Match 3:  Protoss Empire attacks [PC] at Bifrost, 1/13/99
loser_baby-SoA/Protoss and Shrike -PE-/Terrans vs [PC]Musashi/Protoss and [PC]Tigger/Protoss
Result:  VICTORY

The Protoss Empire had, at one point, sent us a treaty proposal, as many teams did with many other teams.  Due to some sort of bug, I was never able to accept the proposition.  This went on for a week or 2, and then suddenly I get the message that the Protoss Empire is attacking the Por Corps planet of Bifrost, using the Sons of Aiur planet Fenris as a staging point!  The worst thing about this was that the Sons of Aiur were presumably allies of the Por Corps, but through some chicanery had become a level 2 ally with the Protoss Empire, and, according to the PE page, essentially a staging point for Protoss Empire attacks.  This sucks… the Por Corps is technically unable to counterattack the Protoss Empire, since their planets are far, far away, and the best we might hope to do would be to break treaty with the Sons of Aiur and start attacking their planets… a plan which loser_baby, leader of the Sons of Aiur, didn’t seem to eager about.  It would, however, give our antsy and violent players something to do.  8P

It seemed uncertain as to whether or not the attack would go through, but just in case we were hanging around the Deathlands channel Wednesday night to see who would show up.  Spec4, field commander for the PE, did show and assigned as our enemies Killer Shrike and… loser_baby of the SoA.  I fielded myself and the inconsistent Tigger for the Por Corps.  8P

Tigger started in the lower left of Cyclone, me in the lower right, both Toss.  The thing about cyclone is… well, it’s a rush map, pure and simple, so we were both using our new build for mass zealots.  It was sad… we were actually clicking back and forth between our bases to see who was ahead of the other.  8P  Early scouting showed loser_baby as the Protoss in the upper right and Shrike in the upper left with the terrans.

There’s not much really to tell about the match… we just charged straight for loser_baby, correctly assuming that Shrike might be going for security first and attack second, and so might be less than able to help out.  loser_baby’s build looked just a tad slower than the one we were using, with one or two early goons fresh out of the gates, but before too long his forces were gone, his gateways destroyed, and his peons slaughtered.  While I was doing this dirty work Tigger was running interference, which turned out to be quite valuable as it looked like Shrike had emptied some of his bunkers and was trying a counter-offensive on one of us that never made it.  Meanwhile, fresh troops were a-pumping, and I started to go for goons.

The fight at Shrike’s base wasn’t pretty; it looked like he had about 4 kinda spaced-out bunkers, not all of them filled.  The buildings atrted to lift off a little before my goons got there and make it into the shadows.  While working towards the expansion I thought he might be most likely to take, I came across about 7 pylons loser_baby had placed inside the terran base.  8P  We ran into a couple of siege tanks at one point, but it soon became apparent that whenever he would decide to set down his command center, it would be swarmed by zealots, and he graciously resigned as my incredibly stupid dragoons were trying to figure out how to get to the flying building.

The scene at the resignation.  Strangely, I have been in a lot of games where the defeated Terran player will just sit around forever with a burning building, flying it away from the enemy, in some sort of insane hope that maybe the enemy will lose connection and they can claim a win or something.  Thankfully Shrike was more honorable than this, and although he was playing for position for a while, did not drag this out any longer than needed.  You can see a few spots on the minimap where my paranoid observers are still waltzing around, looking for some secret super-base that may have escaped our notice.

Tigger suffered a bit in the structures ratings as he was running the blockade while I was finishing the Protoss base.

War can be ugly.

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