Roleplay a guy who paid full price for an expansion pack.

I think the first angry letter I ever wrote to a game company was to Microprose after I loaded X-Com Terror From the Deep. Perhaps it’s a universal impossibility to make a decent sequel to a truly great and innovative game… well, maybe not, since I do like Quake II more than Quake I… but man, this is the SAME DAMN GAME as X-Com UFO Defense! Take the old game, swap some palettes out so everything has a vague sorta aqua look to it, and make the weapons suck more so it seems like the game is more difficult, drop it in a box and whammo! Instant sequel!

I suppose you could say this game was enjoyable, and if might be… in exactly the same way that X-Com UFO Defense was enjoyable over a year earlier, and for less money. This game might have been the results of 2 hours of bored tinkering on the part of the developers while the first game was being made. I personally don’t care too much about technical advancements in sequels to great games, as long as the game interface doesn’t become awful and you’re not too far behind the pack, and I do appreciate the need to keep similar elements from game to sequel, but com on! Who the hell did they think they were fooling? It came as no surprise to me, later on, that X-Com Apocalypse and now that brilliant marketing idea X-Com Interceptor totally sucked. I expect no less from the upcoming X-Com first person shooter (yes, you heard right). Way to go Microprose!

Mu rating: 3/10. Oh, I suppose you could really play it if you’re that hard up for X-Com action, but really the original was much better and infinitely replayable.

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