[PC] attacks Protoss Empire at Aquitaine, 1/15/99
[PC]Tigger/Protoss and [PC]Kel_Riever/Terrans vs -spec4-PE-/Zerg and -whack-PE-/Protoss
Result:  VICTORY

What to do about the business with the Protoss Empire and the Sons of Aiur?  Bifrost had been defended just how I had hoped… decicively… but the Protoss Empire was halfway across the universe, and we had no level 2 allies to give us the same miraculous access to them as the Sons of Aiur had done for them.  8P  We could always break treaty with the Sons of Aiur, but even if we somehow beat them back to their one homeworld, that’s still an attack platform the Protoss could use free and clear to bombard us.

Fortunately, the problem became part of the solution.  The Protoss Empire had recently used SoA attack points and players to gain control of a planet called Aquitaine a bit to the south.  The Uus Jux was in the area, and quickly it was sent barrelling for the planet, just a little out of its way, to lay siege without breaking a treaty.  spec4 replied to my attack notice right away, claiming they needed the planet for crippled children and orphans or something… I told him they would find adequate shelter and employment on our forced-labor farms, under the caring eyes of automated watchtowers in the middle of our verdant minefields, harvesting bulgur wheat day and night to satisfy the considerable vegan populace of Bifrost, which had suffered crop damage from the PE’s assault on that planet.  8P

Umm… anyway, I was travelling and stuff for this match, and wasn’t planning to play at all, but dialed in on a cheesy laptop to see what was going on.  It looked for a while like I’d have to actually do something, as Kel was nowhere to be found; although spec4 had not found a partner yet, it looked like he would be taking us on 2 on 1, a noble but suicidal gesture.  He eventually managed to find -whack-PE- to wing for him, just about the same time Kel finally made it into channel, whining about weather and cursing bad drivers everywhere.  He would team with Tigger for this match, allowing me to go and try to relax after dealing with Bnet’s terrible performance.

Through second and thirdhand sources I heard that the game on Jewelled River went like this:  Tigger again had an awesome zealot build, and Kel was doing mad marines, but both were hampered in the early game by some probing attacks which took away a little from the work (2 lings in the terran supply line and a few zealots scouting the protoss base).  Tigger, cheesiest unit controller of all time, seemed a little flustered by this and although he kept up his insane build, his unit control was lacking.  No one heard a thing from Kel until an ungodly number of marines came pouring down into the protoss base (whack) with some zealots, destroying industry and putting them on a defensive they would never rebound from, despite terrible targeting and movement control by Tigger.  8P  spec4 was making a decent number of hydras, but they were not enough to stop the constant onslaught from Por Corps, and whack fell with honor.

spec4 took a chance and went for an expansion while getting ready for the assault… waves of marines and badly controlled zealots crashed over and over again into rows of sunken colonies backed by hydralisks, an amazing defense that took down hella troops, but attrition was against him.  When the expansion was found and destroyed, there was really not much hope for him, and he resigned after some more bitter defense, some of which can be seen here.

As you can see, spec4 was doing pretty well, but it was only a matter of time and energy, and he knew it.  Had Tigger and Kel gone for more tech, it would have been more efficient perhaps, but that would have afforded spec some time to regroup, strip mine and counter with something sick; it was better to keep him off balance and cornered.  Maybe.  8P

Even after figuring how many kills were on workers and how many were drones-turned-buildings, the PE team didn’t do that badly.  spec4 built an amazing number of hydralisks given his time and combat pressure, and his solid defense chewed up a ton of the enemy.

Ah those good old Bnet structure totals, reliable as always.  8P

Hmm… can anyone guess what Tigger was making?  I think both of them got into some weird head after being attacked very early and just became sorta primordial about their tactical approach, as opposed to freaky tech styling..  At least you can see that Kel evolved a bit.  8P

As a result of his cheesy unit control and reliance on the silliest tacs ever, I am demoting [PC]Tigger from whatever-position-he-might-think-he-holds to whatever-is-below-it.  Kel did a pretty outstanding job here, but because he was 5 minutes late and almost made me play the match on a POS laptop in his place, I now have an excuse to demote him too.  Por Corps… the unit where you get penalized even when you win.  8P

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