[PC] attacks Protoss Empire at Mendip, 1/21/99
[PC]Musashi/Protoss and [PC]Ni’Vek/Protoss vs -spec4-PE-/Zerg and GNG-Kosh/Terrans
Result:  VICTORY

In a game move which is probably the stupidest undertaken, Por Corps sent one of their ships, the PCSS Vas Ort Flam, all the way out to freakin’ Addicted territory more than a week ago.  Why?  Because the Protoss Empire had attacked us through our ally (match 3), and with no level 2 allies of our own, I thought it would be funny to send a ship all the way over and suddenly attack them without warning!  It was so stupid it just might work…

Of course, during the time it took to bring the ship over there, the Protoss Empire had been getting beaten pretty severely, and we showed up through a haze of pot smoke emanating from the Addicted’s occupying forces and managed to attack a planet belonging to the PE, Mendip.  Our goal was to secure the planet and use it as a staging area for further attacks.

The morale of the PE after so many defeats was really showing at this point… it seemed that spec4 was the only team member on top of things, and as usualy was the only PE in channel at match time.  He ducked out for a bit to find a wingman, and eventually Kosh of the GNG agreed to team with him.  We ducked into Lost Civilization, and spec4 agreed to set it to Faster after I asked him not to play at Fastest.  What is it with Fastest?  Obviously not many commanders have had the pleasure of grinding out a four and a half hour game with total sadists, like most of us have.

It occurred to me before the match that maybe this map should be played with map settings, which lends itself to a logical layout, but oh well… naturally, we wound up with me in the upper left, Ni’Vek in the lower right, and spec4 and Kosh upper right and lower left respectively, so it was basically 2 1 on 1 games simultaneously.

I thought something was messed up with my build when I seemed to have more minerals than I should have at my first gateway, and maybe I was right, because spec4 hit me with a ling rush before I had one zealot.  Fortunately, that zealot came out quickly, followed by another, and between them and all my workers I was able to fend off the attack with minimal losses.  After the lings were dead I powered over to his base, where I ran into some sunkens surprisingly (thought he would be weaker after an early rush like that).  I had no clue what was going on with Ni’Vek except I saw a lot of his color heading for the terran corner, and sometime after that Kosh left the game.  When I looked I saw no marines and a bunch of zealots destroying everything.  Apparently Kosh was trying the hit and run with the zealots, something which doesn’t work very well with porky unbunkered marines.

Lag really sucked this night (like most of the time on Bnet… grr) and spec4 was getting the worst of it.  I’d look that the "Drop Players" button for about 10 seconds occasionally, then things would move again, etc.  Here you can see the stupidity of Lost Civilization without map settings… I’m just piecemealing my units over, keeping the pressure up, no concentrated power at all, just constant pressure.  Ni’Vek was living in the red base at this point, but was also piecemealing reinforcements over.  Bleah.

Kosh had left by this point, and the one sunken and few lings plus workers would be about even with the zealots already there, but the fresh ones would prevent further development.  I was about to go finish that new sunken forming by the geyser… its placement was kinda far from the other one to get any sort of mutual support, but it was probably built much earlier.

Ni’Vek was having a party compared to me and my damaged economy.  spec4 was actually doing much better than this display seems to indicate; he used what forces he had in a deliberate and concentrated manner.

Argh… I don’t know what it is about destroying sunken colonies and getting no credit for it… the game probably still thinks of zerg buildings as drones… but I get tired of trying to explain it every time I look at scores.  8P

This kinda surprised me… I’ve grown accustomed to early gas from the zerg, heading for power hydras or fast mutas.  spec4 must have realized the situation our placement put us in and went for pure zerglings.  The post-1.04 zerg can be easily claimed as the most versatile race, and this makes them hard to play in the opening, since there are so many ways to go.

After the match was reported and I confirmed, I suddenly realized that between the time the attack was placed and it was actually fought, the nearby Protoss Empire worlds had already fallen to The Addicted, and nothing was in range!  Sigh… well there must be some other incredibly badly thought-out thing the Vas Ort Flam can do.

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