Yes, that’s a generic Google Ads block on the sidebar.  No, I don’t expect to actually make anything from it.  Since all my stuff is fairly old, and I don’t tailor posts to hit specific keywords (which would probably be misspelled in any case), and this isn’t a blog about how to make money using Google Ads (or a porn site, which is disturbingly similar), it’s sort of a futile gesture against my hosting costs.  Fortunately, it’s a minimal effort sort of gesture, as Google’s fantastic crawler robots, fresh off the set of the finale of Life on Mars, will naturally tailor served ads to things that are relevant to my site’s content, and I don’t really have to anything else except sit back and wait for a check for 43 cents that will never arrive.

Imagine my surprise at how relevant these ads are!  Consider the following examples.

Do You Know Your Spouse?

Play along with The Newlywed Game! Weeknights 6pm/7c only on GSN.
(from the front page)

While it’s true that I’m a fan of High Stakes Poker, it’s really the only reason I even know that GSN exists.  It’s also never been mentioned on the site.  Wait, until now.  If I could get an ad for HSP that says, "Watch Daniel Negreanu fail to get away from his hand yet again!" that might be cool.  In any case, I do know my spouse, and she can’t believe I’m still dicking around with this site after 10 years.

How I Lost 32 Pounds

I Lost At Least 32 Pounds Using a Crazy Method I Saw!

Was this crazy method perhaps being an oppressed peasant in the time of Wat Tyler’s Rebellion?  In all fairness, I did personally lose over 32 pounds last year.  It took place over 45 days and involved being close to death a lot.  I’ll take fat any day, thank you.

Find Web Design Services

Serious About Web Design Services? Free Quotes-Local & Natl Designers

Might be a subtle hint.  Too bad I’m not allowed to click on my own links.

Wilderness Survival Class

An exciting year of training in nature & wilderness survival skills


Interracial Gay Singles

1.Create A 100% Free Profile Today. 2.Chat With Interracial Singles.

<Jason Booth> French and in the navy: clear cut sign there. ;)… okay, possibly relevant.

I’m particularly upset that I can’t find the "Real Life of Jesus Christ" or "Spiritual Healing through Quantum Something-or-other" ads I saw when the block first went up.  In any case, I’ll leave the block up for a while anyway, if only to scroll through it and find the bizarre correlations that Google Ads makes to the mostly random content on the site before disabling my Google Ads account.  If I find anything particularly weird, I’ll be sure to post it.  If you find anything particularly weird, please ctrl-c or screenshot it.  If I can’t get any money for this, I may as well get some hollow amusement.

Update 4/7/09 11:50PM:  I suppose I do need to implement that "no naughty stuff" filter.

The most beautiful girls ever seen in brown sticky swallowing action!

Update 4/8/09 1:03AM:  As funny as the Google Custom Search bar thingy was when it found irrelevant scat porn, it’s actually worse at searching than the default search box.  Fail.

While it’s gone from the sidebar never to return, I’ll try to post it here so that I can occasionally try to find more references to incredibly disgusting advertisers.  Oh, so can you!


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