After finding out that Google Custom Search could return ads for hideous lesbian scat porn if you entered the right terms, I began thinking, Why would this result show up?  According to Adsense, ads are targeted at specific pages based on site content and geography.  I could only conclude that this was in fact a selective targeting of the site, and the readers thereof, slightly disturbing since I estimate that 75% of the hits on the site are just me playing with the random quote generator.  Like any good sponsored blog owner, I began devising plans to turn this strange result to my personal advantage.

I have to assume that because this ad appeared on my site that people who browse through are indeed very interested in hideous lesbian scat porn.  I would also have to think that this is an underserved demographic.  An opportunity!  I am now making plans to replace all site content with nothing but hideous lesbian scat porn, in an innovative reverse-content targeting scheme, using Google’s on-target analysis of the site’s demographic to determine what they want.

Although Google makes it pretty difficult to actually contact a human being for support, I am confident that my innovative use of their product will help me get through to someone who shares my vision.

To Whom it May Concern,

As a Google Adsense customer, I am always looking for new ways to synergize Google’s powerful ad-targeting protocols with my site’s content in order to build a holistic relationship between my readers and my sponsors, thus maximizing my potential revenue streams with attractive value propositions.  It is in this spirit that I request your assistance.

Recently I discovered that my Google Custom Search widget was serving ads for "Lezpoo," indicating that readers of my site are very interested in sapphic coprophagia.  I believe that this is an underserved market segment, and am interested in the partial or total conversion of my domain to hosting this content class.  I would like to know how best to attract advertisers similar to "Lezpoo" to my site.  Is this best done through a combination of site content and meta keywords (cf "Poo," "Poop," "Scat," "Feces," "Fecophilia," "Tubgirl," "Brown Trout," "2 Girls 1 Cup," "Captain’s Log," "Cleveland Steamer," "Chocoloate Grits," "Church of Fudge," "All You Can Eat Tootsie Roll Party," "Double Fudge Soft Serve," "Tawana Brawley," "Make Your Own Play-Doh," "Esse Mein Scheisse," "All Aboard the Hershey Love Boat," and "Scatman Crothers")?

In addition, if in the future this trend starts expanding after I have converted my site to serve this market segment, is it possible to block competetive site address such as "Lezpoo" from my possible search results?  I tried as an experiment blocking "Lezpoo" from the Competetive Ads tab, and it showed up on my next 80 search attempts despite this.  I believe this to be an important function that may not be working as intended, and would be disappointed if I was unable to block other sites hosting pictures of disgusting naked women smearing themselves in stinkspackle, thus hurting my revenue stream.

I look forward to your response on these matters.  I am sure that I can succeed in my new enterprise with Google’s able assistance.

5 Responses to “The Google Ads Experiment Part 2”
  1. Your damn forum won’t let me register. Is there some sort of conspiracy?

  2. Ondaderthad says:

    I read your blog about every few months because I like your sense of humour.
    This time I clicked a couple of the untargeted ads. Hope you enjoy the extra 2 cents.

  3. Sweet, I’m that much closer to having an account disabled by Google for no reason at all! 😛

  4. Lonnus_Maximus says:

    Hmm… considering you are Mu…. and this was posted in April, 09… and you tried Google adds….. I assume you already found out what ‘No reason at all’ means????? 🙂 GLAD YOUR BACK!! Just reading the older stuff first. Should be done up to current by mid-day tomorrow!

    Can’t wait to join you clan in ‘xxxx’ game soon!!!!!!! That will be like OMFGPWN cool!!!!!!!!! (I have drooled over you since about 80% into to Clinton ExPlOsIoN until you stopped talking around when that guy with the shotgun took office after the .com bubble……)
    Still pissed about the faggots who thought Scatter Shot was the END ALL OF END ALL to Calvarly like DAY 1 after it came out. And that you didn’t play 10-6 !!!!
    Bring your bio-phisyics-chemical-whatever the fuck conversations you like to have in General Chat… I’ll get physical (Mental) with you all about the deluge of Medical Certified shit that is in surplus now since Obama is not cracking down on the houses any more!!!!!!!! WORD!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry…. I am drunk and just so glad you are back. Going to bed now and shall read your new exploits in the morning…. and feel like an inferior person….

  5. Actually no I just stopped using them. I found that when I put ads on the site I started paying attention to it, which as we all know is a no-win situation.

    I keep forgetting to try 10-6.

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