Sierra, having lost the rights to the Riftwar storyline yet retaining the engine, use it to create a crappy game years later, having updated the technology to make it worse. You roleplay the sucker who bought it.

Why oh why did I ever think this would be any good? 3 years after Betrayal at Krondor, I still had wet dreams about a worthy sequel to it. However, with the Return to Krondor fiasco delaying that title’s release indefinitely, I got bored and picked this up. What a mistake that was.

They went to SVGA instead of VGA, which I suppose would be a technical advancement, except that all of the the characters look like they belong in Prep School Sissy Boys part VII instead of some epic adventure. They sound like it too. What kind of fantasy characters walk around in badly drawn cardigans instead of armor, cloaks, robe… ANYTHING that doesn’t remind me of Mister Rogers?

OK, so maybe the graphic weaknesses shouldn’t be focussed on, I though as I walked around town, gazing in astonishment at the forest of 2D cutout trees that actually became a line when you looked at the from the side. What the fuck is this? All this crappy rendering makes me want to kill something.

Luckily, combat in Betrayal in Antara seems to happen for no reason at all. After a hokey introduction where one of the characters turns out to have magic powers purely by coincidence, he meets a lovely boy who happens to be a prince, also by coincidence. After convincing magic boy’s parents to let him go on a camping holiday, they traipse down the road toward the prince’s hometown, and along the way fight a bunch of things which want to kill them for no reason whatsoever. No explanation is given. The combat system is exactly the same as in Betrayal at Krondor, with one important distinction: the AI was even worse! Once time, after fighting my eight billionth miscellaneous anonymous monster, I just set the AI to run the fight. The two fighter types in the party immediately moved tothe rear of the battlefield and hung around there, while the mage charged forward, getting hit all over the place, and cast blindness until he was out of mana, at which point he started meleeing with his staff while the fighters looked on uselessly. At this point, I discovered the way to win this particular game; uninstall.

Mu Rating: 0/10. Not even any bad game comedy value. Sierra sucks!

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  1. I was a kid when this came out, and I don’t remember it being that horrible. However, I am downloading it for the sense of childish nostalgia and I guess I’ll find out then if nine year old me had any good taste in role playing games or not. Your review from 20 years ago makes me think probably not. However, I’m excited to try it. I’m also excited that I’m able to reply to something from twenty years ago, although I’m not sure whether or not you will see it.

    P.S. I feel old now.

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