PC] attacks Dark Legion Syndicate at
[PC]Musashi/Protoss and [PC]Ni’Vek/Protoss vs GoDsLaYeR/Terrans and OttO/Zerg
Result:  VICTORY

With so many allies close to home, Por Corps has to really stretch to find someone to attack.  We conjured up this stupid plan a while ago, to gain footholds in various territories, winding up with an empire which was totally spread out and indefensible.  Neat huh?  8P

Dark Legion Syndicate had a number of worlds which were in a spot we needed to maintain our supply lines while heading for our ultimate target (which may not be there by the time we arrive… doh).  Our plan was to take a couple of these worlds and use it as a staging area from which to conduct further senseless aggression in the surrounding sectors.  Basically, my team was bugging me to play more.  (Nice that we got lots of fights and yet somehow they were all awol at the time.  Demotion city here we come!)

Our first scheduled time to fight with the DLS was a wash because Bnet was so incredibly screwy that it was almost impossible for me to maintain a connection, and most of the early game looked like this before I disconnected.  Here Ni’Vek is about to desperately hold against a double ling rush, which he probably could have done at great expense, while I was laggily trying to get my forces over to kill an unprotected enemy.  We all reconvened in chat and decided to try later.

Later that night, we decided to try again, after some interesting chat with GoDsLaYeR and OttO and MrJag of DLS.  It’s nice to just sit in a room and BS with people about drinking, martial arts, and how much school sucks (sucked) instead of all the bullshit posturing people seem to feel compelled to do in league chats.  It also seemed from the conversation that some of the team members were in the same apartment or something, definitely a good advantage in a team game, but hardly worth the trouble of anyone putting up with me in the same room.

When the game was finally convened against GoDsLaYeR and MrJag, they hosted, and of course set speed to Fastest.  WHAT THE HELL IS WITH SPEED FASTEST?  Naturally I whined about this, since Deathlands standard is actually Normal.  All I wanted was Faster, but hell no… GoDsLaYeR said he hated "ladder speeds".  (Having not played on a ladder I wouldn’t know.)
I could have whined to the admins about it, but what the hell… I was amazed the game was happening at all, and I guess you gotta play Fastest sometime (well no you don’t, but it makes you feel young or something).  Luckily for me I had been drinking so much and the lag was so bad that it didn’t seem all that unbelievably fast… it threw me a little, but what the hell.

In this game, the enemy was far more defensive, maybe seeing that Ni’Vek was strong enough to deal with a dual ling rush in the opening.  Scouting, I first found MrJag in the lower left Sunken Colony City, probably teching with early gas for mutas, and then GoDsLaYeR upper left with one bunker completed and another on the way.  We attacked GoDsLaYeR right away, figuring (correctly) that MrJag would have been spending all his time on sunkens and technology and wouldn’t be able to help out much.  It was ugly, and before long the airshow of flying buildings was heading east looking for high ground.  After standing there like dumbasses for a second, Ni’Vek and I just took our leftovers and ran for MrJag, not really expecting to kill him, just slow him a bit and make him think.  Losses were moderate, and I sent more suicide troops over as I started researching a little.  The best I felt in this game was when 3 mutas flew into my un-cannoned base with 3 dragoons just about done, watching them fire once, then seeing that MrJag had been eliminated.  (Damn Ni’Vek was sending me his goons, which he was faster with… and he had a scout!  Bastich.)

The process of scouring the map for GoDsLaYeR was under way.  I did some waypoint patrols with zealots and found a couple of buildings which didn’t quite make it, but soon it was obvious he was hiding out on a couple of plateaus.  I started putting some zealots in a shuttle real fast as I started to build an expansion… hey why not?  Also I started building scouts and getting some research done for a carrier, mostly because I despised the fact that Ni’Vek was once again ahead of me in technology.

My goons were on their way to surround and pin his plateaus when they came across a few stray buildings.  After this, they pinned one small strip mine I found while the shuttle managed to drop off 3 out of 4 zealots before it was lost to missile towers.  3 was enough… the plateau was so small there was barely room for defensive troops there, even if he had time to build them.

After this, there was one base left, surrounded by missile towers.  Stupidly I was trying to build carriers to take it out at range, when Ni’Vek did what I should have done all along… pin with goons, then spot with a scout to destroy missile towers, then land some zealots up there.  Bah.  I’ll stop sucking eventually.

Nooooo… my carriers were ALMOST OUT!  What a coup it would be, to actually use a CARRIER in a league game!  Ni’vek gets demoted even further for spoiling my plans.  8P

GoDsLaYeR was pretty much finished, but he stuck it out until the end.  That’s moxy.  At least he wasn’t just flying a useless building around to prolong the game… he was actually trying to rebuild.

Ni’Vek was amazed I actually spent more resources while doing less.  8P  I blew a lot on useless photons, hella technology, and those damn carriers, plus an expansion.

Unfortunately, GoDsLaYeR wasn’t as chatty when I got back into channel.  There were a lot of looooong pauses between some of these chat lines.  Oh well… it’s understandable I suppose.  I would review strategy by voice if I was in the same room as my teammate, though I’d be more likely to harangue him about some insignifigant flaw like I do with Tigger.

Once again my plans were foiled when I got to the league page… the closest DLS worlds were already engaged in combat!  Bah… I launched a totally unnecessary attack on the Zodiac 12 from our new acquisition, which was ironic since Zodiac 12 had offered us a treaty the day before, but my damn team members just want to attack.  Sigh… on a positive note, the attacking vessel PCSS Uus Jux found that this latest action placed us into close proximity of the Higher Power, which had placed an attack on one of our home colonies, and so a counter was placed immediately.

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