After some aeration and blending with a frother and some hot water steeping, time to test. Note: I’ll just update this post with further stuff unless something amazing happens.



Black Remedy

Very nice. Strong, not really quite gelled yet, but complex. It’s more pronounced than most absinthe flavors like Mt. Baker, and stronger than 503 Raven, although it’s missing a hint of clove from the latter. I test dropped 1 drop of clove into a 1.5ml tank for approximately 3% clove and swirled it a bit but if anything the eugenol took something away from the absinthe mix. I may do another test batch with some low-density clove once I get some more test vials. For now this is perfectly vapable and surprising.

Banana Nut Bread 1 (4 Flavors)

I liked this one a lot. Not quite as smooth as Mt. Baker, and a hell of a lot better than some other Banana Nut Breads I’ve tried. The Acetyl Pyrazine is a little too pronounced and can be backed off a bit. Also getting some extra cinnamon notes that I’m not too fond of. Why is that? Well…

Banana Nut Bread 2 (1 Flavor)

… it turns out that the straight Banana Nut Bread mix really doesn’t have a lot of banana flavor for my taste. It’s more of a spice mixture. Cinnamon, allspice, walnut, and faint hints of banana and bread. It sounds like a lot of flavors but it’s surprisingly one-dimensional. It may improve with time, but I think with what I taste in this flavor straight off the bat I can adjust my DIY off-the-cuff recipe to have a little less of this and maybe a little more Ripe Banana, as soon as I get some pipettes that is. I don’t want to waste any more syringes.

Clove RY4 Asian

Not really for me. It’s an RY4 so it may take some time to develop, but at this point it’s very caramel-y with a hint of clove in the background. The RY4 Asian is so sweet it gives me a bit of a sugar headache just thinking about it. I hope it calms down a bit over some additional steep time, or else I’ll have to get a different RY4 variant or some bitters to mute the damn thing.


I am NOT brave enough to try this one yet. It still smells awful. I have a feeling it’s one of those flavors you drop in small proportions in conjunction with a bunch of other flavors I don’t have, and honestly I’m not sure it’s worth it. Tiramisu has chocolate, liqueur, fruit, and coffee, and at least two of those are painful to create a decent vape from. I’ll let it sit. Maybe forever.

I have some time, although I’m running out of 8ml vials, so until I can get to Ax-Man again I’m going to create two mixes that are not for me.

Mix 6: Pina Colada Reference

15% TFA Pina Colada

I don’t like this myself but my wife does, and since the tobacco store is changing suppliers soon she might not be able to get her crappy relabeled FeelLife liquid soon. The stuff smells like her liquid. She gave it a whiff after aeration and commented that it’s missing pineapple, something that is also missing from her liquid. Whatever; I’ll let it steep and see what happens.

Mix 7: Straight Eugenol

7% TFA Clove

I have no idea how this will turn out, but since the RY4 Asian mix was so sweet and I don’t remember that from the few times I smoked clove cigarettes, this may be more correct. This is for a friend of Wen’s that had asked for a clove recommendation.


Based on some threads I’ve read showing chromatography on juices steeped by various methods, I’ve started by aerating as previously described, then making a ghetto sous-vide with a ziploc bag, sucking the air out of it, and dropping it into a water-filled crock maintaining temps between 130 and 155 F. I took all of the mixes so far and put them in for 4 hours. There is some visible change. More later.




Purchased: 20 more 8ml glass vials, a set of small plastic funnels, 2 extra 3ml syringes, and a plastic bottle (that I don’t want) with a glass dropper (that I do) from Ax-Man.

Black Remedy

Still about the same, refreshing and nice. I may do some more experiments with this to turn it into a more punch-you-in-the-face Absinthe, although right now it already has more impact than the MBV and 503 varieties.

Banana Nut Bread 1 (4 Flavors)

Little smoother now, with less bite and sadly a little less banana. Still quite vapable and acceptable.

Banana Nut Bread 2 (1 Flavor)

This one got even more muted, to the point where the banana faded into obscurity and the crumb cake notes came to the foreground.

Clove RY4 Asian

Still quite sweet, although it’s starting to get some of those Kretek notes. Oddly Wendy thought it was more like salad dressing.

Straight Clove

Very drying. I know eugenol is an anaesthetic but I didn’t think it was also a humectant. Wen thought she noted some banana but that may have just been me being cavalier with my coil cleaning. Regardless, I’m going to bag up the remainder of this and the RY4 blend and give them to the clove smoker for a more relevant opinion.

Mix 8: Strawberry Banana

8% TFA Strawberry Ripe

3% TFA Ripe Banana

This smelled great right out of the frother. I tossed a little into a tank and tried it right away. Harsh due to the nic and not blended very well, but vapable. I took the vial and put it in a hot rice bath since the crock was occupied and had to pick up Wen; she said it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t very well blended, with banana predominant. Oddly I thought the strawberry was predominant. When I got home the color had changed to a nice golden, the harshness had mellowed, and both of us noticed the flavors merged a bit better. I liked it so much I went through almost the whole 8ml vial, so I’ll create another.

Mix 9: Strawberry Banana 2

7% TFA Strawberry Ripe

3% TFA Ripe Banana

I’ll mix this one up and steep it quickly and try it tomorrow. I seem to be a bit of a banana whore and should have ordered a second vial. 

Mix 10: Banana Nut Bread 3

5% TFA Banana Nut Bread

6% TFA Ripe Banana

0.5% Acetyl Pyrazine

Time will tell.

Mix 11: Caramel Cappucino 1

0.5% TFA Caramel Cappucino

Mix 12: Vanilla Caramel Cappucino

0.5% TFA Caramel Cappucino

5% TFA Vanilla Swirl


2 Responses to “DIY E-Liquid Log Part 3: Taste Testing”
  1. On strawberry banana I might be heavy on flavor I tried
    8% TFA strawberry ripe
    4% TFA banana ripe
    2% TFA vanilla custard
    3mg nic 85/15
    I enjoy it…my best shot at Neptune’s Nectar

  2. How’d the coffee one turn out?

    The cpatcha was u4cm lol

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