Out of sheer boredom, I once again consulted the Starcraft Channel to find a commander or two I could engage in a quick conflict with.  I simply wanted to test my ability to quickly deploy units and so I entered a conflict with a creative title, called, "3v2comp."  Knowing that my allies would, no doubt, quickly find a way to finish off our opponents, I wanted to see how quickly I could have my forces construct buildings for combat units. 

Regretfully, when the shenanigans kicked off, I was thrown into a battle in which my command center was surrounded by wildlife.  There was so much wildlife, in fact, that one could not build a single edifice without clearing away a veritable hoard of idiot animals which constantly wandered about the land, bumping into objects and causing one of the most incredible annoyances I have ever experienced in my encounters. 

"See, this is animal rich," one of my intelligent allies perkily cheered across the chat, "You have to clear the animals away to build!"   My other intelligent ally exclaimed, "oh…," and my first companion responded, "heheheh."  Of course, to my amazing surprise, both of my allies were commanding zerg.  My first ally spoke again, "As soon as I control some zerglings I should control the board!" 

This was such an amazing statement, I felt my hand suddenly reaching to order my units to attack my allies.  Of course, since the entire board was filled with these idiot animals, I realized it would just take more time than it was worth.  It was clear to me that my companions were enjoying themselves.  I might have too, if only I were three years old.  *Sigh* 

Theme note for Log:  Still looking for signs on Battlenet for commanders who do not suck.

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