Match 2:  [PC] attacks Roughnecks at Samhadi, 1/12/99
[PC]Musashi/Protoss and [PC]Shadwolf/Terrans vs Blue-RN and Tom-RN (Protoss/Terrans)
Result:  DEFEAT

Our second match vs the Roughnecks was on their planet of Samhadi.  Blue and Tom were up for the Roughnecks again, while new PC dude Shadwolf was on my wing… or he was until it got chopped off by the excellent RN attack.  8P

The map was Diablo, again at speed Faster.  Shad was the Terrans, I the wussy Protoss again.  Shad started in the upper right, me at the bottom, with the RN protoss and terrans on the upper and middle left; middle right was clear.

We made a tactical mistake when checking this map out; as it was huge and had a lot of plateaus, I was prepared mentally for a long game, and was looking to snag some expansions right away.  Tom and Blue had by far the better recon, and figured out where both of us were.  Their initial probing attack at me consisted of about a wing of marines and 6 zealots, which tangled with my zealots for a bit and retreated; I stupidly let them go, built some more zealots, and started to go for some tech (forge/cyber) while Shad sent some marines to help me reinforce.  I should have gone 3 gates at that point, as their next assault consisted of about 12 zealots and what looked like 4 wings of marines, tearing through my lousy defenses.  Most of Shad’s reinforcements didn’t make it, as they got ambushed on the way by the ones blockading his base.  8P  I watched my poor buildings crumble while sending some desperate tac advice to Shad, who had gone for more barracks instead of a factory to try and reinforce me; the tanks would have helped him a little, as he could have shelled them at their waypoint outside his choke.  Shad was killed summarily a few minutes after I was.

I learned a lot of things this match, but the most important thing was that YOU CAN ONLY GET 100 SCREENSHOTS IN STARCRAFT BEFORE IT STOPS TAKING THEM.  Argh… I really wanted a shot of my refinery being cut down, putting me out of the game.  Sigh…

After this match Yoda (leader of RN) and I came to a treaty.  We both control territories bordering on each other, and although they are good enemies and fun to play against, we figured our talents would be better served elsewhere for the moment.. theirs in attacking other targets, ours in trying to not suck someday.  8P

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