A really great character generation system. Oh, there’s a game that comes with it, I hear.

18 character classes, a spiffy portrait, and a custom spell system you can tweak for hours to get the ultimate in insta-win game ruining spells. This is the greatest part of Arena. Actually playing the game is a different experience. Hey, this guy says I need to go on a quest to find some object, so that he’ll tell me where the first part of the super duper magic staff is! Then this other guy knows where the second part is, but first I have to… get the drift?

Oh wait, you can also go on side quests, and break into someone’s house. If you break into someone’s house, you will find gold lying around, and goblins on top of tables, and skeletons in the kitchen, and an armored knight walking around upstairs. Don’t feel bad if you kill them… they’ll be back when you run out of the house, turn around, and re-enter. This may lower your reputation, but don’t worry about that either, since before long you’ll get bored and just create a new character again. Wow that character generation is fun!

Rating: 4/10. It was fun to make characters, and the interface helped prepare me for hardcore Quake playing.

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