Roleplaying adventure through Raymond Feist’s Midkemia, a la Riftwar saga.

This game is currently available for download from Sierra, but true to form, their version has a critical bug and will lock up at the Nalar’s Rib section. Luckily, not everyone sucks as much as Sierra, and version 1.02 is available at Net Combat.

Ah, this brings back memories. Calling in sick to rehearsals to play more BAK, endless back and forth phone calls between myself, Tigger and Jared to try and piece together some mystery, and more fun than I could have imagined from a computer RPG. With a good game engine and fantastic writing, this game really made you want to play it… not to look at the technology, but to play out your part in the story and find out what happens next.

For 1994, the engine seemed pretty sophisticated, especially on my cheesy 386 and rocking VGA monitor. Travel was done in first-person perspective with fully panning views, and you actually had to pay attention, since if your point man was a good enough scout, you could actually see enemies down the road before they ambushed you. Combat switched you into an isometric tile quasi-3d view for turn-based battle, and a combat system which would still be impressive today (if anyone played turn-based). Party management was through intuitive screens, and character development was on a "learn as you use" system similar to Ultima Online.

Story-wise, all of your characters were pregenerated if you will, as they are all from the Riftwar saga. There are a number of scripted interactions and cutscenes which all you to get better ideas of what the characters are like. In a giant conceptual leap from asinine alignment systems and good/evil, the characters are more motivated by political alliances and personal mores than some abstract code of chivalry. I was really impressed by this, and had to watch the scene where your liege is torturing a prisoner for information several times. Then again, I just like that stuff.

Mu Rating: 9/10. How great was this game? If you had played it, you need not ask.

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