Spend hours and hours making the perfect character and run around pointlessly until your game crashes. Luckily this happens fairly frequently.

At long last, I was reaching the end of the introductory section of my journey. I was about to escape from this horrid and very boring dungeon. The door lay just ahead. I reached for it… and rebooted. Such was my introduction to Daggerfall, and it never got any better. Best moment: had to reboot after staying in a hotel, since I woke up between the bed and the ceiling and couldn’t move.

For some reason, this game won tons of awards, since it was a "roleplaying game" *cough* that allowed players to go way outside a strict storyline. Unfortunately, you couldn’t go very far without crashing.

Positive reviews of this game tended to carry comments along the lines of, "You just don’t like this game because it’s so complex. Go play Quake, I’m rooooleplaying!" Well yes, it is a little complex to pick up a computer game and suddenly have to run DEBUG to try and fix what went wrong this minute. And when you get down to it, Quake is a better roleplaying environment than this.

Mu Rating: 2/10. Well, it is over 600 megs, so it forced me to clean out my hard drive. I had a lot of space after uninstalling this dog. Also, this game was revolutionary in that I learned that Electronics Boutique has a very generous return policy. These plusses save Daggerfall from a 1/10 rating.

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