This Chat Sucks! (Jesse Kurlancheek/Jason Booth)


Jesse "Nei" Kurlancheek
n00b Developer
Turbine Games
To protect the world from endless lagging
To include all people within our ragging
To denounce the evils of rants and flames
To extend our reach to bitch-slap the lame
Team Turbine 
Blasting off at the speed of light
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Jason Booth
Lead Technical Artist
Turbine Games

Meowth… u suk!!!11

This Chat Sucks



Unedited Introductions Suck

Session Start: Mon Apr 24 18:04:37 2000
*** Now talking in #lewt
#lewt created on Mon Apr 24 19:00:15
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* nei|notathome pokes mu
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<Pkiller> phatty..
<nei|notathome> damn, a pk!!
<Pkiller> twack..
<nei|notathome> bitchass, i have my matty robe on, don’t step
<nei|notathome> shoot me with a spell or somethin
<Pkiller> yeah, well I got my nexus armor on with impen6, thhhhhwwwwack…
<nei|notathome> bampf!
<Pkiller> I’m l33t, don’t mess with me!
<nei|notathome> mu mu mu
<Pkiller> *kojack matlock*
<nei|notathome> mu mu mu where are u
<nei|notathome> want 2 chat
<Pkiller> he’s got somewhere to go now..
<nei|notathome> no chat 4 u
<Pkiller> he’s playing EQ..
<nei|notathome> and he wants to talk to us?
<Pkiller> camping for jboots..
<nei|notathome> haha
<Mu-AFK> la la la
<Mu-AFK> i suk
*** Mu-AFK is now known as Mu
<Pkiller> get you jboots, camper?
<Mu> ill just buy them on eBay 😛
<Mu> camping = the key to an enjoyable gaming experience
<Pkiller> l33+
<nei|notathome> so kynn says you’re gonna be mean to jason, so i tagged along
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<Mu> Kynn eh
<Mu> That fewl now regrets selling his account and is a level 12 on leafcull, bemoaning his lost glory 😛
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<Mu> He also accidentally formatted the drive that held his site files la la la
*** Mu sets mode: +o assbuster
*** Mu sets mode: +o nei
<nei> ssh, that’s a secret
<assbuster> OH yeah, I’m +o – feel the power!
<Mu> What that he’s a fewl?  😛
<assbuster> I’m l33t now!
<nei> assbuster?
<Mu> This is so you can do mean things to people who come in here and spam porn since I suck at IRC commands
*** assbuster is now known as neibuster
<nei> i’m am an irc masta
<nei> i rule with an iron fist in #a-c
<Mu> This is what you do all day… hang out in IRC and use +o commands?  😛
<nei> yes, quite.
<Mu> Most excellent
<nei> nerfing people can only hype my ego so much
<neibuster> he likes to rub his tounge around the edge of the o..
<nei> nummy!
<Mu> RIM Unknown command
<Mu> damn I can’t do it
<nei> this irc server is lame.
<neibuster> no /rim command?
<Mu> Negative, maybe I have a lousy client
<Mu> You know with 2 devs in here I can be even lazier… just post a meaningless question and go play some StarCraft while you both answer and then flame each other
<nei> i’m sweetness and light, it says so on my hand.
<Mu> Your hand just sweet talk you for all the action you give it 😛
<neibuster> or we could just gang up on your in starcraft and steal your ph/\+ |3w+
<nei> i suck at SC
<Mu> My templars all have 300 war and WoBF’s on all 9 hotkeys
<Mu> The ultimate in tactical play
<nei> that all you got?
<Mu> Yeah well, you know you wind up getting more black rocks camping the crater than you do white gems actually fighting stuff
<nei> i camp the tuskers and kill the virindi as an incidental
<Mu> Where, the wailing wall?  😛
* Mu leads a tusker around the corner
<nei> nah, down deep, past the door




The Office Sucks

<Mu> So here’s the big question about AC development that everyone really wants answered…

Who actually came up with the idea for the sex game?

<Jason Booth> I *might* have been the first one to say it, but certainly not the only one to think it..

<Nei> Jason did it, the spry lil devil.

<Mu> So Tegehel is a blatant plagiarist?  You hate him, don’t you?

<Jason Booth> Yes.  With every bone in my body.  I think I’ll go dump something on his head now, one moment…

<Nei> He’s lying, he’s still at his desk

<Jason Booth> Liar!

<Mu> If Teg goes to market with Pokemuff will you sue for publishing points?

<Jason Booth> Pokemuff?  Nah, it’s all about Pokesheep… hmm. I wonder what a sexMMP would really be like.  Camping for panties?

<Mu> You guys have been in the friggin closet of an office too long.

<Nei> Do we even have any closets?

<Jason Booth> It’s gotten worse since you were here.. At least I’m getting exercise now though, it’s a fuckin mile between me and everything I need to do.

<Nei> We could just bore a hole straight to the gfx room.

<Mu> Ah office expanded or did they farm out some space at some remote impersonal industrial complex?

<Nei> They expanded by putting more people in my room – and then covering the windows with cardboard.

<Jason Booth> Well, we decided the old office was too efficient, made everyone move their desks around, and re-arranged the office into a big twisty S shape with everyone at opposing ends of the S.

I’ve moved 5 times so far inside this office, and next week I’m taking Nei’s spot..

<Nei> My spot? !

<Jason Booth> Yes, get out you camper!

<Nei> I’m making a bunker in my new location.  Is Toby’s camo cloth still around?

<Jason Booth> A mace of flame… Is that something the fan base uses on us?

<Mu> Blunt, flame, useless because it uses melee, seems about right.  😛

<Nei> Yo yo, my staff owns. hit those olthoi helm’d folk in the head.

Take a few war VI’s to the face to complete my day.

<Mu> So how was it you started working for Turbine?  Did they kidnap you at a job fair too?

<Jason Booth> No, I answered an ad on the internet looking for someone who knew 3d packages. I met up with the founders in thier basement, moved in my computer, and slept under my desk that night.

<Nei> Nepotism. Turbine and I go way back, like… um… before Diablo 1 came out, a friend of mine who worked here said: “Diablo is multiplayer?! booring… what we do is going to rock your little world.” So then he put me in the preview 2 and betas, and I became too entrenched in the silly world. This past summer, during beta, after endless drudge killing, roomate comes in:  “Um, Jesse, why don’t you go work for them?” Me: “uhh… yeah, maybe I should.” So then plop here I am.

* Nei patiently waits for the ride call.

<Mu> Carpool?

<Nei> Oh wait, I don’t have a phone. nm.

It’d be a pool if i had a car, as it is, I’m a ride mooch

<Mu> No phone either… they really have you guys shackled in a cave.

<Nei> But I move soon, and Jason takes my place and then he won’t get a phone!  Hah!

<Mu> I think they’re moving you around to keep you off-balance.  Probably also feeding you low nutrition high-starch food to make you more mentally pliable.

<Nei> Is that what all the peanuts I eat do?

I’ll just move along, there don’t seem to be any droids here.

<Mu> Soon you’ll shave your head and wave a tambourine around like a Hare Krishna.

<Nei> That’ll spice up the office.



Users Suck

<Mu> Hurm, Jason’s recent posts to CoD… what do they mean?  Are you going to stop reading message boards like any sane person?  Will you grit your teeth and wade through the mass of flames to see what the player base is thinking?  Or will you just go on a killing spree?

* Mu votes for (C)

<Jason Booth> The latter would definately be the prefered method.

<Nei> Just give me 10 seconds warning – "Jesse, I’m about to pull out the gun" will be fine.

<Mu> You know it won’t get any better.  Most posts to any game changes will be whiny and silly, with one or two snivelling yes-men offering useless praise your way.

<Jason Booth> And such is the way of life, unfortunately… People have no perspective on anything.

<Nei> We can’t touch a thing since the untouched scream… and then the touched scream back… and the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around.

<Jason Booth> Yeah, everything the fan base says basicaly boils down to "Don’t bust your ass trying to make the game better, save yourselves the time and money and instead sit on your ass all day! We’ll complain less and won’t have to think up new things to complain about!"

<Mu> Does it make you want to stop offering events and the like and just give people a static monster killing arena?  Worked for uh those other games you know *cough*

<Nei> God no, I’d get bored.

<Mu> It would give you more time to walk around invisibly and spawn hordes of critters on unsuspecting webmasters though.

<Jason Booth> Come now, if we did that people would complain that you have to have a web site to be abused by us.

<Mu> True true, though it seems every loser with a WYSIWIG editor has a lame site *cough*

*** Jason Booth is now known as Lum

<Mu> lol

<Nei> bwhaha

*** Lum is now known as Jason Booth

<Nei> Actually, we’re getting mad lovin’ on Lum’s right now.

<Mu> Mostly from Delusion it seems.

<Jason Booth> Yeah, it’s pretty freaky.  The most sane post I’ve seen on the whole thing, and I’m even being praised for being a cruel bastard!

<Nei> There’s a big ol thread going about how people love Jason flaming away.

<Jason Booth> Yeah, it’s funny, people want to talk to the devs and not a marketing puppet, but complain when they don’t get marketing puppet speak..

<Mu> Well it’s because of the precedent… Turbine doesn’t have the reputation for unbelievable downtime and abusive GM’s; if it did, flaming on a message board would be seen in a somewhat less charitable light, i.e. John "Clampdown" Smedley… every nasty thing he says is reviled, because that team has a rep for draconian tactics and the like.

<Jason Booth> Hey, I get enough crap from the internal pressures that be every time I lay down the truth..

<Nei> And i’m a wee one, so i know no truths.

<Mu> Really, lot of go with the flow sort of pressure over there?

<Jason Booth> More like "Don’t upset the user base Jason" BS – but no matter what I say that’s going to happen, so why not say what I feel?

<Mu> Odd, wonder how Teg lasted so long… he must have diplomatic immunity or something.

You know come to think of it Chris hasn’t updated his page in a while, and the last update was so wonderfully pissed off… wonder if he’s cowing to pressure, or just totally jaded with the users by now.

<Nei> I’d guess the latter.

<Jason Booth> Eventually we’ll all be jaded. There’s simply too much pressure for any one dev to withstand.  The users want the anti-Christ to come, it’s what they’re really hoping for.

<Nei> Can i be him?

<Jason Booth> Yes.

<Mu> How long do you think it will be before the devs just withdraw completely from the user base and implement patches without consideration for what they think, spending all their time playing on Shadow World and Unreal Tournament and the like?

<Nei> It’s all CS for me…

<Jason Booth> Depends on how hard the user base pushes on making that reality come true.

<Mu> So why do it, trying to implement interesting plot twists and the like?

<Nei> Cause it makes for interesting betting pools on how long a given quest will take.

<Jason Booth> Yes, big money, big money.

<Nei> Big prizes, i love it!

<Mu> Hmm hard to pick a time to bet on… since 99% of the users see a quest as an excuse for a new phat lewt monster to spawn, and the other 1%, well who the hell knows.

<Nei> It was almost interesting on DT with the nexus, people briefly rallied to defend it.

<Jason Booth> Ah, there’s a few percent in there that get it…

<Mu> Is the current 18-month (rumored) storyline actually mapped out in detail?  Wouldn’t doubt it considering how long it takes to slug something through a development cycle.

<Jason Booth> Yup.. With some sidelines and gaps left in for spontenaity.

<Nei> The details are left to the devils and their ilk. I think we’ve got the story detailed within a few months, we know where we want the story to head in the long-term, but it’s only fleshed in the short term. I’m a bad RP’r.  Unless it’s on DT. Then I’m a mean RP’r.



eBay Sucks

 <Mu> BTW did you see the auction on eBay for the Nexus Core Gem?

<Jason Booth> Whats it up to?

<Mu> It’s cancelled, I think the fool realized it was a no-drop item or something.

<Nei> Yeah, it closed.  They withdrew it.  Rumours is that it’s going to it’s proper owner or some such.

<Mu> That would be ME!!!

* Mu makes a level 1 guy on Leafcull

<Nei> I just removed all magic from the game.

<Mu> Sweet!  That should drop the price on those hoary robes.

<Nei> You gonna help Kynn with his mulearchy?

<Mu> Hell no… I have a monarchy of like 4 incompetent players who choose cooking and thrown weapons on Frost, I can’t go anywhere else.

<Jason Booth> Thrown weapons rock!

<Mu> Sure if you want to cast Blood Drinker 20 times.

<Jason Booth> I love carpral tunnel syndrome!

<Nei> Hell yeah!  CTS and tendonitis here!

<Mu> Actually, thrown weapons are overpowered.  Please buff archery some more.

<Nei> What Mu wants, Mu gets

<Jason Booth> I just want the mine mine mine button..

<Mu> That’s a good one.  Many many characters have died trying to implement it through roleplaying a guy who shoots at a tusker pack fighting me.

Any plans for a secure trade window in AC?  It would ease the load on message board servers to get rid of all the "******* is a theef!!11" messages.

<Nei> Hah! Yeah, we want it, some more than others – it honestly doesn’t bother me if people rip me off, since karma will undoubtedly bite them in the ass one day and I’ll stand over their corpse chuckling. It’s definitely in the top 5 enhancements though.

<Mu> What’s the dev take on the whole eBay economy?

* Mu notes his collection of hoary robes and is sorely tempted by the dark one

<Nei> *shrug* I don’t mind it… who am I to tell people what they can and can’t sell? I’ll leave that up to the upper ups.

<Mu> Either of you feel like pulling a GM Darwin and spawning some phat lewt to pawn?  😛

<Nei> ./msg mu yeah, we’ll talk later….

<Nei> oops, was that aloud?

<Mu> SoWW would probably net about $500 I figure.

<Nei> only $500?

<Mu> Okay I’m being conservative.

<Nei> I’d wager more than that… people are paying hundreds for 112%’s.

<Jason Booth> brb…

* Mu notes Jason ducking as soon as eBay and the SoWW appear 😛

<Mu> Probably off to spawn some 112%’s 😛

<Jason Booth> eBay? Don’t care about it – I still think we should just start making AVI’s of the end of games and selling them on eBay for crazy prices.

<Nei> Or the "you win" notes.

<Mu> That would be convenient, you don’t actually need to develop a game really, just market an empty box and sell the ending on eBay.

<Nei> Whoa! New business model.

<Mu> Telling you, it’s visionary.  😛


 <Jason Booth> Exactly.. skip that whole 4 year dev cycle thing.

<Nei> Time to roll…. later skaters.

*** nei is now known as nei|rolling

<Mu> l8r d00d

*** Jason Booth is now known as nei

<Nei> Ahha! I have his name!

<Mu> Now you can say horrible things and get him in trouble 😛

<Nei> Yeah! NERF NERF NERF!!!!



Music School Sucks

<Mu> Bass player eh?

<Jason Booth> Yeah, used to be anyway…

<Mu> Were you the guy in the garage who had to play the bass because there were too many guys who wanted to play guitar?  😛

<Jason Booth> Nah, I wanted to play bass – I liked dropping bombs and playing sick funk lines.

<Mu> Parliament or Jaco?

<Jason Booth> Hmm, more like Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), but Bootsy and Jaco are both cool.  If I had to choose, I’d go Jaco over Bootsy though (much to cranks dismay).

<Mu> Rocco dug a trench all right… I was sorely disappointed with the new Tower though.  Things were way better when everyone was doing tons of cocaine.

<Jason Booth> Well, it’s not the 70’s anymore.. Back when they had Chester Thomson on keys, man they were smoking..

<Mu> Before = Mick Gillette.  After = Bunch of compressed horns that sound like gnats panned right up the middle.

<Jason Booth> Yeah, new Tower is cheese. but they were always the master of the cheesy ballad..

<Mu> You a gear-head?

<Jason Booth> Pretty much, I do a lot of work for bands still, recording mostly.  So I have my studio at home.  Finishing up two new albums now, actually..

<Mu> What kinda tape?

<Jason Booth> DA38’s with a Ramsa digital console.  Automation rocks.

<Mu> Never used the Ramsa… I love the cheese of ancient VCA automation, unless I can get flying faders.

<Jason Booth> Ramsa is nice – set up a lot like an analog console.  I still miss the SSL’s from my Berklee days though.

Whats your music background, anyway? If you know Tower, you must play.

<Mu> Yeah I was cursed with the trumpet as an instrument.  Went to a conservatory for 4 years… my sister was smarter, she left after one.

Did you actually graduate from Berklee?  I don’t think anyone does.

<Jason Booth> Haha.  Yeah, I had 2 classes left at Shmerkly but I dropped out to do this video game thing.  The saying is that if you graduate, you’ll never make it.

<Mu> I’m still not sure if I graduated from Manhattan… I tell people I didn’t, since that raises my credibility.

<Jason Booth> Which school?

<Mu> Manhattan School of Music, the lesser known bitter rival of Julliard for most useless place in New York that a lot of good musicians get conned into attending.

Well, some good musicians, mostly not.

<Jason Booth> You could have gone to Peabody or Berklee – much worse, I’m sure..

<Mu> For some reason I wanted to go to MSM… just to study with Lew Soloff, and because it gave me early insight to how blighted the NY "scene" is.

<Jason Booth> Actualy, I don’t think I ever heard anyone talk about music in school. They only talked about masturbating with their instruments, really.  All theory and technique BS.

<Mu> The composers are worse.  "Blah Blah Blah Elliott Carter used this logarithm to make this tone row to make a really horrible orchestral piece, now I’m going to put on my long scarf and fill out grant applications in the cafeteria."

<Jason Booth> Yes, I used to compose a lot of my projects by theory alone – wouldn’t even listen to them. I’d usualy get a better grade that way.

<Mu> Getting pieces performed in school is a nightmare.

<Jason Booth> Sometimes I’d play one and think – eww, how cheesy.. I can’t believe I wrote that, I feel dirty now.

<Mu> The thing most compsers never get past is the need to throw out most of what you do because it’s just you jerking off with a new technique… it’s not really something worth playing.

<Jason Booth> What I always found funny is that you could have a sick cafe show with some serious groove going on, and not one person would dance.  Just goes to show how much the music wasn’t in them, and how much social stigma was lingering overhead.

<Mu> Groove was not understood by a lot of the conservatory crowd, requires letting go of your uptightness, which is a survival trait in academia.

<Jason Booth> Berklee was good for technical stuff though.  I’ll give it that.  And the drum department knew what was really going on. The first week in any music school should be one big drum circle.

<Mu> I hear the dorms were uh interesting 😛

<Jason Booth> Oh yeah, 98% pot smoking men, playing frisby in the hallways.

<Mu> Good percussionists always have more of a clue, comes from playing one note on a fucking triangle in an orchestra after practicing your ass off for years to get there… gives them early perspective.  Mallet guys are always great for playing impossible parts well

<Jason Booth> That and the fact that there’s much more feel involved with drumming. You can get by without the feel in academia melody land, but not in the beat department.

<Mu> Lack of groove is the #1 malady amongst most conservatory players.  "An eighth note is a little shorter than a quarter note, a quarter note triplet uh well it’s like dotted quarter dotted quarter quarter… wtf is this a seven?  You suck composer!"

<Jason Booth> So what do you do with all your musical knowledge now?

<Mu> Not enough.  8P  I’m trying to slog through the slow ass process of re-releasing a recording I did in ’92, and trying to figure out who can play my new shit.

<Jason Booth> What kind of thing is it?

<Mu> 7-piece sorta uh well it gets pigeonholed as jazz, but the presence of distorted guitars disqualifies it in the eyes of the industry.  This is a world in which Yanni gets into the jazz rack.

<Jason Booth> Ah yes, jazz – the free music that was quickly bottled up and placed in a glass case by the upper crust, and reclaimed by the youth in newer, funkier forms.

<Mu> 7 pieces seemed to be ideal… varied enough for interesting orchestration and timbre mixing, not so big I could never get anything played.  Only way to get a decent performance is to have your own ensemble that is afraid of you.

<Jason Booth> True – the MO was a 7 piece for a while, but it just got too hectic so they stripped down to 4. They sound much tighter these days though.

The Frank Zappa method?

<Mu> Exactly.  😛

<Jason Booth> Go in the closet and play that riff for 7 hours so you ‘understand’ it..

<Mu> Frank = god of many things, especially having an amazing band.  Imagine having a band and rehearsing 8 hours a day for 4 months before tour… mmm…

<Jason Booth> I was never a big fan of the actual music, but definately respect what he did. It was never my style though.  Practice makes me tired.



PvP Sucks

<Jason Booth> So you still playing, or just watching the community for the ride?

<Mu> AC or music?  😛

<Jason Booth> AC.

<Mu> AC I play in bursts, it’s my pattern.  I play the hell out of it for a while, then get burned out and play something else, then come back to it.

<Jason Booth> Same here, actually.

<Mu> UO was the same way except when I got sick of it (every day) I could just macro.

<Jason Booth> Been doing that for a looooong time too.  I was macroing in AC before anyone else was… haha.

<Mu> Damn you!  I haven’t heard of specific methods to automate it, but since use-based skill gain is way slower than just killing crap and spending the XP, it didn’t seem incredibly useful.

<Jason Booth> It’s not, but it’s fun to play around with.  I used to run a guy on darktide, used to watch him hunt down people and kill them.  Pretty funny watching someone scream "HEY! STOP IT! HEY!!!" and knowing they were being beaten by a script.

<Mu> Bahahaha…

I had a UO character on Hokuto that killed about 5 people by accident while I was AFK.

<Jason Booth> We once had about 5 of them going on darktide, they practicaly took over Lin.  One even killed his own monarch, which is kind of funny since he got xp for it.

<Mu> Must be hard to loot that way though…

You think Azile will get pissed off when she hears about this and post something droll about dev abuse?

<Jason Booth> Hey, it’s our jobs to abuse the system, find the abuses, and fix them (or deem them not worthy of fixing).

<Mu> True true, but killing ppl on a production server with a script… not that I disagree, it’s too funny.  😛

<Jason Booth> Hey, it’s DT – the script was roleplaying a psycho for me.

Hmm… wonder if everyone will think it’s Nei who was doing it?

<Mu> That’s what I’ll tell everyone.  Well, the 4 people who actually read me that is.

<Jason Booth> That goes perfectly with the 4 people who didn’t say they were quiting AC because of *insert rant here*

<Mu> Haha.  The people who say that usually keep playing.  The ones who actually quit say nothing

<Jason Booth> Yep.  It’s funny, they love to say how we’re going to "loose thier ten bucks a month", but to tell you the truth, I could care less about thier ten a month.  Let the people who are having fun pay and the ones that aren’t leave.  I’d rather have a world full of people who want to have a good time than ones who can only see the glass half empty.

<Mu> You think level-based PvP is viable?  I mean, in UO you figure everyone who fights is at roughly the same, or similar, power level.  Level 20 PK’s don’t stand much of a chance against Animal (75).  So the ones who play the longest and the most crunchy own.

<Jason Booth> No, levels and PvP don’t make sense… at least, not in their current forms.  I’m all for having advantages for people who’ve earned them, but not to the scale of what they have now.

<Mu> Earning them usually means you started right away, took life and camped the crater for a long time.

<Jason Booth> But with internet latency and all, it can’t be Street Fighter. Now that would be my favorite online RPG, Street Fighter combat with a world with AC’s scope.   I’d be the mastakilla on that world..

<Mu> Sadly, I played the Street Fighter RPG for years.  😛

<Jason Booth> Nah, I meant the arcade game – what was the RPG like?

<Mu> It was based on the White Wolf system, and it was their best game ever IMHO, very silly, very four color.  You run around with your dorky fighting guy and do all sorts of silly stuff that leads up to the real purpose of playng… fighting in underground tournaments 😛

It’s long out of print, as is everything I like

<Jason Booth> Did you play the arcade game much?

<Mu> Little bit, I didn’t like that too much, you could get good results just by spazzing a lot.  I did like the Virtua Fighter series a great deal though.

<Jason Booth> Nah, Street Fighter was an art – the most evolved game of them all, and the first.

<Mu> Capcom was amazing though, they basically made the same game over and over for years and years and made money.

<Jason Booth> Well, truth be told, the game was perfect at the turbo edition – there was nothing left to add.  But people wanted new ones, so they just cranked them out.

<Mu> I have the PC version, fun to play occasionally except I can really see the pixels on my huge ass monitor.

<Jason Booth> Ew – couldn’t imagine playing on a PC, Playstations and Nintendos were bad enough.  One day I’m gonna find a SFII turbo machine and buy it.  Wonder where I could get one in good condition?

<Mu> Good condition unknown, you can find them in pizza parlors somethines, or else one of those mega arcades.

*** nei has joined #lewt

<Jason Booth> Nei!

Nei Nei!

*** nei has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

<Mu> Haha

<Jason Booth> nei…..

<Mu> As AC stands though, its level based system is firmly entrenched for PvP… don’t see any way to get a more "realistic" footing without adding some lame artifice like level attack limits.

<Jason Booth> Well, not in the current system.. But the hillpeople prove something-  that no matter what your level, enough 1st level morons attacking you and yer dead.



 Engine Development Sucks

<Jason Booth> Man I hate working on half finished tech sometimes.

<Mu> You mean AC?  😛

<Jason Booth> Nah, AC is pretty solid… working on another project, haven’t worked on AC in a few weeks now.

<Mu> New Turbine project?  Do tell.  😛

<Jason Booth> New turbine engine, mostly.

I just lost all the leaves.. damnit..

<Mu> This for the next gen of AC, the rumor of which will force OSI to once again push a product out the door years before it has to?

<Jason Booth> I don’t think it’s OSI thats doing the pushing..

<Mu> Unsure about that… sure users push for it, but UO could have waited a year to be fixed and still had a substantial jump on the competition.

<Jason Booth> It really wasn’t thier choice, believe me, no dev on that project said "lets ship it", and we looked a lot closer than we were back then.

<Mu> Oh, right, Electronic Arts… well, you know all those companies look alike.

*** Nei|snarkinthesky has joined #lewt

<Nei|snarkinthesky> chat 4 u?

<Jason Booth> nei nei

*** nei|snarkinthesky is now known as nei

 * Mu remembers the EA that published Starflight… how the mighty have fallen

<Nei> OMG, I loved starflight.

<Mu> It was amazing.

<Nei> The best part was trying to get strong enough to kill the software police.

<Mu> Nei, Jason is saying you PK users invisibly and spawn matty robes for eBay and like sheep…

<Nei> Chickens, not sheep – let’s be realistic.

<Mu> Mmm chickens…


<Nei> I came back home to find saltine matzos in my bed… there’s something afoot.

<Jason Booth> Matzo, is it that time of year again?

<Nei> I dunno, I guess so…

Damn, these matzo are making my bed all crumby.

<Jason Booth> New engine will kick massive booty.

<Nei> The new engine rules me if only because i won’t have to make 2 megs of text files for a single quest.

<Mu> What’s different about it, aside from more polygons?

<Jason Booth> It makes AC look like gemstone, graphically speaking.  We’re tired of all the "AC’s graphics" BS, so we’re just going to end all discussions on the matter for the next engine.

<Nei> Lens flares!!!!!

Oops, I forgot a 1.

<Jason Booth> Screw lens flares… hair…

<Nei> Hair schmair….

<Jason Booth> They’ll be castles riding horses I tell you!

<Mu> Got any screenshots that other sites can steal from me and claim as their own?  😛

<Jason Booth> Nope.

<Mu> Suq.


<Jason Booth> You see the cover of game developer yet Mu?

<Mu> Negative, that might require me to leave my house.

<Nei> I think Ian* has the images on his page, no?

<Jason Booth> Well, thats the quality we’re shooting for, so if you get a chance… he might..

Ah, yeah, the cover is there.

<Nei> I got your hookups.

<Mu> Nice Lugie.  I see he’s still holding a melee weapon though, so they can’t be any smarter.

<Nei> But it’s like summoning lightning and stuff (on an olthoi!?)

<Jason Booth> Haha.

*"you [Mu] can steal em [the images used in this piece] if you put a little thingy that they are the result of MY artistic genius! also, the lugian was modelled and mapped by john cameron, not me, and the knight was modelled and mapped by mike sheidow." –



IRC Sucks

<Nei>  <Myth|Ingame|Bored> Mu Sashi was talking about how he wants to get Jason to do an interview

<Mu> Where was this from?

<Nei> From #a-c

<Mu> Prolly from when I logged onto cor and blathered a lot.  Any wack responses to myth?

<Nei> Nah, just ignored him.

<Mu> I’ll go back into cor chat and whine how nobody will talk to me.

<Nei> lol.  You in #anarchy?

<Mu> Not currently, someone might ask me something silly.  I really dislike hanging out in IRC to tell the truth, reminds me too much of UO.

Guild Channel:  <Musashi> Help, getting gangbanged in Shame
Guild Channel: *crickets*
Guild Channel:  <Guild Guy> Hey Mu can you donate 100,000 gold to the guild?  We want to buy hats.

<Nei> I’d give you some choice c/ps from the #a-c channel, kinda funny.

<Mu> What’s that, a channel where devs hang out and users come to annoy you?

<Nei> It’s the CoD AC channel, I just putter about in there to maintain a sembalence of decency.

<Mu> ooooh… I’ll take any caps of Caeryn Dryad saying something stupid.

Wait, that’s spiteful… uh, I’m really interested in what Caeryn Dryad has to say about why AC is like Kosovo.

<Nei> You still grumpy over that whole staff thingie?

<Mu> Well you know, the staff was annoying, but I realized that it wasn’t just the presence of a ridiculous item which was undebuffable.  It was CD’s attitude that this was perfectly OK, and that the SoWW was somehow equivalent to using a healing kit.  And then his sorta odd remarks that I didn’t see the fight, and then the fact that his news flashes are just Ctrl-C’s from the chat window, and the Kosovo thing, etc. etc…. well you know, I’m just a dick.  😛 *

<Nei> I think L’Etoile commented enough on that whole ordeal for all of us.

<Mu> Yes, if that was real I think you take stuff said on a site nobody reads far too seriously.  LO

😛 even

* Mu is huked on tiping

<Nei> Yay for Mu!

<Mu> Has the team considered some other reward for quest completion than uberitems?  Say, some town that got saved from an invasion of white rabbits erects a statue… you click on it, it says, "In honor of our savior, the great hero Supa Killah".

<Nei> I actually think Sean has a statue done… just waiting for a new supa hero.

<Jason Booth> God forbid we immortalize a player that’s not (insert name of ranter here).

<Mu> My vassal Max is on the phone and wants some motes.

<Nei> I lub motes

<Mu> and a 112% yumi

<Nei> Give him the motes, ignore the bow.

Jason’s dead, I guess… or we’re no fun…

<Jason Booth> No I’m not, just fuddling with leaves…

<Nei> Tree hugger.

<Jason Booth> OK, I’ve got leaves, branches, and trunks, but the leaves keep disappearing on half the tree…

<Nei> Maybe it’s fall?

<Mu> What was the ordeal on it… did anyone actually think I was going to go up there and unleash some kung fu fury?

<Jason Booth> No – AFRO FURY!

<Mu> BTW in my circles a baseball bat attack is considered a sort of genteel greeting.

*Special thanks to J for the motivation to keep my petty vindictive nature alive and well.



The Next Big Thing Sucks

<Mu> Since the staff thing I haven’t really had too much to comment on, besides the stupidity of the player base, by and large… as much as it pains me to admit it, the dev team has not made a ton of mistakes.

<Nei> Come come, you must hate something besides a one-time hiccup.  If you’d like, I’ll dedicate my next nerf to you….

<Jason Booth> Never thought I’d hear that one… you must be able to blame us for some misery in your life – if you can’t, you’re not trying hard enough!

<Mu> Really I can’t complain a whole hell of a lot… oh wait!

Hey what does everyone think about the way the magic system has been turned into a joke by web spoliers and split pea?

<Nei> I’m surprised it took as long as it did… but I love split pea…

<Mu> Ack Nei you heathen!

<Nei> People would have learned the spells on their own anyhow through brute force, it just slows them down.  After doing the research in early beta, there’s no way I was going to do them again.

<Mu> So the system was kept the same for Nei’s convenience?  😛

<Nei> No, I wasn’t (t)here then… I just got lucky.

<Jason Booth> I always thought the spell system was too complex anyway.

<Mu> I didnt think it was complex enough personally.

<Jason Booth> I’d rather have had a simpler system with more varied results – one where you have to take the situation into account, and if you didn’t understand the language, bad stuff ™ could happen..

<Mu> Any plans to change the system dramatically for the next incarnation?

* Mu spams out his insanely long magic sys prop again

<Nei> I doubt it’ll change in AC… maybe a tweak to bug Merry, but nothing really.

<Mu> Well true, you can’t really change the algorithm for the tapers at this point and make it meaningful unless you also delete everyone’s spellbooks… not that I’d mind.

<Nei> They’d never let me… *sniff*



<Nei> I had to do an anti-nerf today.  My heart nearly froze up in the process.

<Mu> What for?  Matty robe being upped to its proper base al of 300?  Archers not able to kill the olthoi noble in 2 hits?

<Nei> Archers need more powah!

<Jason Booth> Yeah, definately need a boost for archers.


<Nei> (You need to say something about your $10/month.)

<Mu> Oh yeah… uh OR ILL GO PALY LEVELQUEST!!11

<Nei> No no…. people gave up on that threat, now they’re waiting for AO, SB, <insert next game here>.  I think you’re losing touch, Mu.

<Mu> I am, I have no faith in the next big thing anymore.

<Jason Booth> No no, it’s d2 now, all about d2!

<Mu> Yes, lotta roleplaying there.

* Mu picks the rogue and clicks superfast to fire machinegun arrows

<Jason Booth> I played it for a night – fun game, but won’t hold me for long..

People fail to see that the next big thing will have it’s own set of next big problems.

<Nei> We lost the Daves to it over the past week(s).

<Mu> Daves?

<Nei> The choice quote so far out of the D2 beta, davidJ: "oh well, i guess i’ll go find more corpses to violate"

<Mu> I played the first Diablo for about 1.5 days, it was fun until I realized I was playing nethack.

<Nei> I still play nethack… fattie loot and no doods.

<Mu> All you need is a wand of digging and a lot of shops to break into.



Kynn Sucks

<Nei> [22:18] <Kynn> u suq

I lub kynnie!

<Mu> <Kynn> I want in on this interview! 😉


<Jason Booth> I don’t know if I’d call this an interview, it’s more like flatulence.

<Mu> That’s my style 😛

<Nei> Will you edit it down to make for some juicy readin’?  I need to be taken out of context more often.

<Mu> Oh sure, will you want to proofread it like Teg to try and salvage your careers?  😛

Teg:  Uh take this out, I can’t comment on this… uh, this should read like this instead of… 😛

<Nei> Do I have a career, Jason?  I never thought of it like that.

<Mu> With Teg I think the total chat time was like 14 hours.  I HAD to edit.

<Nei> Oh dear me…. um, i have to go to bed in a few hours…

<Jason Booth> There’s safety in not editing.

<Mu> Yes and laziness, don’t forget laziness.

<Jason Booth> Work, damn you, work!

<Mu> <Kynn> Ask Nei who implemented the hoary robe for me 😛

<Nei> Tell kynn he’s a punk.

<Mu> <Kynn> I’ll get it out of Nei’s drunken ass when he comes here 😛

<Nei> Woop!

<Mu> What I want to know is, who decided to render them extinct… the eBay foos are going wild.

<Nei> We knew the hoary was going away in a month before we even tossed it in.

<Mu> I was wondering about that… though I figured you might recycle it every winter.

<Jason Booth> Crash the market.

<Nei> *shrug* Ya never know with the kids these days.

<Mu> Please do


*** Kynn has joined #lewt

<Nei> Oh God.

<Kynn> I’d be afraid too 😛

<Mu> Take Kynn here.

<Kynn> Who? what?

* Kynn shuffles his feet

<Mu> Kynn had a promising future as a psychopathic killer, now look at him.

<Kynn> Now he runs ac on a cu-mine 700, with 256 ram, a ddr geforce and 40 gigs.  Poor me. 😛

<Mu> Yes as a level 12 noob who wants to pk without life magic.  😛

<Nei> Isn’t he melee too or something crazy?

<Kynn> Hey!

<Mu> Thrown weapons I thought

<Kynn> mutter.

<Nei> wouldn’t be surprised…

<Kynn> I plan to kill with alchemy. 😛

<Mu> You can’t make purple potions in AC.

<Kynn> Oh right, wrong game.

<Nei> I guess you could kill with alchemy in AC… "hey, you’re at 5 life, brew a health draught for me"

Actually, I’m totally in love with the thrown weap animations with lightning spears

<Kynn> Crossbow animation has always done it for me.

<Mu> I’m not getting any really good dish here… so far I’ve discovered that Nei likes eBay and they don’t mind split pea.

<Nei> I don’t like it…. misquote! misquote!

* Nei storms out muttering about journalistic integrity

<Mu> And sex with chickens, which is about on the same level as eBay.

<Kynn> Mu Mu Mu, Ya have to ask the right questions.  May I ?

<Mu> Sure, I need to get a pack of smokes.

<Nei> Kynn, you get your "interview" some other time.

<Mu> Have pity on him, some IDIOT deleted his site 😛

<Kynn> Nei, isn’t it true that your apartment is an utter disaster, so much so that you couldn’t find your couch, simply because Turbine is a bunch of slave drivers who only let you go home for 2 hours a night?

<Nei> More or less – and it’s cold here. Very cold. My wool socks aren’t enough to keep my toes warm.

Oh, actually, we found the couch!

<Kynn> And, isn’t it also true, that Chris has punched you at work?

<Nei> Repeatedly.

<Kynn> Tsk tsk, Now then … Has Jason ever stripped down and streaked through the office shouting something about Battlestations?

<Nei> It was more of a casual saunter.

<Kynn> Is he well hung?

<Nei> lol

<Kynn> You know you looked.  Tell us, Tell the world.

<Mu> A new standard in gaming journalism.

<Nei> You’ll be famous.

<Mu> Jason appears comatose.

<Kynn> You two really need to dish out the goods, Ya have to beat Tegehel and that’s a tough one.

Pokemuff 😡

<Jason Booth> You know Teg was in the svvedish navy?

<Mu> Really?  He must be gay then.

<Jason Booth> Yup.

<Kynn> Solid proof in my books.

<Mu> Now is he French?

<Jason Booth> Yes.

<Mu> Goddamnit I knew it.

<Jason Booth> French and in the navy: clear cut sign there. 😉



Getting Devs to Be Mean to Anyone But Kynn Sucks

<Mu> Jason, what would you say to the message board whiners?  Remember since it’s on my site, only 4 people will read it and you can say I lied anyway if you get in trouble.

* Mu thinks Jason is off fetishing trees again and has missed his opportunity to be mean

<Jason Booth> Mean? Me? Never.

* Mu directs Jason to look up and yell at whiners

<Jason Booth> Whiners? What whiners? No one whines about AC.

<Mu> Jason Jason Jason… embrace your hatred…

<Nei> Can I call Kynn a meanie?

<Mu> Sure!

<Nei> You’re a meanie, Kynn.

* nei points out that I just flamed a fan….

<nei> lalala

<Kynn> Can I call Nei a Bitch mu?

<Mu> Sure!

<Kynn> You’re a bitch Nei 😉 A wannabe slut to 😉

<Nei> Actually, I’m "ho bag" according to daveJ.

<Mu> OK he’s not going to flame the whiners… uhh… what are your fave and least fave fan pages?  Note that "fan" here is used in a rather broad context.

The reason I ask is that there have been a lot of "new sites" plugged on the big networks recently, and uh by and large they tend to suck a lot.  😛

<Nei> Fave is obviously and least fave is a given:  Man, I hit refresh like every 10 seconds.

<Kynn> Woo! 😀

<Mu> Bleah one never updates and the other is a directory tree.

<Nei> Yeah, but it’s a fat .jpg!

<Kynn> Hey, would you continue to update if you knew the only people reading your site were Jihad Masta, Stimmer and Silver king?

<Mu> Sure, I’d do nothing but piss on wand monkeys, recallers and total fucking morons.  😛

<Jason Booth> Hey, I like monkeying with my wand!

* Mu doesnt seem to be getting the devs to say bad things about web pages

<Mu> Why does my site suck so much?

<Jason Booth> Because you never update it.

<Nei> Because that picture on the front-page reminds me of this scary English teacher I used to have. Only he didn’t have long hair. The face and body are the same. He gave me heeby jeebies and whenever I load up your front-page since I’m not a deep linker (dirty!) I think of my high school English class. That makes your site suck.

<Kynn> So, on the whole, is there anything either of you dislike about the AC Community?

<Nei> I dislike you Kynn…

<Mu> Like that’s news.

<Kynn> That’s only because I’ve worked for months to get you to feel that way.

<Nei> … but in that sweet, I just want to peekay you kinda way.

<Kynn> Like you have a chance in hell to kill me.

<Nei> You’re a lvl 12 melee on LC.

<Kynn> And a 36 mage on TD.

<Nei> With healing… named: "…." =P

<Kynn> Mutter. Woffy. Friend gave me the account.  I didn’t choose the name damnit.

<Nei> Woffy!

<Kynn> Who do we bribe to let Nei and I go at it on Shadow world?

<Jason Booth> OK, gotta reboot.

*** Jason Booth has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<Mu> Jason has been working on that damn tree of his and ignoring us for hours.  😛

<Kynn> So Nei, out of the turby staff, who’s the best pk? Does anyone r00l ?

<Nei> I keep trying to… I’m just not meant for it though.

<Kynn> You guys don’t fight each other?

<Nei> Oh god, daveJ and I go at it all the time…

<Kynn> Who wins?

<Nei> Me of course… there’s only so much you can do against a yumi with +10000%.

<Kynn> lol

<Nei> I edit my stats faster than him 🙂

(ooh, ask more daveJ trash talk questions, see if i can get him riled up when/if this is ever on the web)

<Kynn> So, In your opinion, DaveJ get’s owned by you repeatedly in pvp?

<Nei> I think that’s a fair statement to make.

<Kynn> So you’re saying he’s a mama’s boy then when it comes to fighting?

<Nei> Yeah, that’s about right.

<Kynn> Does he cry when ya beat him?

<Nei> Like a wee babe.

<Kynn> Can we get a picture of him weeping in the corner for the interview? 🙂

<Mu> Look IRC is turning into Kynn’s old message board.  😛

<Kynn> Ok, time for you to ask questions, I’m outta material.

<Nei> So Kynn, tell me, is it hard being the punk rockinest PK?  I know you sold out and are forever lost into the eBay realms, but I figured I’d ask.

<Kynn> It was, but then I started being incapable of doing more than 6 dmg a bow shot.  Besides, there are far better pks than I.

Just not on FF 🙂

<Nei> I have a war of 270…

<Kynn> You’re joining the realm of people I dislike then. 😉

<Nei> Like I wasn’t already there.

<Kynn> True true, tell us about your concerns about AC PvP being overly magic based?  i.e.: You can’t compete with life, war, item.

<Nei> Sadly AC wasn’t made for PvP from the start, so it is sorta outta wack.

<Kynn> If you were to redo AC, would you start with PvP from the start – or use what’s suceeded for you so far and keep PvP on the backburners?

<Nei> Man, this is all sounding real and stuff.

<Kynn> Don’t worry, Mu won’t post any of this 😉

<Mu> Huh?  Oh right, right…

<Nei> Then you already know my answer.  =P

*** Kynn is now known as Nei

<Nei> I like men…

*** Nei is now known as Kynn

<Nei> lol!

<Kynn> Now that he’ll post 😛



Trying to Stay Sane After Hours of IRC Sucks

<Kynn> On FF, there is a player called "Jihad Masta" that my friends and I use as a scapegoat for nearly everything stupid.  Does Turbine have such a mascot?

<Nei> I think that’s me….

<Kynn> That’s gotta be hard on the ego.

<Mu> So Kynn was right… they do blame Nei for the hoary robe.  Nei probably came up with the SoWW too!

<Nei> We went over this way earlier… that’s why I nerf things and kick randomly from the #a-c channel.

<Kynn> So there’s no players that you’ve come across who are overtly idiotic or apparently inbred then?

<Nei> Kynn, maybe daveJ….

<Kynn> Sure sure, but I want player names.  He’s no player. 😉

<Nei> Not according to him… he says he’s a huge playa.

* Mu thinks Jason ran away and is never ever coming back to the chat 😛

<Kynn> Is Tetrinet better than AC in your opinion?

<Nei> OMG, tetrinet owns me… speaking of which, I need my pre-bed hit.

<Kynn> You sleep too much.  😛

<Mu> Hey Nei, I think Jason was holding out on how he really got the Turbine gig.  Spill it.

<Nei> Damned if I know… I only started like 7 months ago.

<Mu> Make something up. 😛

<Nei> erm… um… they pretty much picked him up off the street.  Poor muscian… liked "art"… figured, ooh, exploitable talent for no wages!

<Kynn> So you’re saying that Jason is a homeless man then?

<Mu> Was he a foundling waif?  Stricken with scurvy and infested with leeches?

<Nei> Can you be infested with leeches?

<Mu> Yes if there are like 50 or so on you I suppose.

<Kynn> Mu, we need to convince turbine to hire us as PR reps.

<Nei> lol

<Mu> Hey Nei, tell us about the first time you nervously had cybersex in AC.

<Nei> Man, I missed out on effeminate sailor, so it’s been pretty dry since then.

<Kynn> Any description of using your big black staff may be included.

<Nei> Have you seen the new one, Kynn?

<Kynn> I haven’t, all staves besides the Atlan suck anyhow.

* Kynn ducks

<Nei> When I’m spritely, I get to steal olthoi kills from archers.

<Mu> You never sent gentle /tells to someone’s alchemy mule, whispering sweetness as you gingerly slip the clingy faran robe down around her shoulders in the chill Arwic air?

<Nei> No, but I had some sleazy fellow hitting on my alchy mule.  It was actually kinda creepy.

<Mu> Tell us the truth… it made you feel violated, yet oddly excited.

<Nei> The char name is "A small boy".  It was disconcerting to say the least.

<Mu> Are you going to level a character named NAMBLA and have all the dev’s chars swear to it?

<Kynn> (North America Man/Bow Love Association)

Bow = Boy

<Nei> Bow would be better.

You saw the llama pics, right?

<Mu> Nope.

<Kynn> I did, funny shit.

<Nei> Some llama was talking trash and needed a beatdown. and /dead.jpg

<Kynn> God your pack needs help. 😛

<Nei> Bugger off… it’s hard being a n00b.

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  1. Thank you for a fun game…. i started playing in 2000 but i finally somehow found this website thanks for asherons call….

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