Seriously, I just forget things. I’m old. Maybe when I paid the hosting bill I should have remembered to get out of maintenance mode.

What’s worse is that I actually got emails asking me about the site. So… there. I’ll fix the remaining DB issues later.

In the meantime, Wen is way better at poker than I am and owned me on her first ever live cash game. I shall find my testicles again someday. (Reference: Ante Up pokercast, 8/25/11 episode, starting about an hour in. Shame.)

4 Responses to “Whoops”
  1. Jonathan Hamilton says:

    Hey, what a coincidence! I just now came back to see if your site was back up. I’ve checking your site on and off again for several years now. Good to see it back.

    My anti-spam word is “porcorps.” So close to Corp Por!

  2. Wow – I’m only posting because my anti-spam word *is* “CORPPOR”. That’s either uncanny as hell, or the captcha is trolling us.

  3. And now it’s “PORCORPS”. I think the captcha might not be the most robust system out there. 😉

  4. Ah. A few F5’s and the system is understood. Well played Mu, employing the idea that even a modicum of defense will stop 90% of attackers.

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