneuver that he was not there to edit. He offered this version of the maneuver during some email exchanges a while ago.

Cartwheel Kick (Steve Wieck version)
Power Points: Capoeira, Ninjutsu, Wu Shu 2; Any 3
Prerequisites: Kick OO, Athletics OO
Description: The fighter travels in a series of accelerating cartwheels towards his target, ending with a powerful kick.
System: The attacker must move in a straight line to the enemy. Each hex moved by the attacker adds +1 damage to the final kick.
Cost: 1 willpower
Speed: -1
Damage: +1 per hex travelled
Move: +2

This move is a bit more reasonable… the only problem I see with it is the potential for ridiculous damage modifiers if you have the right abilities and a straight line. Now is when you REALLY want to be the Speed of the Mongoose Ninja with Light Feet, Musical Accompaniment and Athletics 5 (damage +17 for 2 willpower if you can line it up). However, in most cases this will not be a problem… rings don’t tend to be THAT huge, and your average "Cartwheel Kick Guy" is not going to be able to line up such a shot very often.

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