Oddly enough, no word back on my inquiry on how best to monetize my lesbian scat porn-crazed customer base.  You pervs.  However, the search for relevant ads continues on, as I figure I might have a week or so before some script decides to shut down my account at random.  Because you know, the first rule about Ad Club is, you do NOT talk about ad club.

The Dr Oz Acne Cure

I followed Dr Oz’s Advice and Cured My Acne in 2 Days!
(from Spoilerless Review of the Watchmen Movie)

Sorry to say but it’s probably too late for anyone who liked that movie.

"I Cured My Wrinkles"

Read How a Mom Combined 2 Products To Get Rid of Her Wrinkles Forever!
(from Two Years of Nothing)

Based on the previous LezPoo incident, I’m not sure I really want to know.

Evil Eye & Curse Removal

Holy people can remove the evil eye from you and your loved ones
(from The Genesis of the Three Towns Server in Lua)


Coffee Exposed

A shocking secret coffee co’s don’t want you to know.

Does this secret have anything to do with "brown sticky swallowing action?"  You’re right; I really don’t want to know.

While I can’t actually click on my own ads, I have to admit being sorely tempted by some that seem intelligently-targeted, highbrow, and totally relevant to my interests in balanced and holistic game design as a pure expression of logic.

I don’t even know what this thing is, but I want it.  Why is that?  Must be the earth tones used in the backgrounds to the right, bringing me back to a sort of van Gogh-ish reflective mood, or maybe the castle renderings on the left, reminiscent of Age of Kings.  In any case, I’ll probably make a test account and get back to what I should be doing, which is bitching about games.

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