You know, there are just too many things in my life that demand attention right now… new puppy, planning a trip, trying to find out how much my badly written traffic ticket is going to cost without strangling a court clerk… to spend any significant time at all on running for office. When the office being contested is a nonelected position in charge of a bunch of people who are only peripherally aware of the concept of "message boards," daytime soap opera viewing rises above these lofty political ambitions.


An interesting approach to the current Canada West campaign is the implementation of specific and changing victory conditions for each empire. Of course, none of this is automated, as the DV2 server kit can only support washing over neutral space in a horde of numerical superiority, so all of these goals are being manually handled by the server admins. This adds a whole new level of strategic interest to the otherwise droll DV2 experience. It also adds a whole new level of stupidity magnification, as empire communications become an absolute necessity, rather than a mere advantage.

Empire goals can be lost through sheer ignorance, which is probably the base level of matter in the computer gaming universe, being more plentiful than hydrogen. Things become far more difficult when your goals are not specifically supported by the game engine, like, "Defend this point without actually occupying it," or "Do not expand thisaway." Imagine trying to give these orders to a fleet in space without them looking at you funny. Now imagine that your fleet has all their radio receivers tuned to different frequencies and they don’t all speak the same language, and that anyone can join your fleet at any time at all for whatever reason they like, including "I’m bored so I thought I’d check out Canada West." Obviously you need some sort of support structure in place, if only to dissemate goals and discuss events.

You do not need a "race leader."

I am personally disgusted with the idea of the highly structured gaming clan. In my experience, they always lead to something undesirable, generally fractionalization, monstrous egos, personality conflicts, people quitting, and overall incompetance for the sake of a nice looking imaginary command structure. The only "organization" I’ve been in was Dragon Company (Heavy Gear), because the only requirement for membership was that you meet a certain unreasonable standard in playing excellence. Even then, there were problems. In all other cases, large guilds/clans/whatever are just an albatross. Groups that form naturally, out of a sense of mutual respect and having a good time, are usually successful. Leaders/guildmasters/whatever should likewise grow out of the community they are supposed to be directing, not thrust upon them from the outside. But I digress.

Shortly before the start of CW3, BBJones announced that he would need some race leaders to distribute objectives and such. The better-organized races (Klingons and Romulans most notably) got their acts together right away, and had their structures in place at campaign start. This is easier to do when the majority of your race’s players are already part of a cohesive unit. At the opposite end of that scale were the Feds. No organization outside of the UFP Command forum gang and maybe some smaller groups, an overwhelming percentage of newbies who can barely make it through a Data Recovery, much less aim for a strategic goal, and apparently nobody willing to carry the monicker of "race leader," least of all me. That was, until the arrival of jgbaxter.

Nobody really knew who jgbaxter was, but he emailed BB first and thus got the title of Fed leader, whatever that means. In essence, it just means that you distribute the objectives so that people can then go and take care of them. In practice it turned out to be much stranger.

jgbaxter set up a huge array of EZBoard forums, rife with security holes and pop-up ads for the X-10 Webcam, and declared that all empires should go to them, as they were the "official" CW forums or something. On first inspection, ALL of the forums were public, even the private areas. They have now been "protected" with EZBoard’s fantastic security measure of making a generic password. Don’t despair… the Coalition’s forums are still completely public, even if you don’t have an account. Good thing nobody is registered for them, or there might be some sort of problem.

Then the campaign started, and it seemed everyone (who was not on these forums) had their objectives except for the Feds. We waited, and waited, and waited, watching the Klingons and Romulans kick ass while we stuck around doing Shipyard Defenses, hoping this wouldn’t violate some sort of obscure goal. Finally I got impatient and emailed BBJones.

Nobody I know has any idea what they are. Someone said that Tantalus posted them, yet didn’t bother to restate them, on the UFP board. There are no victory conditions on the Fed ezboard.

In all fairness, Tantalus is the leader of the Hydran Kingdoms, not the Fed, which just goes to show how well informed we all were. I didn’t have to wait long for an answer…

Hi Musashi, I hope you don’t mind becoming the new contact for the Federation. jbbaxter has not responded to us since we issued the orders. It is also obvious that he hasn’t posted them anywhere either. So here is a copy of what was mailed to him. Please reply if you either have any questions or wish someone else to take on this task. Thanks!

Goddamnit! I don’t want to be a race leader! I bet this is all Bean’s fault somehow. No matter… I looked over the conditions (which was all I wanted), realized that due to our not getting the data right away we had already FAILED in several cases, chatted with BB about them, and posted them on the UFP board… you know, the one with specific logon security and no net casino popup ads. Then I made the mistake of posting about it on Taldren. Now the fun begins.

posted 08-18-2001 06:01 PM

Please go to UFP Command and register for access to the CW Fed CIC forum immediately. Belated victory conditions have been posted.


posted 08-18-2001 06:37 PM

Belay that.

(Thanks- anyway)

As Fed leader (and finally with the details), head here. Register if you need to. Access to Federation restricted forums will be given out to Federation players via e-mail — my email is

That is all.


And 3 minutes later…

CW- Federation Captains Atten-HUT!
posted 08-18-2001 06:40 PM

As your Fleet Admiral, I have this to say… "The Coalition can not withstand us, they never have!"

"Report to Your Duty Station to receive your orders."


For some reason this is sort of reminding me of the ArticFires campaign, where it seemed the Feds were more interested in roleplaying than applying strategy. How do you like roleplaying a Federation captain being slowly tortured to death by Klingons? And what is this "(and finally with the details)"? I suppose BBJones deliberately witheld the victory conditions to create just this sort of fragmentation. It must be, since jgbaxter had time to write…

(8/18/01 3:21:14 pm)
Re: Hail all from the UFP

Federation Meets HERE.

… long after the conditions were mailed, and long before he posted them. Wait, what’s this…

posted 08-20-2001 11:05 AM

CW should have posted race leaders info, they haven’t, they will. In anycase don’t get insulting, I don’t have the time for that sort of thing.

Mu was given the initial Fed objectives, after me, for the purpose of covering all the bases since I don’t go online Saturdays much at all do to RL.

Do as you wish, you should however be polite.

FYI, the notice of race leaders appointments is here.

Were the objectives sent on time? Late? Why weren’t they posted until after they were posted on UFP? Who’s on first? Sure isn’t the Federation.

In any case, there followed a typical back and forth about the lousiness of EZBoards, the fact that the conditions were late coming out, etc. etc. jg’s stock reply to this was, "But I’m the OFFICIAL head of the Federation!" and "Come to MY board if you want to know what the REAL Federation is doing!" Maybe this is like the "REAL Ghostbusters" cartoon from long ago. Does it matter? Both cartoons sucked.

posted 08-20-2001 09:28 AM

pcdink, you should be aware that Canada West will be using the Official Canada West Forums for it’s purposes. I realize that many empires have their organizations split everywhere, and that’s fine for now, however, we are planning on having everything (except fleets that want their own seperate boards/forums) organized in the Official Canada West Forums by the start of the next campaign.

In any case, as the Federation Fleet Admiral, we have our forums at the Official Canada West Forums, that is my perogative as the race leader, please understand and respect that.

The advertising is being removed as we speak and should disappear any day now, sorry for that inconvenience.

As to your point about it not being broke and why fix it, well the previous system is/was broke, it’s extremely disorganized, that is why we are doing this.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

(Yes he linked it 3 times.)

Taking a look at the Official Canada West Forums right now you can see 14 registered members. And I know that a couple of them are Klingon, since I can read their posts on the Official Canada West Forums. It probably doesn’t help that the moderator for every empire’s area on the Official Canada West Forums is… jgbaxter. At least the point about superior organization is probably correct; it seems way easier to organize 14 people when the moderator for every team is the same person.

At this point, the Federation is nigh-hopeless. The Federation consists largely of green pilots without forum access, who swamp the typical server with sheer numbers of fools doing Data Recovery. That doesn’t work here.

posted 08-20-2001 12:31 PM

Originally posted by luckyFed: I am sure you appreciate that.

I do.

quote: I have registered on your forum … there are issues still needing sorting out (My post didn’t appear, security not in place, majority not a member)

Posts are appearing, can’t figure out why yours didn’t. Security is in place now.

As for the majority, I recommend that the Federation players join in PDQ. No offence to any, but I don’t have time to mess around with multiple forums either.

One board for all 8 races, both coalitions and all the CW information you’ll need. Personnaly I like it, and Lincoln is appreciative as well.

I hope everyone understands my situation as well, I’ve been getting more flack than I need when all I’m trying is to make Canada West better, and organize the Federation. Let’s just make the best of things and accept the short-falls we have, and improve on the situation.

P.S. Previous nicks on CW have been, jgbaxter, J Baxter, divine, bait, and fodder. I’ve stuck with J Baxter for the last part of the 2nd campaign, and changed it to J G Baxter for this and future campainges.

To the Romulans (specifically- SPQR Renegade001_; I have a quote you may remember- "Up yer shaft!"

As I write this, Canada West is being reset to fix a number of bugs that plagued it early on… lack of Patrol, changing ship costs, early availability for DN’s and BB’s when they were supposed to be very rare, bad fighter release years, etc. Thus, more mail…

Hi again, It is looking more and more like we will restart tonight.

This will mean a reset of all objectives as well. We will not be giving the Federation any more "non" occupation objectives. It was our intent to control the Federation progress with such objectives but as we are finding out this is becoming to difficult to follow. We did not intend on keeping things that way for long mind you.

Anyways, new objectives will be issued.

We certainly still do have a problem. One we can rectify easily. We have not given jgbaxter authority to act in any official capactiy regarding Canada West apart from relaying objectives. We are very dissatisfied with how that person has performed so far. If you are interested in becoming the new "official" race leader for the Federation for the time being until you can provide a new contact we would be more than happy to "make it so". Please let us know if this will work for you.

If there is any way that the players can come up with something on their own we would much prefer that. We do not want to get involved with effectively removing a player from office. We would rather see an overthrow or a revolt happen all by itself 🙂 We can of course repsect the players wishes in any case.

Lincoln aka BBJones
CWest admin

In all fairness, it was the admins who put him there in the first place. 😛

Anyway, the campaign has started, we don’t have objectives quite yet (probably because I came home late :~/), the Official Canada West Forums are wiped, I still don’t really want to be any sort of official (but it looks like I might be), my puppy is asleep, and the Dungeons & Dragons DVD Wendy rented out of twisted cruelty is still even worse than Phantom Menace. Given the choice of watching it through to the end, a feat I have yet to accomplish, and dealing with the gaming community in some sort of semi-official role, I face quite a dilemma.

That movie’s looking pretty good, though.

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