As ordered we made landing on Aquitaine last night. Our ground forces encountered only nominal resistance and victory was easily achieved. Unfortunately I am left in the awkward position of evaluating the performance of commander Tigger. While our objectives were achieved and he has earned some esteem for his actions, I cannot in good conscience commend his performance.

Commander Tigger’s gross mismanagement of the troops under his command would be almost comical if not for the 62 lives that were lost in these ill concieved attacks. At no time were standard protocols enforced and unit discipline was apallingly bad. At one point enemy troops entered our base while our base defense force was patrolling an empty stretch of desert.

During our assault on the primary objective our troops were ordered to ignore enemy defensive emplacements and expected to take out targets of only tertiary importance while under heavy fire from those same emplacements.

While the commander has been hailed for his support of the primary marine assault force, it should be noted that those units that provided support were acting upon their own initiative despite having been ordered to assault other, less strategically important targets.

In summation I must state that the commander’s inability to maintain tactical control of his forces makes him unfit for command and I must recommend that he be reassigned to a staff position, preferably some clerical position where we don’t care if the paperwork gets lost.


Sincerely yours,

Raul Plaier

Captain, PCSS Vas Ort Flam, commanding


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