Mu’s note, 3/20/2009:  The Por Corps was a loose group of Starcraft players formed around a core of us who used to play a lot of 8 hour marathons at Shadwolf’s house, and never ever even thought of playing online until Kel_Riever, our weakest player, single-handedly beat a team of 4 idiots on his first game on  The Por Corps competed in the Deathlands Starcraft League run by Abaddon around early 1999ish, with a very good record until everyone got bored and pretty much quit, leaving [PC]Tigger to form a new Por Corps consisting of weak players, whose sole job it was to annoy everyone else in the league by playing really strangely all the time.  Sadly, there are no records from this halcyon period, but you can imagine what those games were like by reading [PC]Tigger’s endgame treatise.

This is the home of the Por Corps, a team drummed up by Musashi for the Deathlands Starcraft League at the behest of Azrael.  This site is utterly useless right now, as I haven’t had time to even train the team, let alone work on some ridiculous website, but I’m publishing it now in its unfinished state, since every harebrained online gaming group needs a website to feel validated.

The point of the Por Corps is mainly to try and play StarCraft better, in a manner which is interesting and tactically sound, as well as trying dumbass tricks once in a while.

Roster (plus Tigger’s Tactical Analysis!)


Quote:  "Wait, I can’t attack yet… 24 carriers might lose…"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  early build, late game unit coordination, overall strategy; Weaknesses:  is completely craven



Quote:  "You know, the fact that Dark Reign is a richer tactical game explains why I suck…"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  ruthless attacker, good build, unit control; Weaknesses:  builds vultures



Quote:  "Uus Jux An Ex Por Vas Ort Flam Corp Por Corp Por U Suk"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  classic zerg rushmaster; Weaknesses:  has never been in a game longer than 30 minutes


Kel Riever

Quote:  "I can’t beat the dice."

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  all he does is build shitloads of marines; Weaknesses:  all he does is build shitloads of marines



Quote:  "You know, Baldur’s Gate has a lot of promise…"



Quote:  "Yeah baby, level 3 air upgrades… now I just need to build some air units…"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  good unit control and tactical coordination, always gets upgrades; Weaknesses:  can be beaten by people who build units instead of useless buildings



Quote:  "This map sucks."

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  strip mining, has the six starport build down cold; Weaknesses:  genuinely annoyed that he must build lesser units early in the game



Quote:  "All defilers and queens… I’m telling you it can work!"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  knows how to build zealots; Weaknesses:  controls units like he has multiple sclerosis



Quote:  "It’s just like Starship Troopers… and I’M REALLY THERE!"

Tigger’s Tactical Analysis:  Strengths:  administrative abilities, knowledge of league rules; Weaknesses:  his game



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