New World Computing/3DO set their sights on ripping off Jagged Alliance. Hire, equip, train, and control packs of mercenaries through uninteresting missions so you can get more money to do it again. I cannot remember the exact year of release now, and cannot look it up, since NWC/3DO have removed all mention of this game from their websites, probably in an effort to save face.

I really liked Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. So much so that my judgment was irrepairably clouded, and I stumbled off to Electronics Boutique to see if there was anything else like it. Fortunately, there was. Unfortunately, it was Wages of War.

For those of you who have played Jagged Alliance, think of all the special, quirky, fun details that make it a great game, and forget them all. This is what you find here. Tedious interface, constant restarts, hours of moving one guy at a time every turn across the field, and nothing to show for it but annoying reports from your accountant, who is always wrong. I can’t even think about this game too long without getting angry. The Wages of War is boredom. The only good thing about this game was the feeling of disbelief I had when I realized that duck quacking sound was really supposed to be a guard dog. Well, no… the other good thing was that EB took the return and I could apply the credit towards a different game.

Mu Rating: 4/10. I did have a limited amount of fun running the little almost-invisible guys around and watching them die for no particular reason. Then someone poured a cold glass of water over my head and showed me the Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games CD, and I returned to the real world.

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