Well, I’ve had about enough.  I’m killing off the ad block since:

A) I’m not getting links that are funny anymore, just sort of generically pathetic (Click this ad to find out how to use ads to get better ad revenue!)

2) I really don’t feel like waiting for an estimated 2 more years in order to reach the Google Adsense payout point in order for my account to be shut down for no reason by Google, thus effectively giving them $600 in free revenue and a metric fuckton of… well, metrics

SQRT(9)) I never really felt like giving exposure to in-game gold selling sites, if not simultaneously humiliating them

Quads) My sidebar is too long to be convenient even without a stupid ad there

In addition, as Google never replied to my concerns about properly monetizing lesbian scat porn, I have to consider them subpar as far as customer service.  It’s worth eating the hosting fee just to not look at that crap anymore.  😛

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