Street Fighter the Storytelling Game

These pages serve as a quick reference work for Street Fighter the Storytelling Game players and gamemasters. All of the maneuvers and styles from all of the books have been categorized and listed together so you know what maneuvers are available to what style at a glance. In addition, all special maneuvers have been categorized and summarized in a series of tables for quick and easy reference, especially for those players who are missing a sourcebook which is being used in his particular campaign.

Notes on the Listings

These lists have taken into account the various discrepancies between maneuvers and styles in the various sourcebooks and tries to pick the more logical choice between various point costs. For instance, Backflip Kick is listed twice at different point costs for Wu Shu in the basic rulebook; the lower point cost is used. Likewise for Drunken Monkey Roll for Kung Fu practicioners.

All maneuvers are from White Wolf sourcebooks except for the Cartwheel Kick (Steve Wieck Version), presented along with the standard Cartwheel Kick.

Abbreviations Used in the Lists

A=Athletics; B=Block; F=Focus; G=Grab; K=Kick; P=Punch

Other Prerequisites
AH=Animal Hybrid; CH=Clan Heritage; E(All)=Elemental (All); EA=Elemental (Air); EE=Elemental (Earth); EF=Elemental (Fire); EW=Elemental (Water); S=Strength

AI=Aikido; BA=Baraqah; BX=Boxing; CA=Capoeira; JJ=Jiu Jitsu; JK=Jeet Kune Do; KA=Kabbaddi; KF=Kung Fu; LD=Ler Drit; LU=Lua; MC=Majestic Crow Kung Fu; NA=Native American Wrestling; NI=Ninjitsu; PA=Pankration; SA=Sanbo; SF=Special Forces; SI=Silat; SK=Shotokan Karate; SN=Spanish Ninjitsu; SV=Savate; SW=Sumo Wrestling; TC=Tai Chi Chuan; TK=Thai Kickboxing; WK=Western Kickboxing; WR=Wrestling; WS=Wu Shu

Other Power Point Classes
AH=Animal Hybrid; E(All)=Elemental (All); EA=Elemental (Air); EE=Elemental (Earth); EF=Elemental (Fire); EW=Elemental (Water)



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